Relationship with Your Parents = Relationship with Others


I got married before seven years. Child birth is getting delayed because of problem with my husband. He is not having sufficient counting to give birth to a child. Undergoing treatment but thousands of obstacles in it. Taking tablet but discontinuing it. Main reason is my in-laws.

We are living separately due to money matters. I don’t want to take legal action because I am from a middle class family and having less support from my brother and father. I am earning for my livelihood but in-laws require all money from me. Hence we came separate. 

After that also they require share from my husband. Spoiling my family life. Hence I am earning. Again tomorrow he is consulting a doctor. No obstacles should occur again due to relations. He is a temple priest and doing pooja to lord Vinayaga. Ganapathy is his favorite god. But still obstacles and no success.

He is worrying about parents, brother, sister and all relations but not about wife. But I want his entire love and affection because I have no support other than him.


Chant “CHICORY, WALNUT, CHERRY PLUM, TOGETHER DIVINE” 200 times over a glass of water and drink it.

How is your relationship with your parents? Do you really love them?

Have you ever said to your father, “My dear father I love you from my heart.” Have you ever repaid your father’s love? Did you ever communicate with him with open heart? You are his semen.

Have you ever thought of acknowledging your mother’s love and affection? She is your first nurturer? The first food in your blood is her blood. She bore and endured all the pains for your sake. The first smile – the first energy of love – you received in this world is hers. Prostrate to her. Say, “My dear mother I love you. You are the source of my love. You are the source of all my relationships.”

Do this for 21 days. If you think it uncomfortable do it mentally.

Your husband is a priest in Ganesh temple. You become like Lord Ganesha in respecting your parents.


Thanks for your prompt and good response.

Some bitter relationship I have with my father. You are right. He has given me everything. But, after my schooling I am not able to continue my studies in college due to his financial capacity. So I was compelled to work and continue my studies through correspondence.

 I obeyed, worked and completed my graduation. I also learnt computer courses, typing, shorthand etc., during my working. But all the talents developed by them only because in school days we were doing milk business.

So, dual role started at the age of 12 and started earning money at that age. But I was having a feeling that they did not send me to college. But today I am a good position equal to those who are educated in college.

Today, my mother is not alive. But she has given me everything to face challenges and lead a decent life in the society. Before marriage also I was giving my earnings to my mother only. Not even a single paisa to my father. Now I realize the mistakes done by me. I will start respecting my father and get his blessings.

Please suggest remedies to get her blessings. Now my mind is clear.

I really thank you for making realize my mistakes and the way you answer is wonderful.

God has sent you to all of us like me who are suffering mentally in their hearts. You are rendering wonderful services to mankind. Thanks a million to you and your team.


Do it mentally to your mother.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir NAranji
    Reading your reply to Mallika has brought tears to my EYES.And have learned a Lesson even though a person thinks his or her Father does not took care as he should have been One Good Child should Always LOVE and RESPECT him.I Bow to you Sir for your Gentle kindness to show Right PAth.

  2. Dear Naran,

    I know in my heart this is the right way but I’m somewhat discouraged by this approach – to be honest. My parents have been cruel to each other and to me in various ways. How to love them?!

  3. Grace,
    The irony is we know how to get angry or how to blame. Who taught this? How does it come so naturally?
    While learning to live from chiildhood, we have been learning wrongly. Unfortunately there is no teacher. We observe, understand and form a thought,conclusion and start believing.
    We should understand that when by being in resentment, resentment only grows. by being in a state of anger anger only grows. Inspite of our knowing that anger and resentment cannot achieve what we want we will be in that state.
    you may not love them. Can you not help yourself by getting away from resentment.
    See what you cannot see. Dont see what you see. When you stop judging, you start observing. When you observe, you understand what you have not so far understood.
    Any feeling that blocks our progress can be released. Get any feeling that can enhance your life progress.

  4. Thank you for such a complete answer. I am grateful.
    I know intellectually that holding on to my judgement of them is causing me problems. I will try to eft or something to reduce my resentment (although I never call it that!) Some part of my thinks it would be wrong to allow the to just be who they are. As if the judgement will save me from becoming like them.

  5. Grace
    Dont drag them into your life now. unite all the parts forget what happened treat them as new persons and be neutral first.
    Even the slightest resentment against them,will bring the same type of persons in your life.

