End my problems during my periods


Whenever I am nearing my periods I am out of control and I feel myself like a water melon (big stomach). I’ll be very angry and scold my kids and beat them too.

I feel like my eye sight is also affected then.

Please help me to lead an active life then also.


Chant “HOLLY, MIMULUS, CHERRY PLUM” during that period.

Intend then, ‘Hormones be quiet and relaxed’.


The Bach flower remedies are used:

HOLLY: to control rage

MIMULUS: fear it will happen during the periods. This fear – expectation, will create the same thing that was feared.

CHERRY PLUM: for losing control

The intention is to command the hormones to be normal instead of becoming over-active.



About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran sir,namaskar….what can I chant for my father who often suffers from cold,chest congestion and runny nose during change of season or due to pollution in air.This makes him weak and tired all through the phase and night time it becomes very difficult to sleep.He does not prefer taking allopathic medicines,so immediate relief is not there.pls guide me sir…..many thanks..

    • Rushrush,
      for change of season give him walnut.
      For air pollution yellow sapphire pills will do.
      Remove the chest congestion with Agrimony willow crab apple.
      Runny now:sweetchestnut.
      in the night chant om ham namaha om ram namaha om lam namaha

  2. Resshmi Chatterjee

    Dear Sir, I am having some skin problem. My skin is very dry etching and rashes are there. What can I chant for the same. Pls help me sir. Thanks Resshmi.

  3. reshhmi
    you have to cleanse your large intestine which is highly clogged.

  4. Sir,
    I cleanses every day. I have consulted with doctor also but I am not getting result. Please sir help me out. Sir I am from kolkata I want to buy some books & Cds like animal spirit guide, Switch words etc from where i can get the list of the books. In kolkata there is any shops?

  5. reshhmi,
    consult an Ayurveda doctor. Ask about cleansing.
    contact yogashobana@yahoo.com and order the cds.

  6. Hello Sir,

    I don’t know who is guiding me but I gave the following remedies blindly:

    2) WALNUT

    Now, i am planning to give this lady
    1) ROCKROSE: Protect her from any kind of BLACK MAGIC
    2) SWEETCHESTNUT: Get Divine’s blessings

    Please correct me if I am wrong. I do not want to burden them with too many remedies.

    Once again I thank you Sir. You are sitting in Chennai and answering my qstns REMOTELY. I do not know how it is happenning.
    Really surprised.

    Thanks to you Sir, once again.


    Here is a small incident which happenned today morning:

    A lady was sufferring from past 6 months with different kinds of illness. She went to multiple doctors and underwent various tests, blood checkups etc. She was given various healing techniques, which she did not take seriously. Finally, what happenned was from last 1 month she got some blood clots in both of her limbs. She started crawling to move around to reach things on her own, to bathroom and to complete other activities.

    Infact I was praying for her well being whenever I sat for meditation. But never got any remedy/solution. None of the questions raised for her well being were answered. I was very upset. I kept silent for a few weeks.

    She got admitted to the hospital the next day after Diwali and was told to go for a BIOPSY on one of the clots. She was very disturbed and crying, as she new it wud be very painful. When I met her last evening, she literally started crying. Tried to console her and gave her 2 types of Bach Flower Essences (CRAB APPLE, WALNUT) to be taken 3-4 times a day from yesterday evening. And she did so. Now, she was helpless and she surrendered to those remedies that were given. And lo! The miracle happenned within 12hrs of overnight.

    Today morning, when I sat for meditation, I started praying for her. And yes, my loving Mother, Goddess Mahalakshmi came and blessed her with WHITE LIGHT from her HEAD to TOE 2 times and dissappeared. I was sure that she had blessed her and she wud not undergo for a BIOPSY TREATMENT today.

    Around 12-45p.m., when I called her to check for the latest developments, she started laughing. Initially, I was disturbed. Then she was too happy to say that the BIOPSY treatment got cancelled. And looks like, she shud be discharged from the hospital today or tomorrow morning. Praying for her best.


    • roppa,
      Dont say “i dont know who is guiding me”. It is the divine, divine only can guide through flowers. Flowers carry the message of divine and deliver it at the right time through the right person.
      continue this without getting involved with anybody.
      Add Mustard to that lady.
      Best of luck

  7. Sir,
    A black Magic case:

    Here is an old lady aged around 75 yrs suffering from black magic. She has severe leg pain, swelling on both legs, guiddiness, severe headache especially before a week before AMAVASYA, POORNIMA and after that also a few days. But she is continuously suffering.

    Request you to guide me with flower remedies for the same.

  8. ROOPA,
    HOW DO YOU KNOW she is suffering from black magic? whom is she suspecting?

    • Sir,
      She had been to the laskhmi temple where i regualrly visit. There the priest is my brother, who said this.

      On observation, every ama, poornima, a week before she starts sufferring from guiddiness, severe headache, falling legs, litterally cannot walk.

      On getting routine checkups, from various docs, all tests conducted, no use. Everything is fine.

      So we had to believe this. This was the last resort after meetin gall the docs.


      • Sir,

        She is suspecting her brother-in-laws n sister-in-laws in her family. There is family property dispute going on in the house. They own a temple of Goddess Yellamma Devi. N the place where the temple is built has to be distributed to the brotehr n sisters of the family.

        Now, here the trust members of the temple have deicided:
        1) if u want the share of the property, pls pay 25000/- as a deposit to the temple and take the ownership.
        2) Or else give away the property to the temple..i feel tehre is some info missing here..not very clear..wil try to get more info

      • ROOPA,

  9. Hello Sir,

    Recently my friend met a past life regression hypno therapist. He came out with the following info:
    1) she had few negative energy bodies attached to her body: a cobra, a goat, a hen.
    2) past life husband n wife relationship problems effecting current husband n wife relationships
    3) she is prone to an major accident in the next 2-3 yrs… bcoz of those energy bodies.
    4) tend to have lot of health issues
    5) always irritated
    6) though she has everything in her life, she cannot enjoy for herself, coz of lot of small issues coming up.

    Can these be give Bach Flower remedies.

  10. ROOPA,
    How can a past life regression predict the future?

  11. M.Ramasubramanian

    Dear Naran sir
    I am Ramasubramanian. My daughter got married recently. My son-in-law is working in a Multinational bank at Delhi, My daughter who got appointment in a Pune by a Multinational software company. She got transfer to Bangalore. my concern is that my son in law must get transfer to Bangalore. Pl.suggest me mantra and flower for both of them to be in the same place

  12. Hello sir,
    My seniors are v.happy with my work .they always appreciate me..what should I do that I get a promotion and increase in salary.my salary has not increased since joining
    I also have frequent pain in right hip while sleeping.this is for past 2 years

  13. Tara G srinivas

    Hello Naran Sir, I am having prolonged periods and it been almost 1 month and 21 days and still the bleeding is happening with lots of clots.please help me.. how to stop this prolonged bleeding now and forever..??

  14. Sir, I’m studying for professional exam and i couldn’t pass after 4 attempts And i have fear of not passing. I’m getting married soon sir. I have short periods only for 2 days in recent months I have feel that not completely discharged. Had fear of infertility because of horoscope predictor.. What flower remedy to take sir?? Help

  15. Remdy for fear of infertility because of horoscope predictor And now I have short period for only 2 days in recent months. I’m getting married soon . Kindly help

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