Ultimate Anti-Debt Mantra


When one is in debts he may feel inadequate to clear the debts – ELM, and OAK

Deep Depression in total darkness – MUSTARD

Unable to face people, silently planning to commit suicide – AGRIMONY

Not to become impulsive – CHERRY PLUM

Constant worry – WHITE CHESTNUT

Losing all hopes – GORSE

To come out of misfortune – MIMULUS

The above mentioned remedies are Bach Flower Remedies. Intake of remedies is better when you are in dire straits. 


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. may the grace of mother and divine flowers guide us out of miseries.

  2. dear sir,

    am asking this behalf of my cousin.
    A professor with small kid. Her husband is doing job as well he is running a gym as side business.
    as far my cousin don’t have any major issues except one.
    she always tense due to her husband’s habit.(nature). coz of this constant pressure n tension her health is also deteriorated.

    Her husband unnecessary takes debts, not even for basic needs/ requirements. but to buy luxurious things like bike, car or for some fun. but he even get frustrated when he has to pay more interest on money he took as debt from others. and don’t do any sort of savings.

    my cousin is worried coz, she says he is taking things which are absolutely not required.
    and even he is pampering child by giving more comforts n luxury, which in turn making child very stubborn.

    ( for eg. that small 4 year kid can’t sleep without AC or don’t want to travel without AC car. like that many other things r there. and my cousin don’t want her kid to indulge in all this, but she is helpless in front of her hubby.)

    when i shared her switchword experience, she asked me following.
    1) something to stop her husband for spending money on unnecessary things,and to stop his DEBT taking habit.
    2) instead of taking debts, working hard in job and business, something to increase their GYM business, so he will not indulge anywhere.
    3) trying to save some money for their kid.

    sir, please suggest her something, my cousin sister is of my age only, feeling bad for her as she going thru this bad patch.

    thanks in advance for reading this message.

    i searched some of ur old posts.
    can i suggest her,to chant

    please guide.

  3. Dear Naran,

    i am starting a new job and please could u give me a mantra to chant to learn everything easily and my boss is fond of me? thank u!! its a lot new information

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