How Bach Flower Remedies are prescribed?

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A Brief on Bach Flower Remedies Part II

Flower remedies are selected based on our (negative) state of mind.

  • If there is fear there are four remedies – MIMULUS, ASPEN, RED CHESTNUT and ROCK ROSE. If a person has a fear then we need to give one of these remedies based on the type of fear.
  • If there is worry then give WHITE CHESTNUT, AGRIMONY, PINE, or HONEY SUCKLE, as per the expression.
  • Want to focus and concentration: CLEMATIS. If somebody says, “I want to be focused” then give them Clematis. If he wants concentration too then add CHESTNUT BUD to it.

How do we handle Anger?

  • BEECH is a person who criticise others. He will only find faults pointing out the mistakes of others.
  • WILLOW has resentment about life and others.
  • CHICORY is also an angry person. He thinks that nobody does anything to him, even though he did so many things for others. Thus, he is angry at the ingratitude of others.
  • HOLLY is an embodiment of rage and hatred.
  • VINE: if he gets angry he will work towards taking revenge. Holly and Vine are always together.
  • CHERRY PLUM: he will lose control of himself. When he gets angry he will throw things. It’s a misplaced anger at an acute state level. He might be angry at somebody. However, he will show the same at somebody else.

Other States of Mind

  • Self-pride and ego: WATER VIOLET. He has a superiority complex.
  • Desire to change and control other person is VERVAIN.

Beech and Vervain will come together. They are called as mixed personalities. We say child has to be like this and advise them, “don’t do this” and “don’t do that”. Beech will find fault, while Vervain desires to change others. Whenever you want to change the child, take Vervain then.

  • Sadness: GENTIAN is a pessimistic person. For example, before he goes out, he is worried what will happen. Say, what if gets stuck in a traffic jam. He will always have negative approach to life. Any small setback will upset him greatly. He tends to have a negative outlook about life.
  • Hopelessness: GORSE: I tried a lot of things. I don’t know whether it will work. Nothing seems to work for him. He loses his hope and therefore, does not have any trust either.
  • When anyone says, “I can’t”, Larch will make him say “I can“. To have confidence in oneself Larch is the remedy. It is almost a specific remedy in any competition.

Gentian is skeptical, while Gorse would try many and finally loses hope.

You are trying to go somewhere, either by train, bus or plane. At that time you think it is not possible to get a ticket. If you take Gorse, it (hopelessness state) can be changed to joyful state. You will get a ticket.

“I want miracle to happen in my life”, when anyone says this, give them Gorse, because they are in the negative state of Gorse.

  • SWEET CHESTNUT: doctors give only 24 hours lifeline for your dear one. Therefore, you feel a tremendous need to pray for divine intervention.

In fact, as long as we are seeing doctors, we won’t go near divinity. Only when the doctor says the situation is hopeless, then we focus on God. We may start chanting Vishnu Sahsaranamam. You may have desire to be spiritual. However, we don’t remember god until the critical time.

  • WILD ROSE: he has no interest in life. Apathy sets in. He becomes indifferent, resigning to the life situations. It’s neither sadness nor happiness. That’s apathy, as he is not bothered about what happens around him.
  • STAR OF BETHLEHEM: for accidents, shock, trauma. It is a great soother of physical and emotional pains. It is a must in all those situations.
  • MUSTARD: I need to see light in my life as my whole life is in darkness. I don’t know where to go.

The patients have to say the above words and based on that you can give the remedies. All the words mentioned for the remedies should come from the horse’s mouth. Their own expressions are important. 


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Wow i just check this site and amazed to know that only name of stones can many of us failed to take remedies due to lack of money.but now its great.

  2. I want to approach my loved one by an email after 2 months (you asked me to chant “SWEET CHESTNUT GORSE, LARCH”). Every day I feel scared to mail him, but postpone my plan as I feel if he will negatively reacts.

    But, whenever I start chanting these flowers names, I somehow feel good. Get confidence to take an initiative and so on as those flowers are with me. But after sometime again hesitate to say my words as I know he is a victim of event so I want him to feel my emotion and love for him and regain that natural attraction that we got initially.

    I want to be his strength not weakness. I think I must increase trust on Bach flowers. May I continue the same or add release resistance?

    Whereas people at Gorse state decide to give up when there are possible solutions untried, the person in a Sweet chestnut state is genuinely at the end of the line – theirs is appalling final despair. Then how can Gorse and Sweet chestnut work together for me? I am chanting and feeling hopeful but after sometime again that hopelessness arise.

    • Honeybee,
      Don’t go by the description of the flowers. Can you tell me what do you understand from the description? Or in what ways these descriptions solve the problem?

      See your wordings: I felt if he negatively reacts.
      LARCH: to have confidence.
      GORSE: to have confidence in others.
      When you have both, SWEET CHESTNUT will shower its grace.

      Trust and belief cannot be taught. It has to come from within. It is the Trust which does the healing.

  3. Hello sir after soo many days m writing to u,as u suggested i hv chanted Sweetchestnut Gorse Larch.its true that somehow my anger gone,i came to realise that he hd nt dichted me,he was right at his situation.but my confidence to mail him to re connect stil lacks and i feel i hv no hope left.though i love him a lot but i giveup as i can’t fight with fate.may b divine hs nt made our future 2gether but stil i tried my best.plz tel me what should i do nw?

  4. honeybee,
    listen to the cd release resistance.

  5. how to use agrimony for black magic problem?

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