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  1. madhu jhaver

    my pet dog has still not recovered and his ligaments of his left hind leg remain ruptured.the vet had put a cast for two weeks hoping that the body naturally forms tissues but my pet developed blisters and so cast had to be removed .now the dr does not even recommend surgery as my pet is 9 yrs old .he says we can try medicines for 2 weeks and still if no progress just leave him to his fate .he says what else can we do we have tried everything.i really wish we had not just sat back when the old vet who had been seeing my pet had convinced us that my pet was fine and was just not walking after his fall cause he was getting attention..i feel guilty we had not consulted some specialist

  2. You take pine (3 doses per day). chant change divine order most of the time, thinking about the dog.

  3. Dear Sir,
    First of all I want to know whether any centre is available in Hyderabad for flower medicine. On 17th of this month I came to your place in T.Nagar, but I was told that you were out of station and I came back to Hyderabad on 20th of this month without meeting you. If centre is not available, is there any possibility to learn Reiki and getting flower medicine from you by courier. Please help me.

      whenever you visit chennai with the intention of meeting me, mail me in advance or phone up to know whether i am in chennai.
      Ok. there is no centre in Hyderabad. For learning Reiki, you have to come to chennai.
      Bach flower remedies can be sent by courier.

  4. Can u suggest some redies for muscle cramps while resting and in sleep also remedies for wakefulness in the night after 3 AM

    • Baskaran
      take Calc.phos 6x and Mag.phos 6x three tablets each four times a day. Buy from any homeopathy shop.
      chant “om lam namaha” while getting awake.

  5. my brother has done mba from sies mumbai. however he does not work. this has been going on for a no of years. he lacks self-esteem and self-confidence. my brother is a very good person and i find it painful to see him rot away like this. please advise.

  6. Hello Balan Sir,

    I am currently into Banking and working for an I.T company. Unable to cope up the pressure.
    Unable to understand a concept properly.
    Lacking confidence and interest.

    Need help to take courage and work properly to achieve results and be happy.

    Please advice.

    • vijay,
      you can take flower remedies MUSTARD (to understand the concept) OAK (not to struggle) LARCH (to have confidence) CHESTNUTBUD (to learn faster)Rescue Remedy (to overcome tension).
      Take 2 pills of each three times a day. Take the pills remedis one by one. dont touch by hands.
      Rescue remedy alone put 10 pills in a water bottle and keep it in the office. sip small quantity every one hour.
      You can take Rescue remedy water in the night also before sleeping.

  7. i would like my son to get admission in a college of his choice in a stream of his choice. also that he feels motivated and focused about his career. please help.

  8. susmita,
    will you son need motivation even after he gets admission in a college of his choice and his subject?

  9. my son’s focus and motivation comes in fits and starts. he has done well in his college entrance tests and is now awaiting results. so can i do anything to enable him to get the college and subject of his choice?

  10. dear Mr. Naran, My 14 Years old daughter is suffering from lumbar spondylolysis. what should she chant for that to be cured.Please suggest me

  11. Dear Mr.Naran I am satish from bangalore my problem is i was working till 2009 and after that i started practising law with my friend and with in 6 months we parted and am doing now on my own and i got a chance to work i quitted with in 3 months and i went to saudi and i came back with in one month and now i am continuing my practise i am having lot of debts i am planning to go to dubai please suggest me for getting a permanent job and clearing of my debts and settling in dubai

  12. satish,

  13. Thank you Naran sir, for suggesting the words to be chanted for my son. my mother has been diagnosed with parkinson’s disease. from time to time she is also losing balance and her knees are giving away so that she is suddenly sitting down in the middle of walking. please help.

    • Dear Naran,

      I am suffering from sever constipation problem despite intake of Ayurveda, allopathy
      medicine and yoga practices, for the past 15 years due to which some other health hazards are also showing their ugly faces(like Sugar, Astrhma etc).
      Please help me.
      With regards
      Rajakannu G

  14. SUSMITA,
    CHANT rockrose cherryplum rockwater 100 times over a glass of water and give her daily. Do this two times.

  15. Sir,my son is 17years old he finds studies very difficult esspecially maths and science,he also lacks focus.he needs to get addmission in good colleage abroad,he is talking very little about himself,he lost his father in an accident when he was 13years old.please help him he has great potential but is not being able to achive.always says i will do later but does not do,how can he become happy,jolly person again,also he has to score well in exams all of this year or addmission is impossible.he lives in hostel please help i am eagerly waiting for your reply,i live in pune.

  16. vaishali,
    buy and give him the flower remedies SCLERANTHUS(i will do later) WILDROSE (to have internal motitvation) STAR OF BETHLEHEM (to bring in order in the traumatic mind) WALNUT (to transit father’s death) CHICORY(longing for father’s love) Each 2 pills separately one after the other three times a day. They are available in Homeopathy shops. dont touch the pills by hand

  17. Hi,
    Can you please help me. I am in love with this guy whose mother is strictly gainst him being married in an inter caste family and she has said no for this relationship. what chants can help? please suggest

  18. TAMANNA,

  19. Sir,
    I have epilepsy for 20 years,At present Anxiety Disorder. immature personality, lack of willingness to cook, drive, stitch, socialise with family /neighbours but in my heart aspire to get rid of this feeling. Post marriage financial situation isn’t good as I am not working stable in 1 place. Need one satisfying job where I meet helpful people. Please help. Thanks

  20. iris,
    chant RAVIKIRAN RUCHIKARAN PARIPOORNAN as many times as possible

  21. Dear sir,
    Because of some official reasons I lost my job. After 2 days I got the NET result which I was waiting for. please help me to get the job on the basis of result in government sector. Please help me I really need a job urgently. Please tell me which mantra I should chant, how many times and for how many days?

    • rohini,
      chant DIAMOND RUBY FIND DIVINE GOVT JOB COUNT NOW. You can write this also. down load picture of Ruby and Diamond and see them for 5 minutes one by one.

  22. Dear Sir, I am in love with someone, and pregnant with his baby, we both are divorced and I have two kids from the past marriage and I have none. We were together for 1 year and now he backed off since last 4 weeks. We had some fights, arguments etc., Things are not the same. What can I do to have him back in my life as my man, so I can have a complete family and a father to my unborn? Please advise. Look forward to your reply. Thanks!

  23. Sr. do the forgiving exercise. chant TOGETHER DIVINE till the delivery.
    write I thank the divine for his coming back into my life.

  24. sir

    please help me. my sister is pregnant. we lost our mother 5 years back. so there is no one to help her. she resides in USA. I want to help her. what can i chant to get visa. thanks. i want to be healthy also. want can i chant.

