Flowers – The Divine Physicians

Dr Meenakshi Jagadisan

My mother is 90 years old and she was admitted to the hospital. She is a known heart patient and has been on regular medication. She was admitted to the hospital for giddiness. Profuse sweating and she was drowsy. On admission all her investigations were near normal and the diagnosis could not be established as to the exact cause of her drowsiness.

At that point in time I rang up Balakumar and he advised me to chant, “WHITE CHESTNUT, SWEET CHESTNUT” and to visualize the energy going from the Basic Chakra to Crown Chakra and Vice Versa. And also to accept whatever is the Divine will as we do not know what will be the outcome.

 Only 2 days before my mother had celebrated her 90th birthday and this hospitalization made everybody sad.

I started chanting as per his advice with visualisation of the energy flow in my mother for a few hours though intermittently from morning and by late evening my mother regained consciousness and could respond.

Balakumar always says that the Divine is always by our side ever ready to come to our rescue that we forget to seek/ ask for help.

I thank the Divine Bach Flowers White Chestnut and Sweet Chestnut and Naran for his valuable guidance and timely advice.

I wish and pray that more and more people benefit from Mr. Balakumar’ advice and treatment. Even though I am a practicing allopathic doctor, I had always felt that Balakumar is a Divine Physician – medicines at Zero cost and 100% effective with no side effects.

May mankind and more and more people benefit from him.

With my humble Pranams


Why White Chestnut? When diagnostic investigations are near normal and the diagnosis could not be established as to the exact cause of her drowsiness, White chestnut is the remedy for this condition. “Clinically normal but symptoms persist” is White chestnut.

Though for her concern for the mother, she has to be prescribed RED CHESTNUT; White chestnut was given instead, because in her over anxiety, mentally she had become “that person -her mother”.

Of course, Sweet chestnut was given for divine intervention.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Respected Sir,
    My mom age 72years got a brain stroke on 11th March,2012. She was admitted and a successful operation was done to remove the leaked blood from the brain. Till today she is unconscious. Doctor says she has edema some swelling and water in the brain that is why she has not got her consciousness.We feel she ca listen to what we are saying. She does not respond in any way. i want my mom to get back her consciousness pls do advce what is to be done/chanted. My sister had asked u at the time she wa i ICU and u had suggested to write WATER VIOLET and keep it under her pillow. We still have kept that. her condition has not worsened at all, its is stable since day one. her progress is slow. But now we all want her to recover faster. Please Sir guide what to do. Thanks in advance.

  2. Rashmi
    To heal edema some swelling and water in the brain, write Rock water (to restore the blood flow), Crab apple (to clear edema), and Cherry plum (to restore nerve impulse) in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow.

    You chant Red chestnut to heal your concern about your mother.

  3. naran sir,
    My 11 yr old neice living in the states is suffering from hives for the last 3 months,they come and go when medicated leaving marks.Please guide sir.
    Thanks sir

  4. tilotama,
    give the child WALNUT CRAB APPLE

  5. naran sir,
    Thanks sir, how many pills sir and for how long?
    Thanks sir

  6. Sir!
    I feel very tired daily after work & cannot cook hence food intake is haphazard.Also i cant seem to find time to exercise though i want to do so to increase stamina.Any remedy for the above.

  7. sir my daughter aged 6 years is still bed wetting when she sleeps.she is becoming conscious of that problem now but unable to find a solution.can you pls give some remedy.

    give her daily two doses of AGRIMONY MIMULUS, CRAB APPLE.
    In the night give her WHITECHESTNUT RESCUE REMEDY before going to sleep.
    chant om lam namaha placing your hand on her naval.

  9. Naran sir,
    My 21 yr old daughter is attractive,studious,hardworking good in debates and has big dreams..She is also impatient and impulsive ,childlike,has difficulty sharing,even though she wants to be part of friends groups she is very self conscious and feels unwanted with them.So she has problems of maintaining friends and always feels lonely.Please help her as she carries a feeling of fear.
    Thanks sir

  10. tilotuma,
    give her flower remedies CHICORY HOLLY CHERRYPLUM MIMULUS 2 PILLS OF EACH three times a day.

    • Naran sir,
      My friend Dr Bhargav who is senior general surgeon aged 65yrs,had severe renal failure because of hypertension all of a sudden and was on ventilator for 1 week because of acute kidney functional faliure and was put on dialysis with critical illness ICU.Now he is discharged from hospital and taking rest with small walks.can you pls suggest bach flower medicine for his better health and regaining the kidney function and general health.
      Dr Pavan.

  11. pavan,
    Chicory can help. For Renal failure Blue sapphire pills are to be taken.
    Fear of loneliness, held within will lead to kidney failure. If the kidney fails it will immediately affect Lungs only. He would not have voiced or ventilated this feeling of loneliness to anybody.
    Hiding anything from others is Agrimony.
    He has to take both Agrimony and chicory, in addition to blue sapphire pills.
    Download a picture of kidney in a paper. Write the Name of Dr. Bargav. chant the following mantra: SA TA
    Chanting of SA TA will help kidney.
    Sa means LIMITLESS source of space (energy)
    Ta means LIFE. By chanting above two, you pray to divine “infinity,bring life”. By placing the hands on the picture, you are passing the mantra energy through your hands.

  12. Dear Sir,
    I have recently been diagnosed with retina problem, there is abnormal growth of blood vessels leaking fluid and blood and causing loss of vision. doctor has told me i am young and eye can heal with injections in eye. i have been chanting lalitham mantra, pls tell me what else can i chant and how many repetition for healing my eyes. kindly reply urgently. Thanks.

    • Dear Sir, I am still waiting for your reply. Kindly guide. Thanks.

    • daily, pray to sun god intending, “please send solar life energy rays to my retina and arrest deterioration.”
      Listen to Inner smile Cd, available at the centre.

  13. Dear Mr. Naran,
    I am residing out of India and I have ordered “Bach Essence Mimulus 20 ml” for my problem of not able to socialize with people, being alone, introvert, shy, timid nature, not able to speak properly due to the fear that the other person will judge or reject me and due to the fear that some past relationship issues might occur again, stammering, stuttering.

    1. I keep a 945 ml bottle of water at my desk during work. How many Mimulus drops should I put in the bottle and keep sipping the whole day?
    2. OR – for my problems do you suggest me to take the drops directly on my tongue? If yes, how many drops and how many times.

    Thank you for all the work you are doing.

    • put around 2 drops and shake the bottle everytime you take.

      • Thanks….I require a bit of clarification on this.

        Does the wording “everytime” also refer to putting the drops?
        1. put the drops once a day but shake the bottle whenever I drink it?


        2. whenever I want to drink water, I should always first put 2 drops and then shake it and drink?


  14. Very well written information. It will be beneficial to anybody who usess it, including myself. Keep up the good work – can’r wait to read more posts.

  15. Ravi,
    put the drops once a day. Everytime shake the bottle while taking the sips.

  16. my father has cystitis….. is there any remedy… for that…thank u.

  17. Bhumika Shahi

    Dear Naran sir,


    I Have just encountered your web blogs and started chanting few switch words to improve my immediate situations.I am really amazed to see the changes and result..I need personal consultation from you for all the area of my life.Please do let me know how to go about it.
    please reply me on this email.


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