Bonding and Healing Relationships with Red Rose

My most respected teacher Balakumar,

I wish to share with you in detail the miracle that has occurred today in our home. I want this to be shared with all our friends and learners so that their faith in flowers and healing will be doubled.

Yesterday I called Naran at noon. My mother aged 84, has been in a very angry mood past 2 weeks. She has been rude to the helpers / attendant – who are threatening to leave. I tried all the healing methods taught to me by Naran and felt I must not bother him with this.

But yesterday when things went out of hand, I phoned him. Within a minute after listening to my long story, he just said, “Put (Bach Flower Remedies) Chicory, Holly and Willow for your mother. Place Red Rose flower in water in her room – maybe under her bed or wherever she sits. Change the Rose after every three days. All will be well. You will see the change”.

I have only Chicory at home. We live in Kanchipuram and I had no way of getting the other two flower essences.  I just began chanting them keeping my mother in mind. I prayed to the flowers to go to her and heal her. My husband and my friend Vasanthi – who stays upstairs, also began chanting.

At night Amma (mother) went to sleep saying she will call her bank tomorrow. See how much money she has and decide whether to continue living with us or move out on her own. She does not want the helpers but wants me to do everything for her. This is difficult since I have to go out of the house for work, travel etc for long periods sometimes and she is not able to do anything for herself. This was a very delicate situation since we cannot send our 84-year old mother away anywhere.

We fervently prayed at night and kept chanting of three Bach Flowers going. I filled her water bottle with Chicory and Walnut. In addition, I intended Holly and Willow, keeping my hands around the bottle. I also put Sun symbol on the bottle and desperately asked for help!

This morning she was still angry but quiet. I was wondering how and where to get Red Rose in Kanchipuram.  Vasanthi said she will ask teachers in school and tell me. I was sipping my first cup of tea outside, when I saw the flower seller with her basket calling at the neighbour’s house. I have seen her rarely. Today being Friday she was there. I saw only Saamandi flowers in her basket.  I was just about to ask her where to get Red Rose, when she looked at me and said, “Amma you never buy flowers. Do you want some red roses?” I was taken aback. She showed me five roses in her basket – all of them being red. I bought them, placed them in water and put them in mother’s room.

I felt a surge of gratitude in my heart for the kindness of the flowers. The power of intent and genuine prayer made them come home to us. It also made us aware that the UNIVERSE is HEARING us all the time.

 Amma had her bath and sat for her Pooja. She was still angry!

I was so surprised a little later when a teacher from the school came home and said, “Elder Sister, I am on my way to school, here are some Red Roses for your pooja. It is my wedding day today, Please bless us!” She brought 3 beautiful cut red roses! I placed them in water in front of (Aurobindo) MOTHER’S Picture where Amma comes and sits near the dining table.  I couldn’t speak for a while.

At 10 am, Amma called the banker and spoke with him. She called me to her room at 11 am.  She said, “I have talked with the banker, I realise that the interest I get monthly is not enough to sustain me anywhere. You are taking care of all my needs, feeding me so well, caring for me and even taking care of my servants. I am grateful to you and (my husband) Guru for this.  I will not go anywhere. I understand how difficult it is for you, when I get angry with the helpers. I shall try to be kind and will do what I can to make life easier for you.  In fact, I am a very practical person, so I want to continue living here. I want Guru and you to go wherever you need to. Don’t worry about me. I will manage with all the helpers you have provided”.

Please readers, I am NOT EXAGGERATING, This is EXACTLY what happened. If this is NOT the power of the flowers, then what is it? My Humble Pranams to Balakumar, our teacher, to the flowers and to the Healing Angels. I feel so humbled by this experience and also have a renewed Faith in the power of healing.  PEACE be to ALL.

Dr. Mangala Ayre


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. dear sir lovely article. my husband and i myself feel we spend a lot. i try to track expenses but in vain. i stop inbetween. kindly suggest some remedy to chant and control our expemses

  2. take flower remedies chicory wildrose three oses of 6 pills each. you can chant also in addition to taking the remedies. keep the picture of above in your purse daily pray to the picture of these flowers.

  3. My sister’s daughter has married three months ago. But she is not happy there as her in-laws unnecessary toruturing her,finding fault in marriage arrangements and criticising her parents all the time. Sometime, they also take her husband under their influence and her husband also start torturing her by not talking to her. She does not understand what to do. Please advise any flower remedy/remedy to lead her married life peacefully.

  4. she can take flower remedies Centaury willow holly pine walnut.
    ask her to put 6 pills of each in a bottle of water and take the water in small sips, throughout the day.
    Ask her to Chant ____________(name of husband)_____(her name) TOGETHER DIVINE

  5. HEllo Dear Sir NAranji
    Sir Please come to my aid and advice me for my Daughter whose health is not good . she always has cold cough ,tonsil,sinus and breathing problem.Now doctors says she has i am totaly worried for her she is 25 years..Kindly advive sw bachflower remedies sir.and i think because she is away from home she is homesick too.She is working in Hydrabad .which remedy would suit her dont know?Help me sir please.i read so much miracles in your blog and just got to do for my daughter too with your kind help.Sir Amy i Please request you to send her your blessings to heal compleatly Her NAme is Rukhsana.I would be obliged to you for your kindness sir.THANKING you in ADVANCE.


  6. ftrrs
    she always has cold cough ,tonsil,sinus and breathing problem.
    i will send some remedies ask your daughter to try.

  7. This is the second time i am reading this testimonial and sucess story and again feeling the same joy when i read it the first time. lovely article.

  8. My dear sir. Am married. Now a days my wife not like to take to me also. Mostly we separate after six month from my marriage. If it possible to make good relationship with us. Plz help me sir.

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