    • asha,
      you want for yourself or for your sister?
      for your sister: sweetchestnut together divine
      for visa: waterviolet larch gentian wildrose

  25. dear sir,
    Is there any quick method to loose body fat.I am a follower of ur blog.I have read that visualising blue colour is one of the ways to do it. Also I have tried keeping my left hand @my throat chakra and right hand below my navel and meditating on (1.I release the past.2.I am in peace with my present.3.Divine will take care of my future)
    Both of these are wonderful methods bt the problem is that I am only 23 and then too I have a potbelly from last 3 yrs which is ruining my personality .

    Is there any way that I can loose my belly fat quickly because it has started affecting my self-esteem.

    Thanks for always answering my questions .

  26. AADI,
    TAKE THE FLOWER REMEDIES LARCH CRAB APPLE PINE three pills each three times a day for two months. do yoga additionally

  27. Dear Naran Sir,
    I have been exercising for the last four years, almost 3 times a week on an average, however i have reached a stage when i am not able to loose the fat around my belly, look forward to your guidance.


  28. gautam
    do yoga

    • As I understand from Dr.Krishnamurthy’s book, Crab Apple will work for both people who want to loose wait and also gain weight.They feel that their look is not desirable and feel what others will think and say they do not want to look at them self in a mirror..For exact words please see his book.

  29. hi
    is there anything to quit smoking in bach flower remedy

  30. balamurali,
    take daliy walnut to break the habit, cherryplum to control temptation, scleranthus to overcome unsteady mind, impatiens to overcome irritation and annoyance when not smoking for a long time.
    2 pills of each three times daily

  31. hi sir ,
    i love a girl she also loves me but she never says it, because her parents are landlords and we are from different religion i am Hindu,she is Sikh.she afraid from her parent, and we also meet very less, she just smiles whenever i saw her and go to her house .so our relationship is in midstream because her sister says that i am just using her as a time-pass and don’t care for her making her negative toward me, because she don’t know me .my image is good in her house.i just want to make our relationship more stabilize and harmonious.this is all affecting my studies coz all day i just think how to handle the situation and how to tell her that i really love her.plz help me

  32. My 8 year daughter is depressed, very adoment , though she has knowledge she is always jealous about her younger brother and gets a bad name at school. is there any flower medicine? pl help

  33. hi this is khan juned i was in affair with a heena khan from last 8years and we got married 8 months back but our marriage does not last for 4 months and from last 4 months she is not ready to come to my house and i want her back and i want that my family member to accept her forgiving her mistake wht she had done in last 4 month and i too want that she forget her mom and dad as they are the one who are saying her to be away from me

  34. khan juned
    DAILY 1000 TIMES

  35. i need to find a house for myself asap which is clean, in a good locality and with good room mates. i am also under a lot of stress due to over work at office and not able to function smoothly. pl help.

  36. neha,
    chant walnut oak hornbeam.

  37. after trying hard i am not able to get job, few days back attended interview toothey confirmed me on phone but they did not send me letter

  38. namrqata
    ask wolf to send the offer letter

  39. I am not able to sleep well at night.I keep tossing and turning.I am awake by 3 am and am not able to go back to sleep..I do not feel fresh in the morning.Feel sleepy during the day.Is there any bachflower remedy for this?

    • himaja,
      for tossing and turning in the bed : take scleranthus 2 pills three times in a day.
      In the night, take whitechestnut walnut crab apple. put 6 or 7 pills in a cup of water and take it just before going to sleep.

  40. sir I ve a chronic migrane headache for past 12 yrs .still not recover .can u suggested any relief for my sleep to during nite

  41. i m following wht u have told me to do sir but still she did not came
    (i asked u this in novemeber )

    ( hi this is khan juned i was in affair with a heena khan from last 8years and we got married 8 months back but our marriage does not last for 4 months and from last 4 months she is not ready to come to my house and i want her back and i want that my family member to accept her forgiving her mistake wht she had done in last 4 month and i too want that she forget her mom and dad as they are the one who are saying her to be away from me

  42. srivarshini,
    daily in the morning take apple pieces mixed with salt on empty stomach. The skin is to be peeled off.

  43. sir, we have a property which we have been trying to exit for the last three years, but we are not finding any buyers for it. pls advise

  44. anju,

  45. good evening i am a girl & my age is 22 my height is below 5 & i want to grow my height wht can i chant or do u grow my height soon pls help

  46. farida
    take the flower remedy crab apple.

  47. We have shortlisted a house to stay on rental basis. However, the rent is too high. We have to negotiate with the owner tomorrow on rent. Pl. advice what we need to chant to get that house for a lower rent that we desire. pls advise.

  48. Dear Naran,
    first of all i would like to have a webpage to buy the essences that are not bach flowers. secondly i wanna ask you if u can advise me how can i do to find my truly job, i mean the one i really love to do, since i came to usa i ve changed jobs a lot of time. i wanna settle down in one , please advise what i have to do, now i am unemployed, and even i feel i will get a new one soon…i am a bit worry… i admire you a lot. i want to see your personal webpage if you have one. thank you so much!

  49. Pls help. Me to find solution to sell store or increase. Sales
    Thanks naran

  50. My nephew has completed his 12th std….any mantra/bach remedies for him to get good marks and get admissions in a subject of his choice?

  51. Dear Sir,

    I am a mother of two kids . I am working in IT and there is no proper person to take care of my kids. Even my job is very much required for financial support. Please advice what switch words/remedies to be used so that I get a long running,stable and non-hectic project and at the present location of my office.

    • Nisha
      chant gorse clematis

      • Dear Naran Sir,
        I am able get into a project last week in the same premises. Thanks for your advice. However I dont want anything wrong to happen and want to continue in the same project for long time without much tension.Kindly advice me on what needs to be chanted and followed. Regards,Nisha.

        • NP
          what and who do you expect to give tension in the office?

          • Dear Sir,
            Thanks a lot for your response. It’s only me who think that I would not be able to complete the work or not able to do it efficiently. I get tensed fast whenever a job is assigned to me and even make silly mistakes.My approach to work is very blind. I fear I wont be able to meet the deadline. Also I am not quick in analysing the issue and debugging it. Please help me.Thanks once again.

            • nISHA
              dont come in two names.
              Take the flower remedies while in the office.

              Rescue Remedy Mustard Gentian oak Hornbeam.
              put 5 or 6 pills each in water and take it to the office and sip that water every 30 minutes or one hour.

