My son got an engineering seat


My son is about to write 12th public exam next month. He is hard working, and intelligent. He is getting 90% to 98% in Math, Physics, and Chemistry in school revision exams. But what we want is to get an engg seat in Chennai Anna University. For this he has to score 200 out of 200 in all those three subjects. How can he attain his goal?


Chant “GORSE WILD ROSE” over a cup of water and all of you drink that water daily two times.

Priya (after the results were published)

Plus 2 exam results were announced a day b4 yesterday and my son got 1149/1200. His cut off for engg is 196.75. First of all thanking you very much for all your blessings and advices. I sincerely followed and got the help of Gorse and Wild rose.

First he was upset a little, but now he is ok. Anyway we are sure of getting an engg seat, a seat in Anna university campus, either MIT or main. What we have to do now?


Continue chanting “GORSE GENTIAN WILD ROSE”


Thank you so much. My son got engg seat in Anna University, CEG campus (material science and engg). We are very happy now.

”FIND DIVINE ORDER” and “GORSE WILDROSE GENTIAN” helped me a lot especially during the counseling (last Sunday 15.7.12). I go on chanting these two mantras.

Pls bless my son to get out with engg degree. Thanks a lot.


Convey my congratulations to him.


The college will open on 6th, august and we r about to join him in hostel. I want him to be well disciplined, very obedient to his teachers, top rank holder and mainly very healthy.

From your blog, with the help of circle technique, I attained a lot. Travel mantra works well for me.

As a mother (I’m in Virudunagar) what flower remedies can I apply in circle technique, to achieve the well hood of my son? Can I write the remedies in a paper, and sent it with his suitcase? He is the only son and this is the first time he is going to stay in a hostel.


Continue the Ambika mantra.

Write his name and draw a circle around his name. Draw one more circle and in the gap, write “DIAMOND, WALNUT, SWEET CHESTNUT”.

Daily see this paper and read the names.

Pray, “DIAMOND, WALNUT SWEET CHESTNUT OPEN ALIGN him to the DIVINE GRACE and rays of health and higher studies”. Here you can fill up anything you want.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir NAraniji Namashkar!
    Sir Which WORDs,MANTRA s is used as DIVINE Nector to Overcome All emotional Problems and heal Over all Mind,body and Soul.(In hindi we say Amrut).Please reply.Thanks.

  2. ftrrs,
    dont be misled by all these things. Our awareness only can help us overcome our emotional baggage.

  3. sir
    I had been among the first three rankers but by the seventh sem i am not even in the top ten. I hv been too busy getting distracted by all the other girls,their parties and boyfriends whereas i sit at home and study.I too want to hv lots of friends and click pics and upload them.but i seem to not make friends easily.I have been deeply regretful of my behaviour but i am unable to concentrate and now fearful bec i hv plans for higher studies and need good grades.wht shd i do?

  4. en,
    chant WATERVIOLET HEATHER as many times as possible. write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow while sleeping.

    • Sir,

      Why WATERVIOLET and HEATHER for her? Can I get an explanation for this.

      • Roopa,
        Watervitolet is one who sits and does not entertain anybody. heather wants a company but is rejected by others. The two opposite qualities will be acting(resisting) against each other in attracting friends.

  5. Respected sir,
    my younger brother, who is 27 yrs take some pill which make him senseless medicine name is spasmoproxivan , he is not doing anything , he is very good before now he is stubborn and also left the job he is only son.he has become addictive to that.

    please suggest some remedy to this . it will be great help to us , we have tried every thing but all failed.

  6. Respected sir,

    I am waitng for the response, please give some remedy for my brother.

    • shivali,
      give flower remedies WALNUT CHERRYPLUM AGRIMONY CENTAURY. put 5 pills of each in 200 ml water and give that water daily 6 or 7 times. Daily put 5 pills of each for one month

  7. Naran,
    How many times do you have to chant “Gorse Wildrose Gentian” over a cup of water?

  8. Respected Sir,

    Thank you so much for your valuable remedies. We will start it.

    Thanks a lot

  9. Dear Sirji
    I am 41year old. My biggest disappointment is my career never really took of. I was a bright student and topped university during masters degree. The work opportunities that I got was after much hard work.But the things never worked out at the work place for some reason or the other. Always had problems with superiors and had to quit and undergo humiliation. In my life most of the women I have encountered in form of neighbor, friend, mother-in-law, boss, sister-in-law,sister,sometimes even mother ,have shown and experienced their hatred and jealous side and have suffered much humiliation. Money has always been a problem. The surprising part was when I analyze was they all wanted me to be under their control. I suffered and still suffering when I tried to free myself. Life at times seem directionless to me. I chant om namaha shivaye,and ram mantra, pray Devi and Ganesha.
    Please help me.

    • Kc,
      analyse what you want.
      analyse your weak points within. Judge yourself. classify yourself.
      Find out which behaviour of yours or which belief or which opinion about others prevents your from getting affection from others.
      make a list and try not to behave in the same old fashion.
      chant I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I LOVE YOU I THANK YOU DIVINE,whenever you meet a person. let this run in your mind through out.

