Bach Flower Remedies Combinations Discussed at Raj Bhavan Meeting

 Life Situation                                                    Remedies Suggested

For people to loose weight Oak, Crab Apple and Rock Water. Do Fire Mudra too (ring finger touching the base of the thumb on both hands). This will help you to reduce your weight.  You will be able to reduce 2 to 3 kg a month.
Whenever mothers are worried about the children Red Chestnut
Lazy and procrastinating Scleranthus, Hornbeam.
For pilgrimage tour Gorse and Clematis. You will have a wonderful trip.
For any skin problem Crab Apple.
So many things have to be done. However, time is short Elm, Rescue Remedy. Everything will be finished comfortably.
Creative ideas White Chestnut, Clematis
Fear of going to a doctor Mimulus
Abundance and prosperity Chicory, Gentian and Clematis
For the other person to be honest with you Chestnut bud
If you feel lonely Water Violet
For heart problem Elm, Oak and Olive: one dose will keep your heart healthy
Too much of anger, uncontrollable anger Holly, Willow and Rescue Remedy. This combination will tone down the anger of the persons involved.



About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. how long (duration ) per day I should the fire mudra

  2. dear vanaja,
    fire mudra can be done for 15 minutes at a stetch. for two times.

  3. Respected Sir,

    Please suggest some remedy or mantra for knee pain.
    My mother and my grand father are in extreme pain.
    Thank you.


  4. dear jothi,
    chant HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA.placing the hand on knees.
    There are knee chakras, which have to rotate clock-wise to recieve universal energy. During pain or dis-ease, these chakras rotate anti-clockwise and universal energy stops flowing.
    while chanting the above mantra, intend or request,”knee chakras rotate clock-wise receiving more and more universal energy.”
    Apply Dhavantri Kulambu on the knees and after half-an hour wash the area with hot water.

  5. It is an ayurvedic product.

  6. Dear Sir,
    Please suggest some mantra for my mother,as she has undergone minor surgery during August 2010, on her right foot due to inflammation, post operation is worsening the situation like if she walks for 10 mints also she is getting the swelling & pain. She is under antibiotics but no use,
    Thanks & Regards,

  7. dear nayana,
    ask her to take star of bethlehem – the flower remedy. it will help her. after any surgery this would be helpful to heal the surgical wound.

    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your kind reply, Can I chant the remedy on behalf my mother if so how ? as she doesnt have remedy to take and she is unable to pranounce when i had asked her to chant.


  8. Dear Sir,
    my family is facing a major financial crises….my husband’s business has failed…he took up a job but was given the pink slip after only two months. despite all the setbacks he is searching for jobs and projects. financially we are in debts,with zero bank balance and facing poverty like situation. a friend of my husband has told him that i ,his wife has brought him bad luck and i am terrified of the thought and also how my husband continously says that it is true. …..PLEASE HELP.

  9. abha,
    write in a piece of Paper WILLOW OAK WALNUT and paste it on your Husband’s name.
    Just go within your mind thinking from which area of the body this pain comes.From that area visualise a ball-like energy ball is coming out. See what colour it is.This colour you think will signify your fear. Allow it to come out change its colour to something else and see it disappearing becoming smaller and smaller.Say, Fear is transformed into Faith; faith in God.

  10. How to make use of this Bach flower therapy, please advise the right way of using it for the following problems –
    -low self esteem
    -Emotional dependency on others for love
    -attracting negative people who use me for their benefit
    -depressed & vulnerable

  11. Shalini
    Take the flower remedies CENTAURY WILLOW PINE . buy the pills from homeopathy shops. Put 6 pills from each container in a bottle of 300 ml water. allow them to dissolove. Gtake the remedied water in small sips, throughout the day. – every one hour a sip from the bottle. When you handle the pills dont touch by hand.

  12. My wife speaks 10 years story and fights. she doesn’t forgets anything and makes use of memory for insulting, hurting others I do not know how to bring her in a into familyharmony. She is having grudge of my family members. Please help.


  13. Is there any bach flower remedy for eczema?

  14. Himaja,
    get the remedies from the centre.

  15. I would like to know whether all the remedies have to be taken together for weight loss, and what is the dosage…Thanks

  16. DEEPA,
    A cobination is available with bio salts also

  17. of course like your web site but you have to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts.

    Many of them are rife with spelling problems and
    I in finding it very bothersome to inform the truth then again I’ll certainly come back again.

  18. Subir Banerjee

    Chicory gentian clematis generate money for my family miraculously and good fortune too. Thank you for curtail my lots of worries

  19. sujatadhumale51

    Dear Sir how to balance our 7 chakras with the help of Bach flowers remedies?
    And how to cut the karmik knots with d using Bach flower remedies please guide Sir Thank you Sir 🙏🙏

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