  52. Hi Balan Sir,
    Advise me if chant is to be recited loudly in mind. My issue is: I have a guilty conscience of stealing my mother’s gold before she died. Now I will stare at all people’s ornaments and not maintain eye contact. Please suggest remedy to rid me of this habit of staring

  53. Hi. I just want to know where I can buy the pure essences in Chennai. I relocate here recently and I’m completely lost. I would really appreciate if you can give me the address or phone number of a pharmacy that sells the original essences.

  54. sai ram naran sir .
    sorry im posting this again ,bcoz i m not sure which is the right place to ask the question ,i left my bag in auto on thursday i,thought he’ll return it to my work place,but till today nothing happened i was chanting cerato chestnut bud and rockwater but no news,their were some very important official papers, im really worried is it possible to chant something or keep repeating this only.please help me.
    thanks and best regards

  55. Bala sir I am very much confused by your answer.why did u tell this is not the right time…when is the right time?Please reply

  56. My mom has struggled a lot financially in her early ages bcos my father lost his job at his young age and didn’t take any job thereafter. she sacrificed many things to brought up her four children. we were in rented home only..however all through many struggles she pushed us forward to a good level in our life. At this age of 70 i want her to lead a peaceful and healthy life but unfortunately now also she is suffering a lot but physically due to blood pressure, sugar. thyroid, back pain. so now her past life struggles and present life troubles literally made her very depressed and her state of mind is very deeply sad. I sincerely asking UR help to pull her from this stress and want to bring some peace to her.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE advise switch words and flower remedies.

    • bala
      give her flower remedies Agrimony willow pine cherryplum two pills of each three times a day.
      in the night give her whitechestnut walnut Rescue Remedy

  57. Dear Sir,

    I am regular visitor to your site , I had been practicing some of the point from your Blog. Is that what ever you are indicating in your reply is specific to some for whom you are inciating or any one prictice based on the similar problems faced by them. I need your help in over coming my current problem , I am staying away from my family due to my job , I have tried to look for alternate job in chennai for last 2 years , but nothing was working out , not even interview calls for last 1 1/2 years . I thought of doing some thing on my own even this is not meterialising . Kindly advise me on what should I do to join with my family and also over come financial diffiiculites .

    with best regards

  58. My husband is going through a midlife crisis and doesn’t know what he wants, but feels that he needs something different. He has told me he doesn’t love me anymore and is thinking of divorcing me. He has been pushing me and our children away and I know that divorce isn’t the answer as it will harm our family, especially the children. Is there a way to heal our relationship?

  59. sheryl
    take the flower remedy agrimony crab apple two pills each three times a day for a month.
    chant together divine

  60. i m in love with my ex-girlfriend….but i m divico and she is single …i had been married for only 6month but now she say that her family will not accept me wht can i do so that her parents it self approached. bec previously our marrage was fixed but i marry other girls.

  61. xyz
    what do you mean by this? bec previously our marrage was fixed but i marry other girls.

    • i was in love with a girls but my family ask me to leave my girlfriend and marry the girl of there choice (who too propose me for marriage and i said yes to her also). but one day i married my girlfriend and somehow my family also accept her. but in (5month)few month my girlfriend (wife)left me and divico me. some how i got fall in love with the girl with whom my family was asking me to marry . and i ask her did she still loves me. firstly she scold me alots but finally she said yes and now .now my problem is how to make agree my & her family bec both are angry on each other because of my previously marriage. both family had stop talking to each other. please help me so that both family them self start talking about my & her marrage

      • xyz
        Take the flower remedies Agrimony Walnut two pills each three times a day for about one month.
        Listen to the Mp3 i love myself and Namashivayam Mp3 daily

  62. Dear Naran Sir,
    I need to take my son for treatment for a period of 2 weeks which got confirmed today after a long waiting from the hospital and can’t miss it as it is very much required for him . We need to reach Vellore on 30th Apr. I really am scared to ask leave as I had already taken off for 12 days last month because of an unexpected situation at home-my mother’s loss. Please advice what needs to be done so that the manager understand’s my situations and approves leave without any issue for my job. Thanks for the support and advices given before also.


  63. Dear Sir,
    My son has written his +2 exam waiting for result. His wish to become Doctor. I have applied many colleges . He is preparing for the entrance. I want your blessing so that he can clear his entrance and get admission . May 5th is his NEET exam.

  64. Dear Sir
    My Nephew is in waiting list to get admission in two university please bless him and if there is any mantra I can chant for him .
    Thank you

  65. Naran sir,is there any way to get my son into reading habit?I try to sit with him everyday with 1page but in vain…just want him to improve his vocabulary and improvise reading skills…he’s 7 yrs.I bought the study pack from yr centre.pls also let me know how to use it…..many regards….

  66. Dear Sir, I’m having health anxiety since 2009 after father’s heart attack, constantly think about my health and problems especially heart attack and stroke. Fear to travel alone or places where there is no good hospital around. 2 months ago took Nux Vomica in ayurvedic form for constipation, after that having muscle cramp and stiffness especially neck, jaw and head muscles, neuralgia, weakness on whole left side. Fear to go outside home. Tried bach flower remedies for fear including RR but all gives me more tightness and pain in neck and head. Please advise suitable remedy.

  67. Dear Naran,

    i am separated from my husband, how can i stop this pain and my head.?? i feel i am driving myself crazy. thank you!

    • KARIN O
      CHANT adjust together change divine order now.
      take the flower remedies Agrimony willow cherryplum and sweetchestnut
      each two pills three times a day.

  68. Thank you Sir
    I have started doing it.He got the email from one University if he is still interested in it so they can put him in priority list . He has replied to them positive. I am chanting it regularly . Do you suggest any other mantra ?
    Thank you

  69. veena
    what did i suggest?

    • You have suggested me to chant Gorse I am doing it but now he got letter that he is in regular waiting list only .Please help.

      • Sir
        I am chanting Gorse but so far we did not hear from the university and we do not have much time left Please help so get the admission in desired university.
        I am also calling you the number on web sight but there is no reply.
        Thank you

  70. Dear Naran: what can i chant to find my truly love, my soulmate? I love you , you are amazing!!!

  71. it is amazing how it works!! I love u Naran!!! now i need to move on in my life but i feel in peace!!

  72. Hello Brother Naran,
    I live in USA. My mother(Anjana) lives with me. She was diagnosed with Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis about 4yrs ago. Its impossible for her to stay in India due to weather pollution. Her condition is moderate to sever according to the specialist. Do you have any remedies that could actually reduce or possible remove fibrosis from her lung ? she is suffering a lot. She is very fragile and weights 105 pounds. Nothing seems to work !!
    Please help,


  74. I wrote to you a month ago about my husband and his midlife crisis and thinking that he wanted a divorce. You suggested take the flower remedy agrimony crab apple two pills each three times a day for a month and chant together divine. I have done that and he is still at home, but I feel that he is still pushing me away. Also we have not had sex for 4 months. Is there a way to remedy this? I am feeling very lonely and angry and want our relationship to be healed.

