Draw Your Luck

I have applied for a 2 BHK flat. The draw will be held on 18th of this month.

What should I chant so that my name comes in the draw for allotment?

I do not own a house yet. I am staying on rent.



I wanted to share a moment of joy which came in my life because of your blessings.

As told I chanted “Gorse, Clematis” sincerely and my name has come in the draw.

I can’t explain how elated I am feeling. I have cherished this dream for the past 18 years and only with your blessing my dream has come true.

My whole family chants the Switch Words you had suggested from time to time whenever I had sought your guidance. We are getting good results.

Thanks for coming into our life.


Gorse:  to convert hopeless situations into hopeful ones

Clematis: to convert dreams into reality

This combination helped somebody get a Red-Carpet Welcome in Singapore: https://healbybachflowers.wordpress.com/2010/03/28/i-received-a-red-carpet-welcome/

Whenever you visit temples or do a pilgrimage you can use this combination: https://healbybachflowers.wordpress.com/2010/12/17/bach-flower-remedies-combinations-discussed-at-raj-bhavan-meeting/


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear respected Sir NAranji
    In which other time can we chant Clematis, as it is to convert dreams into reality so can it be helpful for health,wealth,mind body soul issues also??or just for objectives?Kindly reply

  2. A very inspiring and beautiful story. Thank you for sharing generously and for all the healing. Sir,also your words, guide us–1.When you have got what you desired, then PRAY for others – who are denied and/or whose desires were unfulfilled.
    2.When you have not got what you desired, THANK the DIVINE for giving it to someone, who needed most.

  3. Thank you DIVINE Sir !

  4. my son is giving his IB 10th exams.. he has two exams left which are on 23rd & 24th May, pl recommend something so that he gets 7/7 in both these exams and his result comes out exceptionally well, he must get min of 50/56 for all his subjects as a final score for his 10th IB exams 2019.
    plz help as this favour will be of great importance ..pl treat this urgently..


    • Santhi Vedagiri

      Golden Sunrise
      Thanks a lot Narenji.
      GORSE AND CLEMATIS gave me a tremendous experience in my pilgrimage.
      I never expect the dharsahans and V I P respect everywhere I have visited.
      Thank you sir.

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