Flowers are always special to me

From the Bach Flower Workshop, Bangalore 2013


Flowers are always special to me.  Bach Flowers are complete by itself.

I have been taking the Bach Flower Remedy workshops for last 12 years. Every time, when I go through my previous Bach Flower Manual, I arrive at some new avenues of flower remedies.

The manual that you are having in your hands was prepared for the last workshop at Hyderabad. However, I have prepared some new combinations for you. I have worked out some 30 plus combinations for various life situations. That’s specially prepared for you, which I haven’t shared with anybody so far. I am going to give that now to you in this class.

What’s the specialty of flower remedies?

Flower remedies are the only ones for healing our minds. May be there are so many techniques to address our minds and emotions. But nothing can be as specific as flower remedies.

Basically, we have got only four emotions – fear, worry, sadness or depression, and anger. We have only these four emotions. Yet, we are not able to handle any of our emotions by ourselves.

Advantages of using flower remedies

The one advantage of flower remedy is that if you identify the flower remedy correctly, even one dose is enough to effect the required change.  The disadvantage is most of the time we fail to identify the right remedies.

In spite of my 21 years of experience in prescribing flower remedies, even now, sometimes I feel after the exit of the patient, I could have given a different set of remedies.  On a later date, thinking about the case, I sometimes think I could have done this (instead of that).

Another advantage of the flower remedies is, even if you take the wrong remedies, nothing will happen. It mayn’t work for you. That’s it.

You can also use the flowers along with pranic healing also by keeping the flowers active in the pranic field. A no of pranic healers after learning flower remedies, have started using flower therapy also as pranic healing tool.

39 remedies

There are 39 flower remedies. Out of which one is a combination, which was suggested by Dr. Edward Bach himself.

He was alive during the 20th century. He travelled through the wild forests of England and found out about 38 remedies within a span of 10-12 years. By the time, he completed his research, it was around late 1930s, and he died.

When he died, he said the research was over. But his own disciple Dr. Bailey continued the research and came out with some more flower essences.  Currently, all over the world, there are more than 5000 essences available. But unfortunately, none of those flower essences are as specific as Bach Flowers.

These researchers say that these essences work like Bach Flowers and vice versa. For every flower essences they quote by comparing the Dr Bach flowers only. Even though, there are volumes of information about these essences, I never had any inclination to look into those flowers as Bach Flowers are complete and whole.

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  2. Farida sherdiwala

       WISH ONLY WELL Happiness Lies in Joy of Achievement and the Thrill of Effort.

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  4. Is there any age limit to take flower remedies ? can a 10 year old boy take this flower remedies? he is very hyper active. doctor said, he may have ATDT syndrome. his parents are worried. Can I suggest them to give him these flower remedies ? which one should I suggest them ?

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