  75. om shri sai ram

    halo! i have psot this question on 23rd may to day i have got denial from bank approval of loan but i doubt that my file was not shown properly due to lake of time having to whom i had given to file the home loan kindly, please give me some mantra so i can also enjoy my life’s dream become true.

  76. Dear Naran, what can i chant to study and not to be scared to sit for the exam? i keep procastinating it. I love u. u are amazing!!

  77. Dear Naran, what can i chant to let go my ex husband, he is in a new relationship and i am struggling to accept it and let it go. you told me to chant Adjust together change divine order and to take some bach flowers, it worked for some days but it is not working now. i want acceptance and to stop suffering, i know with my mind but i want to feel it inside me.. i want to let him go for good. thank you, i love u. you help me a lot. i am also listening mp3 love myself, divine love.

  78. karinapach,
    what bach flowers i suggested? it worked for some days means you are out of that particular mental state after being healed. A new mental state needs review and some other bach flower remedies.
    Let me know the previous sugestion

  79. hey naran, i m new to your forum. naran i m impressed with your answers. i m in canada right now but struggling with money and job. so please give me chant so i can find a good job and enough money so i can feed my family and save some money for myself and for my parents.

  80. when i try to chant any mantra like shivji, ganesh or any other mantra , things go wrong with me. either financial loss or mental tension. what could be the reason?

  81. Hello Sir, My business partner left me just like that. No reason given. No fighting. He says he can talk to me when he is “ok”. What should I do to bring him back. All my business plans on hold for 5 months. Please do help me.

  82. Satish kumar.V

    Dear Naran sir

    I am satish here I came to Dubai to search the job and found out one but the payment was less and after six months I lost it and then I got a other job the salary is the same 3000 dhs and now the problem is I am having lot of debt and all my mothers jewels and gold are pledged I want to get it back and build our old house which is not possible in this salary kindly suggest me a mantra for high paying permanent job and repaying my debt and mother’s at the earliest.

  83. Am committed to chanting! I saw him after a long time today… am sure chanting will bring him back. … I owe you sir!!!…..God .. Bless your family and yourself peace, prosperity and harmony.

  84. Dear Sir!

    For the first time in the last few months my partner responded immediately today. Thank you Sir! am doing both – forgiveness affirmation and switch word chanting as you told me. Hope the best happens!

    Let god bless your family and yourself happiness Sir!

  85. Sir! I have been chanting switch words and writing the same in the paper also 21 times everyday. Do I have to do anything more pl let met know

  86. My husband agreed to marriage counseling because he is fearful that he will lose his relationship with our children. He almost left me but he said he couldn’t do it. Later he told me he couldn’t do it because of the turmoil it would cause our youngest son who is going though a lot of changes in his life. Then he let me know that he was going to eventually leave anyway. After a heated talk with our daughter he then agreed to marriage counseling. Is there a remedy and chant that I can do to help with getting and receiving a positive counselor to help us renew our marriage.

  87. Dear Sir,

    My Husband & I are looking for a job change but are unable to get something good. Kindly suggest some switch words so that both of us can get excellent jobs in our respective fields. The job should assist in harmonizing our personal & professional goals happily & prosperously.

  88. Dear Naran Sir,

    I need to your help in brining some change in my father after my mother’s death. He stays with me in a flat. Myself and husband go to work.He is alone until my children come back from school. For small things I tell about our mother, it makes him very sad and make him cry. He also feels he could not do much for my mother when she was alive.Kindly advice me to help my father to comeout of this situation and have a positive outlook to be happy.

    Kind regards,

  89. My husband is not in love with me, but is staying because of the children. I try to talk to him and connect with him, but he won’t respond to me. He believes that we have nothing in common, but he won’t do thing with me to have things in common. Is there a remedy or chant that will help him to be interested in me?

  90. sir,i have the habit of backing out of things at the last minute.i make plans but last minute i cancel.even big decisions,important matters also last minute i back there a remedy for my behaviour?

  91. It seems that my husband is depressed and unhappy. It is as though there is a gray cloud over his heart and he can’t give or receive love. It there a remedy or chant that can help him?

    • Mustard, Gentian, Wild Rose

      Mustard: for gray cloud – darkness
      Gentian – unhappy
      Wild Rose – not doing anything about it, lack of motivation

  92. Dear Sir,
    I am writing on behalf of my son (10yr) old. After a fever he was totally unable to move his body. He gradually recovering ,now able to sit. Still he needs a lot of support to walk and do his activties.Please suggest me some remedy/mantra’s/chant words which can help my son so that he starts walking soon. I want to see him running around again…Please advice.

    • When a person is not moving, he can be in Chin Mudra and chant OM RUM NAMAHA, for movement of the legs.
      hold a glass of water and chant “RUBY” for 100 times give that water to child.
      Recovery will be speeded up, if Ruby is taken. Even two pills will do.

  93. Hi Naran Ji
    can you please suggest a mantra for me as my husband and I keep fighting over small things. We have a love marriage and love each other but lately we seem to always fight. We don’t live with my mother inlaw but she is very controlling and is in to jadu tona.. please suggest a mantra to help save my married life and protect us from black magic. Thank you very much for your help in advance.

  94. Dear Naran Sir,
    Can you suggest any remedies or switch words for hair regrowth ? I am suffering from male pattern baldness.

    Thanks & Regards

  95. Hello Doctor,

    I want to rent out my property. Can you suggest me a solution?

  96. Hello Naran
    Please can you help me what switch words and or flower remedy should I take to help me bring my ex partner back? Many thanks

  97. Hello Naran

    My son is 9yrs old, he is academically average i feel he has the potential to do better, if he takes interest and if he does his work faster. Also i see a lack of confidence in him, if i say” u can do better” he will say ” no i dont think so. He also has problem adjusting with his friends and is very shy and reserved. I feel very helpless. Pls help me.

  98. I’d like to have foreign opportunities & successful settlement abroad . What may I chant, please? Regards..

  99. Hello Sir, I am working now as a professional dancer and dance instructor in the USA. I love dancing and I make good money, but lately I find no joy in this work and I have suffered from joint pains. I also have started to work more with yoga, chanting and meditation and teaching people to this as well and I really enjoy this work, but it does not provide enough money. I am confused as to what kind of work is best for me and will give me enough money care for myself and son as well as save for his college. Thank you

    • Hello Sir,
      Pleas advise, I am still suffering pain on my left side due to my work. Also I am now going through divorce which is making my need for a chosen career more urgent. the pain is in my left shoulder, hip, and left side of neck. Also I fear that my husband will take advantage of me in court and will not pay alimony. I need relief from pain, help in divorce court, and a career that is good for me. Please advise. Thank you in advance for your help.

