A Brief on Bach Flower Remedies Part I

Introduction to Bach Flower Remedies

There are 39 Bach Flower Remedies.

They can play a very important role in a person’s life.

First of all we need to understand that:

  • We are not the mind
  • We are not our thoughts
  • We are not our emotions
  • We are above that.
  • That means I can watch my reaction and able to say, ‘I feel angry’, ‘I am worrying now’ and so on. This technique of self observation has to come to you.

Why I need to observe myself?

The moment you start watching the mind, the mind will stop its normal course of reacting automatically.

How our mind exists? It exists due to our thoughts and emotions.

When you start observing your thoughts and emotions, your mind will stop thinking. Therefore, it will not exist to influence us.

How do I practice this self-observation?

What are the steps to analyze our mind?

  • Whenever something happens, talk to yourself, “This is what is happening to me. This is my thought. And these are my emotions”.
  • In addition, ask a question, “Can I change my reaction”. This simple question will change your reaction.
  • Our reactions are automatic. When we change it, the result has to be different. How?

When your reaction is ‘A’ result ‘B’ happens. When you change your reaction to ‘C’, result ‘B’ cannot happen. It has to change.

Are there any tools available to change our reactions

Why should I change my actions in a different way? Is there is any help available to me for me to change effortlessly?

Yes, it is available in the form of Bach Flower Remedies. Just by taking the Bach Flower Remedies in the form of pills you can achieve the following:

  • Reduce your anger, violence and worries.
  • Establish harmony and make your life peaceful.
  • By all means, achieve anything and resolve any type of problem.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thank you naran sir. TY beautiful flowers. namaste.

  2. Sir people always try to know our destiny by creating horoscope,reading tarot cards,numerology etc.they say ‘this wl happen this time’,’thats nt in ur fate’,’u should nt achieve it until the transit over’bla bla bla.Sir by chanting Sw or by simply praying to God can one change his/her time phase or destiny?we always learn that Birth,DEATH,MARRIAGE r pre decided.can we fight with our destiny.

  3. Tamanya,
    dont go anywhere to know your future. Allow everything to happen. But manage it. dont fight or struggle – it is resistance. Divine order is always perfect. Know that everything happening is perfect and it is our perception which colours the event as good or bad.If we come to believe that everything is perfectly happening then we pray for others who face problems and thank when we have no problem

  4. Hello Mr. Naran

    I have a fear of doing something wrong, doing wrong karma, saying something wrong that might hurt others or something that may cause harm to me, fear that I may appear a fool by talking something foolish, maybe I may go out of control because I dont know what is right what is wrong. Because of this I am anti-social. Some of these fears are developed because things in the past never worked right for me.
    Due to this I am always suppressing my thoughts and actions.

    I read about Cherry Plum remedies. Can I take Cherry Plum? If yes, how may drops in how much of water?

    Note: I also have to take Mimulus drops for the fear of talking to people and to overcome shyness and timidity. (suggested by you)
    Again, I am not taking Mimulus because I fear that after taking this I will become so bold and fearless that I may say or do something wrong OR do things thinking that “let everyone and everything go to hell”.

    I also want to be moderately social and also want to get rid of this fear of doing wrong.

    Should I take both Plum and Mimulus (if yes how much?)
    OR should I stop Mimulus?


  5. Respected Sir,
    My daughter is one and half year old. she is a very fussy eater. whatver you try to feed her she doesnt eat. Even though she is hungry she doesnt eat rice properly and no matter whatever we try to divert and make her eat she wont open her mouth. Because of this she has not put on weight at all. Is there any bach flower remedy for this or can we use any switchwords for this? Kindly let me know

  6. As you said do not resist allow things to happen!! How cannot we resist – myself verge of losing job -hubby not yet got job – severe mental stress killing me very badly.

    How I allow myself not to feel stressed. Please let me know?

  7. alamelu,
    When you are on the verge of losing the job, will your worry or fear get the job back? If so, have fear and worry.

    Your fear and worry or anger is what is known as Resistance.

    When you accept what is happening, you may see and utilize other avenues.

    A message is received (from the incident why you lost the job).

    Instead of being overtaken by the rush of emotions and thoughts, and becoming judgmental about what is happening (which of no use), go within and watch your reaction.

    Say, Yes I accept this emotion. I release this.

    Go on releasing whatever thought comes to your mind.

    After sometime, analyses why this emotion or these types of thoughts come.