  10. Dear Sirji ,
    This is continuation to my previous question. My elder sister bothers me a lot. She is a kind of person ” my way or highway” very difficult to deal. For. 4 years she saps of my energy. Please help. Also planning to do yoga certification , I do not want any health problems and problems at home. Want to complete the corse without any obstruction.

  11. Kc,
    chant willow help me forgive ….(name of your sister) and extend my love to her.

  12. Respected Sir,
    Thanks for the reply and the solution. The thing that bothers me most is those who humiliated me projected me as a person I was not ,never given chance to explain my side.Always been told to “move on”. This has definitely affected my health . The “move on” theory holds true for the people you are not going to see again but not with the relatives . At times, I feel like give fitting reply to all those humiliations but alas, have no support in terms of people and at times money. The woman I encounter are very dominating and I cannot function properly under dominating people, not that I have dominating personality and do not know how to corner people. When such people sap us off energy even we don’t have great feelings for them.
    I do not know how to deal with people who creates situations and every time I encounter such woman in my life it is a surprise not a pleasant one of course and again chain of events occur. At this juncture of my life, I want to get hold of situation and things to turn in my favor. I worry for my daughter , what kind of message am I giving to her, that her mom ,succumbs to every tricky situations, so it is ok to succumb.
    Please help me.
    I am going to start the advice/solution given to me in previous post.


  13. Sir i have a month left for my boards(inter)! I used to study well before bt later i was distracted by sme other things and i dont have a peace of mind! Please could u help me for scoring a total of 450 and above

  14. k.sruthi,
    take the flower remedies clematis and chestnutbud to come out of destraction

  15. Hi sir,
    My 12th Exam is starting on March 1st. I want to score above 1180 marks and only 10 days are remaining for my exam. I am Preparing well for the exam. Please let me know what i should do to score the desired marks.

  16. Deva,
    before sitting to study, put each 5 pills of hornbeam and clematis in 200 ml water and have small sips every 15 minutes.
    Dont say that i dont know bach flower remedies. visit this site and get to know the flower remedies. Buy the remedies in any homeopathy shop or from the centre.

  17. Deva,
    what is the problem for the exam?

  18. Deva,
    on the date of every examination, put each 6 pills of Rescue Remedy Larch Mimulus iin a bottle of water(300 ml) and have small sips from that water, every half an hour from morning. Take the bottle to the hall also,

  19. Sir,
    My daughter is in 10th,giving her boards..can I also chant Gorse wild rose for her to perform well and get admission into a school of our choice?

  20. s
    sir,i m preparing for civil services but cant get any positive result,even last year i face interview but rest is as usual,plz help me,i m much depressed.

  21. Pranam Naran Ji,
    Thank you for taking the time and effort from your life to care for the thousands of devotees that write to you on this site.

    My child is aiming for admission into the most competitive college where only 5% of 30,000 students that apply are accepted. Also, there are many enemies in his current school that are creating roadblocks and making certain he does not secure a spot in a top college.

    I would like to invoke animal and flower spirits per your recommendation in support of my child’s academic pursuits. Please advice me on what I can do so he can continue to receive a good education with which he wants to make a difference for all mankind.


  22. Hi i’m Savitree Muhess i a suffering from fibroid any medicine to help me plz

  23. Dear Naran sir allow me to reply for any type of fibroids Silicia 30x twice a day 7 to 8 pills and Calcarea Fluor 4 tablets 3 times a day.

  24. sir my daughter is going to appear for mbbs entrance exam, plz suggest some tips which will help her to get more than 60% in all her exams and help her to get admitted in any govt medical college in bangalore

  25. Krithika sathyamurthy

    My daughter is very hard working. She is seeking for college admission for masters in top schools. She got rejected in 4 or 5 colleges she is very disappointed. Could you please suggest some mantras or tips for her to get in to remaining colleges she has applied to 11 colleges. Thank you.


  27. My son studies at home but he is not able to put in his paper . he is in class 7 . pls help

  28. I would like to get your valuable guidance for my son who has got marks in Gate and now I want that He must 100% get admission in M.Tech in Design in IIT Mumbai. He is a hardworking boy sincere, but now loosing his confidence.

  29. sir i really need ur help i am not good in my studies i always get average marks.i am not able to study more than 1 hour or in this hour i am nt able to concentrate on 1 mind always swings here and their i am nt able to concentrate in my studies.while studying i am always get to this year i have fill the form of sbi po, ibps po, ssc, and civil severces i want to clear all this competative exams plz help me and give me the solution of my problem and one thing more i am unble to get up early in the morning i have lot of laziness also.

  30. Dear Sir,

    my son is trying to get seat in IIt, in 3 rounds he did not get seat. please give some manthra for getting seat. 3 more rounds ar there. please help us sir

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