  100. Hello Sir,

    I wish to write to you about my brother. He is rock hard. Never has any sympathy. Never found to have anything in heart for anything. To him it is his personality. Even when someone gets admitted in hospital or worse he stays unbelievably calm and I find it difficult to make him speak at times. Can you pl guide me.

  101. i want normal delivery but my doctor sed me operation it will be nest month november 2 please
    any help switchwords

  102. Dear Mr. Naran,
    I have been undergoing few problems in life no success. what mantra to chant for
    the following in life.

    1. Success in career, interview and job. (for both me and my wife)
    2. Grace of Divine.
    3. No children – Birth of Children
    4. Success in life and all endeavors.

    Iam also interested in buying the book. What is the cost of book how to make online payment ? Delivery mode withing india ?

    How to chant the word and how many times a day ?

  103. Namashkar Sir Naranji
    Sir what are these switchwords used for “CANCEL CLEAR CONCEDE BE BUBBLE UP”

  104. Lovely Sir Naran, what should it be chanted for foreign linguistic abilities? Thanks 🙂

  105. Naran Sir,
    Yesterday night I was feeling burning sensation in my throat, and I was not able to sleep, so I was chanting release resistace get up 6 divine, but still I was not able to sleep after 2 hr I started crying. Then settle down.
    Then I waje up started writing lalitham srinivasam lalitham padmanabham lalitham damodaram and eshwar, which I daily write as I m pregnant. But from the last two days didn’t get time to soon I have finished my writing burning sensation of throat. Went I wake in the morning and didn’t felt tired.

    Thank u sir

  106. Dear Sir

    I have a 6 yera old son who has some unknown fears – he always keeps saying what if. He is scared of new places, he had to move to a new school from KG and he is terribly scared of it. Since he is sligthly plump he is scared of doing sports. He is intelligent and is the best in his class but he things he is the most dumest student. How can I help him – he has a habit of repeating a question just to convience him of the result – like what will happen if my teacher is not in class will someone else come by and make us to difficult task – he is capable to doing any task but is not sure and hence scared. pl advise

    • shahcas,
      until naran sir replies you..try this..
      chant “LARCh,MIMULUS,WALNUT RESCUE REMEDY ” holding a glass of water 100 times.Give that water to child to drink.

      Larch-for condidence
      walnut-to adjust to new school
      rescue remedy-for nervousness

  107. I am a divorcee, want to marry again, please help to bring suitable life partner from divine..


  108. Archu

    Write the name of the bride, draw a circle over it, and write the word Crow around it. She will invite the right partner.
    ALSO do this:-
    Before marriage, one needs to chant this mantra, “Lalitham Sadashivam Lalitham Chandrasekaram” a lot, so that one attracts only good life partner.

  109. no draw circle once as i said & keep the paper with u in purse

  110. thanku ‘v’ and naran sir for such helpful blog…

  111. sir
    suggest me how to come out of excessive sleep during evening times from childhood I have a prob with this. and feel lazy to do any work. not at all interested in life.. feeling bore always:(
    my inlaws & my husband s very unhappy with ths behavior. am not active too.. please help me to come out of this prob.

  112. I work in real estate, how can i do to get more business?? please help!!

  113. When have emotional thoughts about someone, or obsessing emotionally as the pull of love is the most important thing. Obsessing because cannot talk to the other person freely about feelings, how to manage focus and concentration at work and daily life as everything appears uninteresting.? Taking it one step further, how to manage possessiveness and fear or loosing that person to someone else and how to get a grip on myself, not to be so emotionally attached to avoid getting hurt. Can you recommend a combination or Bach Flower Remedies?

  114. Long,
    obsessive rumination:take whitecestnutand and to have interest and focus in the work on hand gentian hornbeam chestnutbud.
    being possessive is fear of losing. take chicory and holly. chicory and holly should be taken for 6 months.
    chant i release the part of me which is possessive. i align with the part of me which loves all unconditionally.

  115. hi sir,am pooja here.

    I have got many probs and I don’t know how to come out of it. firstly my parents

    are suffering from financial problem as am married am mot in a position to help

    cause am dependent.firstly me and my parents need financial freedom to lead

    a happy life U have helped many thru switch words and mantras.please do help me by suggesting remedies to happen miracles in our life. its my humble request.

    Leave a Reply

  116. Sir,
    Thank u for giving time to time guidence.
    I am 6 months pregnant.
    Taking eshwar, writing daily eshwar and lalitham mantra given by you for pregnant women.
    What can be a remedy for puss cell in urine, and always feel urine urgency.
    What can be a remedy for itching and burning sensation in vagina
    I m feeling pain in my legs ,and how to avoid swelling during pregnancy
    How to avoid strech marks during pregnancy
    My son 4 yr old goes to school ,how to get my son admission in others top school within my budget.

  117. thank u mr, M for ur reply..:) ill try those remedies & will let u know the results.. please do guide me.

  118. Respected Sir, how can i erase anger in me please (I feel it in liver and stomach)? I think it is for my mother (a conflict without a particular reason) Thanks! I am grateful

  119. dear Mr. Naran,
    my boyfriend and I broke up and I really love him and want to get back with him. could pls suggest some chants for mending our relationship.

  120. Sir,
    As advised by you, after started chanting “TOGETHER FIND DEVIND HELP GIVE HOUSE COUNT NOW DONE”, a buyer is finalized for my house with decent price, thank you very much for the help. The agreement to sell was today but postponed to 30th January 2014. Please advise switch word or flower medicine or any other method for below points.

    1.Early completion of agreement to sell and registration of the house to buyer
    2.Good settlement amount from bank and lenders for loans
    3.Need to move to rented house, good rented house with proper vastu, number, energy & where we can prosper good
    4.Order for my business and balancing office work and business same time
    I am currently taking Agrimony and Heather 3 pills a day 3 times.

    Thank you once again.

  121. Beloved,
    My friend’s daughter 8 years old is diagnosed with cancer in the brain and doctors gave her 10 months to live. What can I chant to cure the cancer? Thank you.

