My married life is like living in a hostel

My married life is like a hostel life. We two are living like roommates only. He is taking food, and bathing at his mother’s home, coming only in the late evening after finishing all his routines. He is not willing to go out with me.

We two are working and have problems in money matters.

In-laws also wanted to keep him with them at all times. He is the third son. All others in family are well attached to their families blessed with all boons and children. But I am living like sanyasi and no children after seven years of marriage. Not all are co-operating even for small things also. Undergoing treatment and that too not successful till date.

Born in a poor temple’s priest family and after many struggles and hard work, completed my graduation and currently earning a small income monthly. But in-laws need my money fully and problem created there and we came separately. After that also they are begging for money from my husband.

He believes them and not trusting me. I am doing and thinking everything for our welfare only. But he does not understand me. Not going out with me, but willing to go with others.

I am working from my young age. So I don’t want to quit the job and be idle. But in a joint-family I have to give all money to them.

We are separate now but my life is like a sanyasi life.

All my relations are coming with their partners. But I am going alone to all functions. He is not at all willing to come out with me.

Gone through your site and all mantras are well, good and useful.

I am a devotee of Shridi Sai Baba and I trust the reply given by you is the remedy given by Guru Shridi Sai. Jai Sairam. Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.


Throughout our life, we hunt for love, needing caring and affection from others. When we don’t get it, we fail to understand that we are demanding more and more from a person who does not have what we want. Instead, we hang on to him.

Our demand annoys him and he distances himself away. The paradox is he married you with the intention that you would give him love. There is an unconscious decision is your life before birth that you will always give love to your husband without any expectation. Now instead of giving, you want to receive. That is why you are not getting.

Instead of trying to get, become a giver. That is why you are named Someshwari.

Give love even when there is no receiving.

Giving love without expecting to receive will make you magnanimous.

Thank every person and every event in your life daily.

Meditate on Sai Baba, reminding yourself of his anecdotes of Divine love and visualize his love filling up your heart. Then from your heart let his love flow through your hands to your husband and his family.

Do this daily. Thank them. Pray for them.


Chant this as many times as possible.

Faith and Endurance will carry us forward.

Write this in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Guru,

    You instructed me to Chant the following: “CHICORY, CHERRY PLUM, TOGETHER FIND DIVINE LOVE WITH” and keep it under the pillow. A small doubt under my pillow or under his pillow also.please clarify.

  2. someshwari,
    keep under both

  3. dear sir
    A group of boys in my daughter’s class hv been teasing her with a boy for some time.Previously it was just in class now they are doing it everywhere even on networking sites.How to handle this situation as she does not want to hv problems with them

    • tilotama
      ask her to chant FORGIVE LOVE THANK.
      write in a piece of paper CENTAURY ROCKWATER HOLLYMIMULUS CHESTNUTBUD and ask her to keep it under the pillow

  4. Naran – What to do about sexual harassment from strangers/men? How to avoid unwanted attention and have peace of mind in areas around my home?

  5. Naran Sir , i am a lady aged 38yrs married no children yet but i look very young for my age .People think i am in my 20’s. Whenever i go out without my husband or parents or friends i donot know some way ward men start following me .I am really frustrated. If i tell this issue to my husband he feels i may be attracting them by my behaviour. I am a very decent person i don’t like to flirt or see other men in a wrong manner .Please help me.Usually i carry a Saibaba locket to feel safe when i go out.

  6. Gomathi,
    chant ROckwater chestnutbud mimulus forgive bow concede, while going out

  7. Dear Guru,

    In my school days I had two friends. We three will be together all the times.But after higher secondary we were splitted in groups. There itself we were seperated.After finishing I was working and they continued their studies.There also we got seperated.By God’s Grace met them in my marraige.But after that several years no contact with nos. have been changed, lost the postal address etc., moreover i am a non software employee and earning less only and from a normal middle class family.but they two has become software professionals, and also high in status compared to me.please suggest remedies to continue our friendship and inferiority complex about my status should vanish. should have a good friendship as we had in our school days.


  8. anasuya,
    you very mentality will give you abundance of wealth.
    Take the flower remedies willow larch walnut 3 pills each three times for three months.
    these are bach flower remedies available in homeopathy shops.

  9. my brother and his wife always differ in their views.they never agree with each other.always fighting with the other one.i want both of them to be friendly with each other so that theirs and their childrens life will be happy. kindly suggest me some remedy.

    Get the harmony pack from the centre. it may cost you Rs.150/- (for two months)

    • Dear Narenji,
      thank u verymuch for your suggestion.but i want a remedy suggestion which i can do on behalf of my brother and my sister in law.because i dont know wheather they will follow what ever i say.kindly suggest me a remedy.

  11. ushakirshnan,
    why do you interfere in their life.

  12. Dear Narenji,
    i have been diagonised for incisional HERNIA by my doctor and i have to undergo surgery.can u suggest me some remedy for this?

  13. ushakrishnan,
    Take the flower remedies Mimulus rescue remedy waterviolet for overcoming fear and to be given special treatment by the doctors.
    Put each 5 pills in a glass of water and have small sips from that water every one or two hours from morning to evening.

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