    Ask yourself is it because of your desire to change the event?

    If the answer is yes, say, I release my desire to control or change what is happening.

    Ask another question.

    Are all the emotions because of fear?

    Whatever we fear will manifest.

    Say, releasing this fear, I release my desire for security.

    Then when the mind is almost clear of restlessness, start chanting I accept whatever happens totally.

  8. Another request sir,
    It has been ages since my husband has had a good coversation with me. He doesnt talk to me properly and when i try to ask his opinion and convey any information to him there is never a response from his side. He will talk and share everything with his mother who is staying with us. Sometimes i ignore it but sometimes it really hurts sir. we have 2 kids and when his mother is aroung he will not even spend time with the kids. after i started reading ur blogs
    My mother in law make use of this and poisons my husband against me. i want my husbands affection and want him to share his feelings with me too. another thing he does not contribute anything towards household expenses. i have asked him many times give some amopunt towards monthly expense but he refuses to do it. this makes me feel very insecurand worry about the future. i dont even know what his savings are. even for my kids i invest and save. Will things chanmge anytime?

    • Anu,
      take the flower remedies chicory holly, Aspen. Put each 5 pills in a glass of water and have small sips from that water every one or two hours from morning to evening.
      do the forgiving exercise for your husband and your mother in law

  9. Reply to No 5.
    Curious to know why did you not choose to include Cherry Plum which describes the below?

    Cherry Plum is one of the remedies that Dr Bach grouped together under the heading Fear. The Cherry Plum fear is very specific: it is the fear that one is going to lose control of oneself and do something dreadful, such as injuring others or harming oneself. Fears of going mad and of acting irrationally are Cherry Plum states.

    Cherry Plum is also the remedy for a loss of control that has already taken place, because of the frantic fear and dread associated with such situations.

    Dr Bach’s description:
    Fear of the mind being over-strained, of reason giving way,
    of doing fearful and dreaded things, not wished and known wrong,
    yet there comes the thought and impulse to do them.

    • Ravi,
      a beautiful question? Thank you for the question.
      why did i not notice the one word”lose control”? it is mentioned only once.
      but see the self-blaming attitude in the following expressions –
      “fear of doing something wrong; doing wrong karma; saying something wrong; something that may cause harm to me; dont know what is right what is wrong”
      I am not taking Mimulus because I fear that after taking this ….I may say or do something wrong.
      See how perturbed or tormented is he over wrong doing.
      That conflict has to be addressed first. This mental state is born out of weak – will which needs centaury. Pine will have Rockwater negative state also. That is why these remedies are selected ignoring cherryplum.
      After taking this, he may come out predominantly with cherryplum behaviour. Cherryplum follows Rockwater.

      I want to wait to get more of cherryplum because previously he was suggested to take Mimulus which he did not.,

  10. Dear Sir,

    I am 32 days into the surya nadi meditation and noticing amazing results. I still have an issue with drinking too much and was wondering if you would suggest a mantra and bach flower remedy to get rid of this habit. My teacher suggests this habit is connected to past hurt and anxiety. A way to escape those feelings. But I don’t need that anymore. Thank you for your help kindly


  11. Dear Sir,
    I can’t able to sleep properly..in the night Though I feel sleepy ..but thoughts are coming in my mind..If i managed to sleep..wake up again every two hrs , ..it feels like i m not sleeping at night..In the morning dont feel fresh..beacause of this.During the day I feel sleepy ..can able to sleep int he noon for 2 hrs…What can be done so that I can sleep atleast for 6 hrs .

    • ab,
      clear constipation if any.
      Dont say that i dont know bach flower remedies. visit this site http://www.naranheal.com and get to know the flower remedies.
      Buy the remedies in any homeopathy shop or from the centre.
      Put each 5 pills in a glass of water and sip two or three times before sleep.

      • sir , i m taking WHITECHESTNUT SCLERANTHUS VERVAIN RESCUE REMEDY… as per your suggestion from last 20-25 days at night ..so that I can sleep at night..there is improvement, i feel quite fresh in morning.. but after 3-4 hours i feel sleepy .. and at night sleep pattern is still disturbed.. though it is much better than earlier…. shall i continue this remedy..there is no constipation sir.. only thoughts keep coming in mind non stop..

  12. “# 6. male user, Take the flower remedies Centaury Pine Rockwater Mimulus.”

    Hello Mr. Naran,
    I’m out of India so I am ordering drops online at the place where I am staying, for all the above 4 remedies.