  122. Ngadi
    pls call Shobana directly

  123. Had do I reach Shobana?

  124. Hello Please help me !!
    I want to purchase larch bach flower remedy, Mimulus bach flower remedy and White Chestnut bach flower remedy………..I am from punjab. Kindly tell me

  125. Please tell me how to call Shobana.

  126. My nephew slipped into Coma due to a condition called AVM and its been 30 days that he has not come out of coma. Please suggest some bach flower remedy

  127. Dear Naran Sir,

    Kindly help letting me know a good day to shift to a rented home .We have faced a lot personal and financial loss in the house we are staying now. Health wise my son got severe problem four years back and still in recovery state. We started staying in this house from 2008.Due to all this am scared to move before knowing if this shifting will bring anymore problem. Can you please advice me how to get ready for this and also a good date for shifting. Looking forward for your response.

  128. Namate sir
    sorry to post ths again as i m confused where to post this
    U hv said in one of ur post….One can try the following. If one has a problem because of a planet as per his sign, let him find out which is the most favorable sign for a particular period. Keep the picture of that Zodiac sign in your energy field. When your energy field projects that zodiac sign, the unfavorable planet turns favorable…

    Pls tell how could v find which is most favorable time or zodiac sign and our energy field and how could v make our planets favourable as i m very disturb these days because of these planets

  129. Hi Sir
    Can you please advice switch words to chant so that my girl child gets admission in a desired school. We need this very badly as its near our home.Thanks in advance.

  130. Hi Sir,

    Could u pls help me to come out of my short temper n wavering mind. I’m doing repeated mistakes. I cant able to concentrate properly. I have earned n number of Foes who love me so much. I hate myself I’m in the end of my life. Started hating myself. Help me Plzz..I need remedy to live a normal life. Kindly tell me where will i get flower medicines here in chennai. I trust them It workeed for me well. I lost the contact of the person whom i got before.
    Awaiting for ur reply..!

  131. Dear Naran sir,
    My father-in-law is 63 years old, he suffering from colon and lungs cancer. Now he is taking treatment in cancer institute but doctors are telling its in last stage and he can’t live for long time. At the same time sugar also very high (350). He is also taking tablets for sugar but its not in control. Now my wife also pregnant and she is crying a lot. Please suggest the medicine for Father -in-Law and my wife to get normal delivery.

    Muthu vaidyanathan

  132. hey naran sir,
    can u suggest a remedy for me
    i have a boyfriend who was very attrracted to me but few days back he got job and now he is very busy. we seems to lost spark in our relationship. he has not called me for 6 months now. i want us to be in committed relationship , please suggest thank you `

  133. hi naranji, I had joined new job after chanting “crystal clear wolf gorse…” & ‘quite clear go add…” for 2-3 weeks. But the salary is bit low compared to my position given. I was not given time to negotiate nor did I took time to negotiate as it was all done within 2 days. After coming in I m seeing most r getting big salaries. Big position but less salary with others is so much bothering me .want some miracle to happen so my manager himself raise my salary immediately so that I can work with peace of mind. aspiring to work abroad soon safely with high salary. Also thinking to keep searching for another job now itself just for salary hike.
    Which chants will get me good salary rise immediately now to stay in this job and get onsite opportunity? very very thanks always

  134. Dear Naran Ji,
    Pls guide me for financial and job stability

  135. Hi

    My husband has lots of negative thoughts and he is very depressed. He s doing MBBS but he is not going to college for the past 6 months. He won’t listen to me. He doesn’t take care of his health. Please help me.

  136. Dear Naran..

    I came across your website through my mother and she also asked me to chant the job switch words you gave her for acquiring a job which I did and found a job thats so close to home and also fits every thing I am seeking for through it. Thanks to that..

    My message today is about the constant negativity around the house with my husband. I wish things can be better between us. I am not able to define a problem but in the last 7 years it has grown into constant withdrawal from any situation and living like roommates. We have a 2 year old son that we both love and we are happy around him but we dont seem to be able to deal with our problems or communicate well. Please help us reunite with less resentment over the past and hope for a happy future together.

  137. what is a good Bach combination (or solo) remedy for someone who talks repeatedly? Son (16 years) wants to confirm multiple times (like 100-200 times in a span of 5 mins). He is obsessed with cleanliness, and things in order besides this. He is worried a lot on somethings, and he wants to keep checking again and again. We are trying White Chestnut + Scleranthus every 6 hours) but not working very well. it has been 3 months

  138. Sir I really need your help urgently my daughter is 28 she liked a boy after 6 months he is saying he is going to study for 2 yrs I don’t trust. My daughter believes him. As a mother ism worried I want him to. Leave my daughter as soon as possible.wuthout hurting. Pls help pls reply under lot of stress. Thanks

  139. My cousin had a stroke and his speech is affected and right hand he is not able to move.he speaks only few words like fine, okay, good , nothing more. He is going through physiotherapy and speech therapy but not much there any thing you recommend for him to get his speech back immediately at least speaking a few sentences.

  140. Minoo Daruwala

    I have two ancesterial properties, which i want to sell at the highest price possible and at the earliest. Please give me a divine chant.
    Minoo Daruwala

  141. I would like to obtain some information on switchwords or switchwords for finding an apartment soooooon.I have applied for apartments almost two years ago and nothing is available yet.Everyone requires a waiting list and I do however understand and accept people with families come first.I also don’t want crappy neighbors either,I am a musician and a student.Please recommend me whatever information you can give to your besat of knowledge .thank you

  142. I have two children both are writing board exams. elder child studies for hours together but does not get good result. she gets confused while writing. can u give me mantra or remedy.
    studies hard. completes work regularly.

  143. Sir,
    My wife is HIV + from her first marriage (divorsed).
    We are taking Ayurvedic medicines now.

    Please suggest a way to get healed completely of HIV.

    Thanks and gratitude!

    Aum Shri Lalitha Deviyai Namaha

  144. Hello Sir,

    First of all, Thanks a ton for this wonderful experience. I have experienced bliss using Switch words and Numbers. I am willing to use this for myself as well as my loved ones.

    1. I am getting into an arranged marriage with a person who is very loyal and lovable. He is a very loving and a good person at heart & has absolutely no flaws with Loyalty or relationship. The concern here is I am not able to love that person completely because of some reasons but I know my future lays with Him. Please suggest me some solution or a remedy so that I can love and accept that person wholeheartedly.

    2. I loved a person very much and he too did but we could not marry each other for our parent’s wish due to caste discrimination. We both agreed to live a life according to them respecting each others religion and beliefs and love for family but we both promised we will stick to each other in good faith and pure love excluding intimacy even if we get married to different person.

    I am in dilemma in my matured- good faith- pure – love & my future married life.

    Please give me a REMEDY or a BACH FLOWER therapy as to how I can balance this life with positive love vibes..

