Got a job within first week of placement


Placements are happening in my college. But it seems that I am not able to crack neither the written exam nor interview. I try to study everything. But I don’t know. I am not able to do well. I can’t even solve the questions.

I feel very dishearten when people see me as if I am very poor mind and pity on me. However, I can constantly overcome these feelings.

But I want a job this year. Crack all the tests of companies and interviews and also do very good in academics also. I try to study but nothing I understand correctly once and it takes lot of time to complete a topic.



398: write it in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

Shuchi (after a week)

Thank you I got a very good job. Amazingly that too in first week of placement. I could have never thought of that……. Thank you…….It was really a miracle for me…


WATER VIOLET, LARCH, GENTIAN, WILD ROSE: Bach flower remedies for interview

398: for the exam

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I will surely do this method.


  2. Hello sir,

    With your guidance, I was able to cure a betwetting case for a little girl of aged 10yrs:

    1.give her daily two doses of AGRIMONY MIMULUS, CRAB APPLE.
    2.In the night give her WHITECHESTNUT RESCUE REMEDY before going to sleep.
    3.chant om lam namaha placing your hand on her naval.

    Alongwith this, asked her to chant ASPEN(3) daily. But that little girl, keeps chanting continously for whatever she feels afraid.

    She is feeling very happy, and has named as ASPEN aunty.

    Could you pls help me to understand why these remedies:
    crab apple
    rescue remedy – have an understanding.

    thank you

  3. Hello Sir,

    I’am an Advocate did my Masters in law. Since 2015 nothing is going good in my life. After completion of my studies I hardly worked in any offices for a year. Whenever I join any offices I always lose my job within a three to four months.This happened to me four times. I could not share this with anyone. I have turned 33 still unemployed.

    I always give UGC NET exams but never succeeds in. I have applied number of times but could not able to qualify the exam.
    Then thought of doing phd in law so that i can pursue my career in teaching but then again I’m not able to clear exams.

    I have always had in my mind something better and great is coming on my way, never lost my hope. But it’s high time for me now still dependent on my old parents, my families. Unemployment kills me within everyday and even if I join any office the fear of losing the job makes me restless and shattered.

    I’m stuck in my life in this situation. Nothing is changing from last four years.

    I want to be stable in my job, I want to be financially stable I want to see growth in my career.
    I want my exams to be cleared, at least my hard work should be answered.

    My friends hardly care, they don’t even talk and meet, I feels so ashamed to tell anyone about my condition about my failures all these years. I’m lacking behind in my career today.

    I’m losing all hope and faith.
    Please shower your blessing Sir, guide me please to overcome from this.
    Thanking You.

  4. Sir, I gave my interview in a company last month. They have put me on hold, please suggest SW, so that I can get the job offer letter – with a good package and joining at the earliest.

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