Pain Healers

Discussed during the workshop held on April 20th 2013


Pain splitting in the head – unable to move, because moving causes severe pain: Mustard, Beech and Hornbeam

Any slight movement causes pain: Beech

I am not able to move my legs: Mimulus

On movement, pain is reduced: Hornbeam

Pain comes, after finishing all my work – pain at rest: Oak

Breaking pain: Walnut and Agrimony

Continuous pain: White Chestnut and Agrimony

Pain while working: Willow

Unbearable pain: Cherry Plum

Pain in Cancer patients: Agrimony and Rescue Remedy

While sitting on the ground there is pain and there is none while sitting on the chair: Rock Water

Nagging pain, as though needles are pricking:  Agrimony and Pine

Knee pain: Rock Water, Walnut and Hornbeam

Lower back pain but not extending to thighs: Blue Sapphire and Nine Gems

Varicose veins: CARDORIUM plus herbal remedy

Heel pain: check the urine flow, whether there is retention of urine, kidney issues

Frozen shoulders – left shoulder: Centaury, Willow, Agrimony and Cherry Plum.

Along with pain, all other related symptoms to be taken care off.

Right Shoulders: Centaury, Pine, Elm and Holly.

Centaury person will always exhibit Willow or Holly. Left – resentment inside; anger expressed outside – right.

Arm: postponing some work

Traveling train, pain after going to the new place: Walnut

Fingers: Do stretching exercise – extend the fingers and close them

Index finger pain: constipation

Muscle cramps: Scleranthus and mag.phos 6x

Joints: Rock Water, Walnut, Hornbeam is the base remedy. Based on other symptoms add other remedies

Don’t go by the names of the problems (diseases) see the symptoms

Numbness: Wild Rose because of sugar, circulation is less (for the student who asked the question)

Menses: White Chestnut, Walnut and Rescue Remedy

Dark skin: Mustard and Crap Apple

Sun burn: Water Violet, Walnut and Crap Apple


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Guru I am sorry in the class i had noted down wrongly . I had written for dark skin to take mustard and crab apple pills and to apply waterviolet, walnut, crabapple in face after mixing it into a cream. Forgive me for my Ashratha( non attentiveness )

    • Neilakaanth,
      waterviolet walnut crab apple can be useful in sunburns.
      i did not mention about dark cream.i said fairness cream is mustard and crab apple

  2. Guruji,
    I am suffering from irregularity in monthly (ladies)problem. sometimes it comes early sometimes late. Now this month it has not come at all almost more than 1and half month.
    Also my marriage is not taking place so to get married at the earliest with a good husband n family.

    Please suggest some Bach flower remedies and mantras/switch words for both of the above problems.

    Thanking you,


  3. Mr. Naran
    What will be remedy for back, neck and head pain due to long seating on computer and anxiety? Exercise not helping.

  4. rashmi,
    the right exercise will help. Exercise is the only way, if it is because of long working on computers only.

  5. Dear Naran Sir,
    I am 40yr old tall guy who suffers from stiffness back i.e. while bending or getting up i.e. straightening my spine it pains till straighten or bend completely. Also my calves(below knees) suddenly get severe cramps like pain wherein i feel as if someone is strongly squeezing my calves.
    So which Bach Flower Remedy should i take?
    Is there any mantra or switch word for always being in perfect Heath? Please Guide
    Thanking You,

      The above combination should be fortified by blue sapphire pills
      and bio salts calci phos mag phos kali phos – 6x each three tablets three times a day.

  6. Dear Naran Sir,
    Why are u not replying to your readers posts as you used to do earlier on daily basis?
    Hope you r well…
    May U be in Divine Health…

  7. Dear sir I have fibro myalgia ( swinging unbearble pain from head to toe thru out the body n pain lingers all day n night ) pl suggest bach flower remedy.

    As per ur guidance i chanted elm n chicory n got a gud domestic helper pl suggest how to make him permanant .

    Regards; Chandrakala Golecha

  8. This header is sooooo beautiful – is it clematis, rock rose and water violet? Thanks divine flowers!!

  9. Most respected Naran sir,have been looking out for a good help/cook but in vain…will chanting elm chicory help me too??or need I do something else….have come across 2/3 other remedies in your blogs pls advice…m in urgent need of one as I’m progressing in my pregnancy..many thanks……

  10. Rushrush
    chant chicory wolf find divine servant maid.

  11. Good day, Naran,

    I have very severe neck and back pain. The pain starts in my neck and goes down to my spine. I don`t want to do anything because this pain is so severe and dominating. Which remedies do I take?



  12. Dear sir,
    I have a nagging neck pain. What remedies do I take?

    • Good day, Naran,

      I have suffered quite a few traumatic experiences, one of them being the death of my grandmother. I have lost a lot of weight and at the moment I am extremely underweight and it is extremely visible to everyone. Which Bach flower remedies can I take to put on the weight that I have lost, especiallty on my face.



  13. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website Best of luck.

  14. Hello,

    My mother is suffering from cancer pain in lungs and abdomen. Even morphine is not helping. She is suffering day and night.
    Kindly guide us how this can be handled. I am trying g to search agrimony and rescue remedy but I am not clear. Kindly help and suggest what needs to be done.

    Thanks a lot .

  15. Mayank Agrawal


    My Son is 4.5 years old and he is underweight. he hardly eats anything except fruits, toffees and chips. kindly guide me how to handle. and suggest me which ” Bach flower” remedy I should give him and till how much time. Already I have started giving a combination (Rescue Remedy, Vervain , Chestnut bud, Willow,and Holly )to him cause I have seen him repeating mistakes, his anger , his jealousy with his cousin , Sometimes he cries while sleeping , he is hyper active and he never feels hungry. Now correct me If I am wrong , and Kindly help and suggest what needs to be done. I will be thankful to you.
    Thanks & Regards

    Mayank Agrawal

  16. hello team what is the reemedy for a person who is with cervical spondylitis only pain in spine area

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