    Thanking you in Advance. Namo Jinanam

  145. Hello Sir,
    I’m eagerly waiting for my New Zealand student Visa from long time please help me get a visa approval soon

    Thank you in advance

  146. Am very short but i need our hight grow which bach remedy i use

  147. Dear Sir,

    I am jobless for last 3 years, planned of starting Business. Currently looking to start some business but not getting any idea on which business to start and how Universe Divine can help me show me the path.

    Could you please give me chant switchwords which will help find show and set up my business venture.


  148. Dear Sir,
    I have recently completed my PhD. During my PhD I was close and trusted another professor who was a friend of my professor in the same department. Later I got to know the true colors of the another professor as he was indirectly harming my PhD work in various ways by not allowing me to use equipments in the lab. I thought its ok and carried on. When the time I gave my final viva exam for my PhD at that time this professor was very furious at me for the latest topics I had worked which was also slightly in his area also , but I had not taken or copied any from him , but worked on it on my own accord, and I got to know this another professor was really jealous that I worked on different topics. When I met him after my viva exam this another professor threatened me by saying where I join for job he will be aware and somewhere he will see me and at that time he will take care of me where I join for job. Actually I have done no wrong as I have sincerely worked on my PhD work.

    I applied to a college and I got in there as a faculty now . I still have time joining that place for another 2 months, but I got to know that this another professor from my previous college is there in the advisory committee in the college where I am joining for work.

    Sir I am really worried if this professor from my previous college can harm me in some way or the other by telling bad about me to the college administration , principal , head of department and may make me feel small or may cause trouble for my job and peace of mind there .

    I humbly request you if you can help me get protection from this professor so that he doesnt do any harm to me , my reputation and my job using Bach Flower remedies , and another other means of healing please . Please Help me !!.

  149. Pranam,
    I came to knw abt ths website just a few days ago &I just can’t help to say ths site came to me just like a God’s solution to my tensed frustrated mind.
    Since last few months I am very much worried regarding my younger brother’s employment and health too. He is jobless right now, he has a family- wife , little son & elderly parents to be taken care. He was in Software Industry working with Adobe. He’s very disturbed emotionally now.
    Please suggest a suitable remedy so that his condition improves in all aspects as soon as possible.
    Also, suggest some remedy or chant I can do for him as his elder sister.

    Please help.

    Thank You.

  150. Dear Sir, I am using a pseudoname here. I am a 39 year old unmarried woman. I started working when I was in class 9 to fund my education and have been self reliant and career oriented since then. Despite several challenges, I never gave up on my career goals and kept progressing steadily. I faced several bullying bosses, co-workers, friends and close family relatives but I never gave in. I was strong and would also dare to protest against bullying bosses and friends and fight to protect myself if required. I however never protested against my bully aunty or shared her unacceptable behaviour with. anyone or even my mother because she would not believe me and because my father was jobless and we didnot have a support system so my mother would never break relationship with my aunty. Her husband would also use obsence words and threats with me. One of her family friends had also tried to sexually absue me when I was only 10 years old but till today I have never shared this with my mother. Now when I tell my mother about my aunty she just ignores me. I am very hurt by my mothers attitude and I don’t want to live with her. She doesnot care about what I have experienced and am experiencing and keeps making life difficult for me. She only thinks about herself. I have even brought her a very expensive flat but I dont think she cares about me. I feel like I am cursed to have been born to her and in this dirty family. My aunty only keeps saying mean and negativ things to me. I hate her and wish her and her husband hell even in their after life!
    I lived abroad away from my mother from 2006 to end 2013 and those were the best years of my life.
    I did my dream MBA from the best business school in europe in 2013 at the age of 35 years and wanted to change my career field and move into marketing of fast moving consumer goods company. .Since end 2013 my shani mahadasha started and my illustrous international career crashed. I didnot get the desired job after MBA. Everytime I was 99% close to getting the job in Europe and all of a sudden it would be put on hold or a slightly better candidate would get the job. I returned to India very dejected to live with my mother and after persevering very hard after remaining jobless for 8 months, I got a great job in Singapore but within one month differences and misunderstandng came up with the boss who had hired me and helped me to get the job. She started blaming me for a job which had gone wrong due to my predecessor and became very hostile and started blaming me for other things also which i was not responsible. I discussed this with her politely and she was offended and extended my probabtion. I resigned and complained about her but she got away scott free. I came back to India and joined another company which was a wrong choice. They would make employees work till 2pm in the night. I had not been made aware of this while joining so I was not happy with this. The culture was very aggressive with people shouting at each other and ill treating each other. .Within 4 months, I again got into trouble due to this and had to leave. After waiting for 4 months, I got a job in a good company but the boss who had hired me turned out to have a wild temper. She would fly into a fit of rage, shout and scream, threaten many people including me. She was a bad manager, forgetfull and a tyrant. She would give wrong brief to people, keep changing orders again and again, talk to everyone like servant and demean and insult everyone. I really wanted to stabilise my career, so I resolvd to put up with this and would start crying when I could not cope with her bad behaviours. Many people complained about her and there was also investigation against her. I was also interrogated and I shared what I experienced. After one month of that interrogation, she told me that her superior didnot like that I asked question on a strategic company plan which was actually a very basic question as a part of my project. She told me that I should not ask such questions. After one month, while working on a project I asked another question which was just information regarding my project and she and her boss reprimanded me on the same. She also started accusing me of mismanaging a budget which she was managing and for some delays which never happened. I told her that it was not my fault at which she threatened to fire me. She also indicated to me that she has learnt that I had complained about her. I told her that if this is how I am being treated after working so hard and sincerely then lets agree how to part. She and her boss told me that i can leave when I get a job and they will allow me the time. Parallely, I learnt from someone trustworthy that this was all a conspiracy to fire me because I had participated in the investigation. He was right, all of a sudden one evening i was called and told that they dont need me any more. I was shocked because just one week ago they had promised me that nothing of this sort will happen. I pleaded for mercy and begged them to allow me some notice period. Finally they agreed but took a letter from me with the end date. The next few months were absolutely nightmare. I would be summoned by my boss every morning and she would mock me, humiliate me and tear my soul apart. I wished I would better be dead. I was emotionally and mentally shattered. I worked with her for 1 year but she only abused me emotionally and mentally.
    My job ended one month ago and I want to move out of India. I dont want to work in India.
    I have interviewed with almost 10-15 companies and everytime I am 99% close, someone else gets the job. Some astrologers tell me that I will never be able to get a job abroad or have a successful career for the next 20 years due to Shani Mahadasha and aweak guru and also a sade sati which will end in 2017.
    I am totally devasted and need your kind help. I really want to leave India. I cannot live in India. I want to have my dream career marketing in FMCG abroad and settle there forever.
    I will die. I cannot cope with this anymore. I am practising Reiki and meditation but am very dejected with the job search and the astrologer prediction.
    I also want to add that i used to get beaten ip black and blue by father because i used to suck my thumb and i hated him. I left home when i was 15 years old to live with my granny and after one year he passed away. He never loved me. I am not able to deal with agressive behaviour of others or mocking or taunting or controlling of others and I dont take it well in my stride and get angry or disturbed.
    Please help me.