    Can you suggest the dosage.

    How many drops of above 4 remedies are to be taken in how much amount of water bottle?

  13. Tamanya
    Read the least sentecne as follows; it was a typing mistake.
    everything is perfectly happening then we pray for others who face problems and thank when we have no problem.

  14. Sir..If senior citizen(in mid sixties) ..watches tv too much like news in case of men, serials in case of women or sometimes both.etc….even in the late night 11-12 pm..Which remedy can help them to watch less tv…and do some creative or intresting work/hobby to pass their time rather than depending on only tv….

  15. mt,
    give them scleranthus wildrose walnut cat’s eye pills

  16. Dear sir,

    My age is 45 years, am in marketing yet to get good job and with good pay. please guide me and suggest me.

    thank you,

  17. ws,
    take the flower remedies gentian larch wild oat – 2 pills each four times a day

  18. dear naran sir,
    i bought both your books on bach flower..i loved it..i read all flower descriptions ..symptoms case studies.. again when i read description of flowers given in the end of book..i feel like that..i need all flower remedy..as i have one or more symptoms for each 38 flowers.so what shall i do..
    1–i m already taking rock rose for fear
    2–and some 3-4 remedy for sleeplessness…as suggested by
    3–and for weight–oak larch,rockwater..
    and i seeing improvement in all 3 areas..thank you …

    i got all your books written by you..really liked it.. and confused what to apply first..shall i apply this or that..or combination .oh my god..pls help me which one to choose …….
    sometimes i feel i should listen cd..or that cd or all cds……
    pls guide me.
    thanks and love

  19. m,
    Release all your excitement. Think which is the important one to be healed.
    Prioritise. Then select the remedy or method.

  20. Dear Sir,


    We are taking different bach flower combinations for different issues. I am taking crab apple and agrimony for my in-laws issue. will it work for hair growth also. I have short hair i want to have good length hair sir. do i need to add more for good healthy hair.

  21. Sir hello
    My husband nature is becoming a curse for my daughter .from her childhood he never encouraged her for study , dance anything she like to do, even he dont like her to go with friends anywhere he always has suspect on her .he only wants her to stay in house .he is overprotected towards her and siays harsh words to her always .she is tired of all that ,she fear too much from her father ..as a todays girl she also want some independence but she feels all the time frustated …i saw all this but could not help my daughter
    She has asthma ,pimples mark on her face ,gas problem ,aching bones couldnot make friends ,all the time she feels tired ,she speaks in sleep ,dont have good sleep ,sometimes she cries on all this…uses too much phone and computer because she is not allowed for outside activities she has no option.less confidence. She want to achieve good in life but her life is much strugling she is 20 year old wid many mental tentions and health problem
    Wat to do for my daughter and my husband pls suggest
    Today i hv bought bach remedy kit also pls help me

    • Jas ,
      Chant “choc0late” on behalf of your daughter.your daughter can also chant .chant as many time as possible.

      Write “CHOCOLATE” in a paper and keep it under the pillow of both father and daughter.

      And add five pills of each in common drinking water…i.e Walnut + Willow + Chicory + Cherry plum + Beech. Minimum of 5 pills in water
      also sprinkle that water in the house. Add Rescue Remedy to it when someone explodes suddenly.


  22. Namaste Sir
    Pls answer me for my previous post wat to do for my daughter …after two year she has seizer in today morning, she is living very disturde life wat to do about my husband behaviour and my daugher’s asthma and epilepsy pls help
    Suggest bach remedy…
    Suggest som mantra i could do on behalf of her ,,,,,,or u tell me wat to do,,,
    Pls help

  23. Namaste Sir
    pls reply how could i give bach flower remedy combination for both asthma and epilepsy together
    And how much dose
    Pls help

  24. Namaste sir
    I m not happy with my daughter’s name we gave her .I want to change her name.,it is possible but my husband is not agree with me could u pls tell me some mantra so that my husband get ready by himself,,,and it is very necessery as i dont want my daughter to live with the name which always brought ambarrasement to her as it is a boy type name
    Pls help me i wil be greatful to u

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  26. Dear Sir,

    recently I saved a dog that was run over by a vehicle. Please give me some flower combination or Switchword that I can chant for the animals on the srteets/roads to be safe. Something that will keep them away from accidents and dangers.

  27. No money , jobless ,,plz suggest some remedy .

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