How to Use Bach Flower Remedies

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A Brief on Bach Flower Remedies Part III

The moment you think about the flower, it is already here. In fact, because it is there, you do think about it.

  • You can buy the pills either from the centre or from a homeopathy shop.
  • You can take 3 to 4 pills for once or 100 times. It doesn’t matter. If one drop of a remedy doesn’t work, 100 drops of the remedy too will not work. Extras will not make a difference.

Intention is important as well as trust. Taking the remedies is important. However, how much is not important. Trust in nothing but god.

  • Just thinking about them will work.
  • If we write the names of flowers in a piece of paper, they work.
  • If you can’t get the pills, write the names in a notebook.
  • Keep it (notebook or paper) with you and look at it every day.
  • Chant the names of the remedies daily, as they are expressions of divinity.
  • Hold the glass of water, repeat the name of the remedy and drink it.

Remedy means HELP! By chanting their names, they come to our AID.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. If One has more than one weight issue(oak,rockwater,crab apple),sleeping disorder and fear(rock rose,redchestnut)…..All problems have different remedy combination….How can I take this..Shall I take sleeping remedy at night,Then In after noon weight loss remedy,in morning remedy for fear.Or we can handle one problem at a time.

  2. hi sir, i am 5 mnths pregnant and can u suggest me any affirmatins to chant to heal myself and my child as i dont know reiki. I am takin ESHWAR flower Remedies and can u plz explain y v hav to tak chicory at 5 mnth end and do v hav to tak it til end of pregnancy?

    • sathya,
      buy the book on bahc flower therapy available at the centre. Get to know about the use of bach flowers during pregnancy

  3. We have shifted our residence just 5 months back and the owners had promised us that we could stay here for 2 years. On the same condition we have given our flat for rent.

    Now the owners have written to me asking whether we are planning to extend our lease after one year. Heard from a common friend that they are planning to sell the apt.

    Can you please suggest any remedies/mantras so that we can stay on till the 2 yrs gets over?

  4. Can we chant SW or bachflower name in time of period cycle if done by mentaly?

  5. sir, protect oneself from chain snatching while walking on the roads(sometimes the victims are injured) chanting the names of divine flowers sweetchestnut,Rockrose rockwater chestnutbud and vine wud help sir..kindly guide us sir…

  6. Sir, we have been trying to sell some land at our native place…but since there is no proper road to the said land we are not getting a good rate….someone had offered to give some land to widen the approach road but he is asking for a very high price…..can you suggest some remedies for getting a good price as well as getting land for the road too. Thanks in advance

  7. Whenever my 6 year daughter disobeys/argue, I always try to talk her calmly. But at sometimes I don’t know what happens. I lose my control and I will start yelling. Sometime I beat her in anger too.

    At that time I’m aware that I’ve lost my control and told her not to sit near me so that I can avoid these behaviors. Or I’ll go to balcony/terrace or will talk to somebody to control it.

    If ever I beat her then I feel so bad for few hours. Then when I say sorry to her and hug her, I feel better.

    And I really don’t like this behavior of mine.

  8. mt
    Take the flower remedies RED CHESTNUT, CHERRY PLUM and IMPATIENS regularly.

  9. All the posts in the blog are so useful, but everytime I read one I feel this is the best! Through this blog I am just discovering the magic and power of flowers as remedies. I have always loved flowers and it is a joy to find such a simple and happy way to deal with life issues. I have also been very benefited by the lalitam mantra which has nearly cured a minor but chronic eye condition of an inflammation that wud get triggerred by dust and pollution. What Dr. Bach did with flowers, naran sir, you have done with gems and mantras. Extracted the essence to heal. Deeply grateful to you and thank you very much for sharing this knowledge and wisdom so freely and generously to heal and help so many.

  10. I have started Real Estate business. When opportunity come, I polightly deal the matter with the nominal gain. Also i am ready to work hard. But, in the final stage it left from my hand. Kindly advice to make success in the above business please.

  11. sadasivam
    when the final stage comes, gentian scleranthus Together Reach count now done

  12. Sir

    I am Kumaravel from Chennai. I am aged 52 yrs, I am having Insomnia for several years. I am taking one tablet of ativan 1 mg daily for sleep. Is there a remedy for sleep disorder in Homeopathy. Recently I heard rescue remedy is very useful. Kindly suggest where it is available in chennai and whether this medicine useful for my problem.

    With regards


  13. Sir,
    We have taken a loan by giving our house documents,but unable to repay.
    Please suggest a solution.
    Thank you

  14. Esteemed Sir,
    I am from Bangalore got a 5.6 yrs Old Son,he had to miss his School at an interval of every 15-20 days due to severe Cold,cough and allergic bronchitis.Request you to suggest a remedy for this problem.


  15. I am writing once again to someone who can help me as I am concerned about heavy loan, no financial backup and poor health of my family members. now suicidal tendencies are coming up so help me please.

  16. I am 38yrs old..tried hard but not getting married. Lost my good job recently. facing financial problem also. I want to go back to the city i was working. Please help me.

  17. Thanks a lot. U r very humble andvery much down to earth. I was in in ur mumbai workshop

  18. I have nothing left. I am in deep trouble financially. Please help me. Ranjan

  19. intero interiors

    Hello sir I want to know some remedies for my problem. I have business every time I have to face loss in it.
    And my married love life is also not going good.
    Can u please help me with some remedies .

  20. Hello Sir,
    I don’t know from where to begin, while google surfing i came across to your blog.
    I don’t even know whether it will reach to you or not or even if u read it my problems will be answered or not.

    I’am an Advocate did my master in law. Whenever I join any law offices I always lose my job within a three to four months. This happened to me four times. I could not share this with anyone. I have turned 33 still unemployed.

    I am giving UGC NET exams but never succeeds in. I have applied number of times but could not able to qualify the exam.
    Then thought of doing phd in law so that i can pursue my career in teaching. but then again I’m not able to clear exams.

    I have always had in my mind something better and great is coming on my way, never lost my hope. But it’s high time for me now still dependent on my old parents, my families. unemployment kills me within everyday.

    I want to be stable in my job, I want to be financially stable I want to see growth in my career.
    I want my exams to be cleared, my hardwork to be answered.

    I’m losing all hope from life now. stopped meeting everyone. feels so ashamed to tell anyone. I’m lacking behind in my career today.

    Please shower your blessing Sir, guide me please to overcome from this.

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