Rain Rain Come Again


A month before, the temperature in Bangalore was above 43. As usual there is a scarcity of water all over the world. I was really troubled and wondered how we could put up our life in this situation, in this big city. NO RAINS, NO WATER.

I had read in one of your blogs about no rains in Chennai and the prayers that you all had put together: http://www.naranheal.com/archives/362.

I had noted a few notes on the BACH FLOWER REMEDIES. And LO, I started chanting those FLOWER NAMES sitting in the bus one evening: “SWEET CHESTNUT, WILD ROSE, CHESTNUT BUD”.

After 3 days of chanting for 108 times, slight gloomy weather started. Almost after 5-6 days, it started raining heavily, down pouring in Bangalore as well as in other places of Karnataka. I was so excited that I thanked GOD for listening to my prayers. Just hope that we get good rains, and good crops to live a moderate and happy life. At the same time, I pray to the all the living beings of this world to make the PROPER USAGE of the NATURE’S PRODUCTS. Thanks to NARAN and SHOBANA once again.




Rockrose means instant help without any expectation. It will help in a public cause.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thank you Sir. Yes I have updated my TEXT BOOK of Bach Flower remedies.

  2. Naran sir,
    A friend is 6 months pregnant,sonography reveals cord around the baby’sneck.Her first child also had the same problem.She had to go in for cesarean and the child 2 yrs old is very hyperactive and violent.Please guide sir.
    Thanks sir

  3. tilotuma,
    chant sweetchestnut aspen walnut

    • Sir,

      I request your guidance on my understanding of these remedies suggested:

      SWEETCHESTNUT: Divine blessings required
      ASPEN : Afraid of anything bad would happen. So, Aspen would take care of it.
      WALNUT : To change the situation.

      Please correct me whereever I am wrong.

      • Sir,

        Awaiting your confirmation on the explanation for Q.no 6; remedies that you had provided for q.no.4.

        thank you sir.

  4. rupa,
    Rockrose positive person will come to help immediately (instant) forgetting the self. Praying for Rains is for the whole society.Rockrose is divine acting through human.

  5. OK Thank you Sir for the explanation.

  6. This is amazing.

  7. Sai ram naran sir its regarding my nephew who is one and a half year old recently diagnosed LCA Retina problem (genetical) doctors have mentioned that he has just 2-5 percent visibility which will reduce with time and hewill be blind …..at the moment their is no treatment for this problem. according to the doctors research is going on so nothing can be done sometimes he is not able to communicate what he wants so he gets irritated and bites sometimes clingy .it takes him lot of time to adjust to new people new place etc.sometimes that insecurity remains their for fifteen days or so.my brother has lost all hope as his wife is not co operative negative minded selfish and blaming personality never satisfied how much you do for her .sir if you can tell some remedy or mantra so that his eyesight can b controlled or something to calm him down please please. And for my brother so that he can handle the situation and can take care of his son. My brother just wants to give divorce to his wife it’s really difficult for him to control the situation as she blames him for everything but then when he asks her for divorce shedoesn’twant to give..

    • MONI,
      Ask your brother to take flower remedies CHICORY CRAB APPLE CHERRYPLUM 2 PILLS OF each, one after the other. Three times a day.
      He has to keep himself cool .
      Ask him to chant TOGETHER DIVINE.
      FOR his son eye problem, contact my mail;balakumar49@yahoo.com

  8. paresh bhatt

    Sir i have got Larch walnut, star of bethelem, Gorse, and white chestnut. Kindly suggest me how to take this bach flowers pills

  9. paresh bhatt
    pills or liquid?

  10. paresh bhatt

    Pills. sir.

  11. Sir,

    I request you to explain why these remedies for Qtn. no.4:

    2) ASPEN :
    3) WALNUT :

  12. Sir,
    Now, I have a qtn on skin allergy on fingers.

    My aunt has itching problem in her fingers and toes.

    The side portion of the fingers have become black, skin is drying and lot of itching occurs. When she scratches on those parts, dry skin falls off in powder form.

    Initially, it was only on the fingers. Once she applied some medicine, and then with the same fingers accidentally she has touched the toes. Now, she is sufferring even on the toes. This is how it has spread from fingers to toes.

    • roopa,
      give her crab apple agrimony rescue remedy. put 5 pills of each in a tumbler of water and ask her to sip that water every half-an-hour.
      she can scratch with that water also.

  13. Sir,

    A colleague of mine is expecting to deliver during SEpt 2012. What bach flower remedy I can giver her for chanting to have a normal and safe delivery.

  14. roopa,

  15. Sir,
    Could you please help us with the explanation:

    1) Crab apple
    2) Agrimony
    3) Rescue Remedy

    • roopa,
      crab apple is a physical mental cleanser. Dissoloves and expels anything unwanted.
      Agrimony – our suppressed thoughts – i will not show to others, what i think or feel – if goes beyond limits will manifest as allergy. Allergy is a bundle of emotions waiting to be released. If the person has not released, it will come out of itching.
      One has to face life with fortitude, and be ready to bear anything that comes. if there is fear of life, the itching will be unbearable.
      Itching is always annoying and irritable. allergy is there is a disorder in the body’s defense mechanism. when there is disorder in the body without noticing to soothe(Forgiving and thanking) the body or heal, our mind wanders on something else. All these mental states are covered by Rescue Remedy.

  16. Sir,

    And at the same time, why is this itching for. Can this be related to allergic condition.

  17. roopa,
    itching is a big topic. Blog is not the place to discuss.
    Understand itching means “trying to eliminate” “to get rid off” “to reject”

  18. OK Sir. Thank you so much. Great information which was totally unexpected. It is shocking to know something like this. An ALLERGY RELATED TO MENTAL THOUGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My god..what a relation…

  19. paresh bhatt

    One success story here. I have also done a Silva Practitioner meditation. I read your post and then i went to the verandah. I chanted the bachflowers looking over the sky. At that time not a single cloud was to be seen and then i came inside. After fifteen minutes i m seeing that wind has started blowing and dark clouds have appeared from nowhere. What i did was i chanted and imagined the sky is covered with bachflowers names. And after a short-while there was a heavy shower followed by thunder and lightening. The rain was more than expected.

    thank you Naran sir for giving those bachflowers name for bringing Rain.
    The whole kolkata received rain just after 15minutes of just one time chanting the names of the bachflowers.

    thanks and regards
    Paresh Bhatt

  20. Dear Sir Naranji
    Respected Sir NAranji i have a personal request to you for sending healings with EFT DIVINE ORDER for my dearest friend Mahabanoo who is In ICU HINDUJA HOSPITAL IN Mumbai . after her spinal operation She is in ICU more then a Month .. she needs Blood Group B negetive its rarely found ..her Hemoglobin level is very low and her memory is having effect..DO SOME MIRACLE -GOD to save her …BE KIND and Generous and send All healing to make her recover fast and in good condition so that after recovery she walks out of ICU ,Hospital on her

  21. FTTrs,
    chant Mustard she will get her group of bloodwrite mustard in a paper and keep it under her pillow.

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