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Always discuss any medical condition or its treatment including natural therapies with your Health Care Provider.

  1. Naran Sir,
    Please mail me your mail ID at hemantamriite@yahoo.com or msg me 09762967010.

  2. Dr. K Chakra , B.E., M.D.(Acu), DNYS., Mobile No. 90962139132 // 9003293195
    DR. M.K.Kameshwari, M.Sc., M.D.(Acu), DNHS., Mobile No. 9940060340
    i hearfully appreciate your tremendous seva to people .i have been visiting your site and some of your mantras i have copied and teach my patients.i suppose you are blessed soul with carry lots of good karma.


  3. Mr NarenS bakskumar namaste into heated about batch flower byy Homeo docter But how it wil work where could I meet you do you have Any branch at chennai. Knfly inform me the same.

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