Desperate Situations Needs a Divine Intervention

Childless Couple

Being child-less, in spite of various attempts is the greatest anguish, similar to the drought – a totally dry and listless life.

The Rain Mantra – “SWEET CHESTNUT CHESTNUT BUD WILD ROSE ROCK ROSE”- which brings rain, putting an end to the dryness, can put an end to the dry listless life too. Chanting of this mantra will bring transformation and liveliness as rain brings cheers to the people in drought.

Parents losing their child when he was young

They will come to the stage of being totally desolated–“Nirgathi”. At this stage nothing will make sense to them, hopelessly lost in their own worries and despair and finding no motivation to do anything about life.

How does Rain mantra help in this situation?

SWEET CHESTNUT: When you are in extreme anguish, Sweet chestnut is the remedy

WILD ROSE: makes them come out of their lack of motivation to lead a happy life

CHESTNUT BUD: to learn and understand that life has more to offer

ROCK ROSE: somebody would lead them out of their miseries

As those people who suffered loss of either their spouse or child suddenly and unexpectedly mayn’t do anything about their situation, we have to do it for them. Write in a piece of paper using circle technique, the names of the remedies. Chant for them too.

No job in sight for so long

SWEET CHESTNUT: desperate situation needing a divine intervention

CHESTNUT BUD: they would have committed one mistake or other in the previous job(s) or interviews. The Chestnut bud flower will make them learn, so that they will not repeat the same mistake again.

WILD ROSE: A state of apathy and lack of interest in life

ROCK ROSE: determination, fortitude and readiness to face anything in life, will help one succeed in life



About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir!
    I developed sudden mid abdominal pain-all tests negative,still pain remains-i also have lots of stress-physical and mental .Any remedy for lessening pain? i keep imagining i have to get admitted-surgery etc…Please help.
    Kind regards

  2. Radha,
    chant mimulus Gentian

  3. hi sir,can u plz suggest the link for finding msgs frm diff animals and also for find msgs frm diff parts of d body

  4. Dear Naran Sir,
    I am very thankful to u as a friend of freind who was chidlless for the past 5 years delivered a baby boy at the end of september. Sorry for the delay in posting here. i think i had mailed u the gud news. She kept a rabbit picture as a wall paper on her cell and after the got pregnant and delivered a healthy boy. please do bless them.Thank u very much

  5. Thanks for sharing the good news

  6. sir,i am askin in nly sir. Previously i can find d msgs of sightin diffrnt animals in d second page of the link Animal spirit guides bt nw it is not cmin and similarly in d mind body relationship too

  7. Sir,

    I have a question:

    Normally, every human being suffers a week before with some kind of anger, family problem, health problem before AMAVASYA or POORNIMA.

    What could be the reason?
    Are people suffering from BLACK MAGIC are affected more?
    Is there any cure for this?

  8. roopa,
    Do you mean to say that during the rest of the days, one is peaceful happy without anger?
    Release all these beliefs.

  9. Sir,

    An 8 year old boy has a certain behavior. you did say that it is bound to happen in the age of 8-15yrs, but we are really feeling teh pain:

    1) started stealing money in the house
    2) telling lies
    3) stealing things, which he does not get form his parents

    So what flower remedies can I give this poor couple for their son???


    • roopa,
      give the child chicory walnut cherryplum agrimony chestnutbud, each two pills three times a day. One remedy a day. After fifth day, repeat. do this for one month

  10. Hello Sir,

    I would like to know the remedies for the following problems. I came across your website today only and find it very useful and want to give it a try and take benefit from it like other peoples.

    1. My husband is without a job for the last 2 years
    2. I am on contract which will end soon but I want to be full time and happy in this organization
    3. My sister is suffering for financial hardship and suffering from parkinson’s disease and diabetes
    4. Need lot of money for buying a house and help my sister to get her daughter marry.
    5. I am hypothyroid and due to the lack of proper job and home situation starting to develop symptoms of nervousness, low self esteem and nerves disorder.

    I really need your help in this desperate situation.

    thanks so much

  11. Dear Sir,

    One of my cousin is having relationship problem, her husband does not care for her and very aggressive in his behaviour sometimes. What should I suggest her to chant.

    thanks much

    • Deeya,
      ask her to chant BEECH WILLOW HOLLY CHERRYPLUM WALNUT as man y times as possible.
      Ask her to do the forgiving exercise also

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