    • Job problems are always not easy to deal with. Pray to God for help and be patience, he will listen. Take Bach Flower rescue remedy when under stress. But the important thing is not to get overwhelmed with thoughts about job. Just let them come and go and focus on finding better job.

  151. Hi, am 34 year old married women. Am going through a rough time in my relationship with my husband, his family is very controlling and dominating family they try to control everything around and never gave me a chance to spend quality time with my husband.I use to work for a very good company and my Inlaws were residing with us. After they moved to his sibling I left my job so that I can be with him more and with my kid, after that He started totally ignoring me, he never gave money for household expenses when I confronted him he and his parents say I should bear my won expenses also I need to pay for everything for my kid. So I had to resume my job. he is not talking to me as if am no more present in the house.I was trying to manage everything but all of sudden lost my job too. Since then am trying to find good job so that I can take care of my kid and myself, but not getting anything job opportunities.My old boss called me but was offering very less salary I was not able to manage in such a less amount so I tried to negotiate, but instead they have hired someone else with less salary. though they really appreciate my work but are not ready to pay me good salary. Please help me to resolve these issues with my husband and in my job too. Please help me.

  152. Pray to God and ask him for job so that you can support yourself and your child. Also let negative thoughts come and go, just observe them. Its rough time currently, but let negative thoughts come and go.
    Talk to your husband and tell him you are having a hard time and what can be done to improve the situation. If he does not help, let it be. Take rescue remedy Bach flower when under lot of stress.

  153. jyoti sachdeva

    Sir i am a student aspiring for neet and want to work hard but nt doing it and also having problem in concentrating while studying…there r sevral things which is nt gng the way i want..i really want to work hard and concentrate and RETAIN ALSO(which i m nt able to) and want to be at the top ..plz help

  154. How to write to you about switchwords?

    • If you are reading this Naran ji,plz guide,I am married and had a bad year finiacially and personally last year,faced several losses,and have debts,money flow had not been good at all and health in family suffered alot,things have improved I have not been regularly chanting : find count divine, and together divine,but I am trying to chant everyday,this year seems to be bringing more positive energy and money energy has Also changed,my husband needs to find a job,and is behaving very laid back and I am desperate for change in routine where I see him more active and work hard,we need to change our house and need stable income and I want him to be more responsible and mature and energetic.plz advise. For me I want to start my new line in work smoothly and achieve my goals what should I do plz suggest.

  155. Anjali Gupta

    Hi Naran sir..
    Having a sleep problem. I leave office at 7 am and back after 8 only. Very tired and exhausted. Wants to sleep…but that is only for short duration…i wake up due to pain & again either due headasches, body aches either itching. .means it can be anything. Took many medicinesuppliers even sleeping pills also with no relief .
    Plz help

  156. Rohini Parthasarathy

    Hello sir
    Found your blog very fortuanetly. Really a good job.
    My husband is not in good terms with my mother. And the same with my mom. There is one reason which very personal and can’t be shared. Now we are searching alliance for my sister very much confused and indecisive to all alliances. My father expired due to kidney failure in 2016.My mother is more like a Heather type person wishes to seek attention of others and very self centric nowadays. She is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and feeling very very unsecured especially with money, now my father’s pension is coming but she is worrying after few years it will be reduced to half and lamenting always about her health issue and money.
    Accordingly my husband also have completely curtailed with their relationship and doesn’t want to be cordial with them. He is saying your mother’s attitude I don’t like. My mother is very very childish and not matured enough to handle things and gets distressed.
    Kindly give any solution for our complicated relationship issues. I want my husband to move freely as like before with them changing the attitude towards my mother.
    Also I wish my mother becomes matured and secured content with reality.
    Pls help me out I’m totally helpless

  157. Meandmybrushpen

    Sir, I’m waiting for my visa.

  158. Meandmybrushpen

    Sir, I got married in February 2019. I applied for German spouse visa in January 2019. It’s been 8 months and yet I haven’t received my visa. Please sir tell me what to do so that I get my visa soon ! Thank you

  159. For Visa chant “Water Violet, Larch, Gentian, Wild Rose” as much as possible.

  160. hi Naran Sir

    Iwas in dubai for 7 years and now my visa over and my companyhad to give my salary due and cancel my visa the manager told to come to india and they cancel and i thought will go back and start a company in dubai ihave clients i was doing company set up business in dubai. I am an advocate by profession and now i am in india from past 3 months and now one of my friend was doing travel business ( tours and travels) and i joined him has partner still not registered the company but going with him and doiing the marketing for the business and i have spent for the marketing but no income from past 3 months. I gave money to one guy here to transfer to dubai to my acccount through hawala that money still not received has some quarrell between them my money is stuck around 7 lakhs. he is saying will give like that like this and all gold i have pledged and borrowed from one of my friend in dubai now i have to pay him please help me which switch word should i say to get the things sorted out .

    Should i do the business with my friend or go back to dubai and i have to get back my struck money and clear all the debts please guide me


  161. Dear Naran Sir,
    I am form Delhi. I am doing job for last 8 years. But suddenly crises arise in company the management want resign from my post. I resigned, Now I am serving notice period here. I have no new job in my hand I am very much worried about my job . Now a days Conora spread every where so no new jobs in the market. I am very much depend on my salary.

    Please guide me can i find new job as much as reliable that one I m doing. Please I am very worried how can I spend my life without job.

  162. Abhilasha Thackur

    Sir, My husband had spinal chord injury about 20 years back but he can voluntarily move his big toe in the right leg. He has a lot of muscle distrophy in his arms. We got married 3 years back and since then I get him to practice moving his big toe more often. He says he can sometimes feel sensations he was not able to feel earlier. Is there a remedy that can help him get back on his feet? Would be glad to get an appointment with you to discuss details. Thank you for your remedy for my mother and brother, they have worked like magic in such severe situations and have healed them.

  163. uma selvanithi

    Hi Sir,

    Can you please help me .Mom is severely bed ridden and can’t remember anything or recognise.. can’t tell even if she urinates.. what Bach flower remedy can be given to restore her back..

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