  6. dear sir,
    I am having bp 160-100 since few days and feeling pain back of head especially at night,unable to sleep,also feeling numbness on left side of face ,tongue,left hand .my homeopath says due to hyperacidity bp is help and guide
    thanks sir

  7. tilotuma
    this is a serious one. consult a right doctor. to find a right doctro, chant CERATO

  8. Dear Naran, You have instructed me to chant Pine over water for feeling like I need to be better. I am seeing my feeling shift into I need to stop breaking my promises to people, I am also always late even when I don’t intend to be. the guilt feeling is there but its more like…shame or embarrassment. I know that there has been a shift because I haven’t felt embarrassment in years. Please advise. I’d like to be on time, fulfill my promises to people, not feel over burdened by the expectations of others and have partnerships that are not based on always doing things for others.. I’m sorry if this is unclear. Thanks as always for you help. I am always grateful!

  9. Grace,
    add centaury willow scleranthus

  10. Sir i m not able to stick to one job.. somehow i feel that the job which is given to me is not right for me..I want to do something related to computers, but what i don’t know..My parents are also worried about me. they shout at me.. which also drains my energy. I want to move in a particular direction. which makes me feel good and confident. My house currently in which i m staying that lease is expiring next year. and we don’t have money to buy a new home at that moment. I decided to support my dad in his business but he saying that now you stand on your own feet. atleast earn to support your owns self. I want to earn but not doing any kind of job.
    I want to go in a particular direction and then earn in that line which line which takes care of all the problems. I m confused worried and sometimes depressed also. I m really unable to choose what to do as i m not able to stand to any decision i make it changes in the next moment i really don’t know what is wrong with me. Sir kindly please guide i surely folllow your adivse to the T.

  11. paresh bhatt
    you can contact the centre and buy flower remedies Gentian and larch and Gem remedies Ruby(to stabilise in a job and home)and Diamond(to show the path to you)

  12. I have already brought flower remedies i don’t have the gem remedies. what should i tell miss shobana.

  13. How can I do this? I think it’s too difficult. Please help.

    • Grace,
      what is difficult for you?

      • Interestingly apart of me feels like you have prayed for me. It has been very very difficult to come out of resentment of my parents and others who have betrayed me. I do not want to attract the same qualities as you have mentioned. I am somehow feeling a bit better now though without doing anything.

  14. its a very wonderful article..relationship with ur parents= relationship with others..
    .How can we have good relationships with in laws.. why always there is some insecurity ,disharmony in this relationship.Parents of a girl and parents of a boy…both should be treated equally.. afterall both are parents.
    If one be greatful for his/her parents.. does relationship with in-laws will also improved…?
    Why after marriage of a son..parents get usually upset…start seeing faults,blaming son and daughter in law even for small things.How one can be perfect this much.Even son and daughter in law may have same feeling for them…

    How both can have normal relationship (unconditional) with each other.

  15. mt
    in any healing, one should think about himself only. One should give love irrespective of whether he is receiving or being blamed or criticised. Expecting others to behave as per our wish will not work.,because each one is different; each one’s background, learning, upbringing, views and opinions are totally different and opposites only attract to be in one place, so that we learn the co-existence in a family.
    How to change oneself by asking some relevant questions?

    Where am i now? There is disharmony in the family.
    What do i want” I want harmony in the family?
    How do i maintain this problem? or How i contribute – my thoughts, my opinions, my behaviour -to this disharmony?
    or what is in me that maintains this disharmony?
    How can i get harmony?
    how will i change to get harmony?
    Why can’t i solve it?
    How could i make this harmony possible?
    What is required to have harmony?

    • Dear Sir,
      You said that One should give love irrespective of whether he is receiving or being blamed or criticised.That is fine… Sending love means what.?.Is it always thinking good abt inlaws ,parents ,lovedones or is it seeing good in them or is it always to say
      “yes “to them, whatever they expect from me….
      Are we allowed to express ourself in harmless way ,if dnt like something ..or dnt want do certain things….or wanted to do in another way?
      Or sending love means being kind with them…Pls help me to understand sending love means what?

  16. Namasthe Naranji,
    I am always having problem in my house.After Marriage there is huge communication gap with my wife and my parents and no Harmony at home.My parents and wife doesn’t go well.(no major issues)
    If my wife and my parents communicate well I guess most of the issues will sort out.Any solution ?
    Secondly I m very very aggressive and I by mistake I only bring some issues at home.I need to remove my anger .
    I also want to learn how to mediate and control my mind.
    Please advise.

    I have one year old baby i dont want him to be impacted beacuse or all these.

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