I see positive changes in my financials


I need help which switch word for my financials. I need a huge, huge sum of money by the end of this month. But I don´t have them. I am desperate. Can you please help me? I need the advice how often and how I should chant? I am so desperate and I don’t have anyone else to ask for the help.


Chant MUSTARD FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW ON. Chant this as many times as possible.


I have read that you sometimes suggest SWEET CHESTNUT and IMPATIENS, but in my case you suggest MUSTARD. Is there a difference in these words?


Yes there is a difference as healing varies from one person to another.


Thanks for your answer. I have chanted MUSTARD FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW ON since you gave me the words yesterday and somehow I feel something inside me. Can’t explain what it is, but it seems to like the words are talking to me… Strange?

Loona (after two weeks)

I have now chanted the suggested words you gave me and already I have seen some positive changes in my financials. I am so grateful and just would like to thank you. I will continue chanting the words; there are still some changes I need. But the switch words are magic, I feel it inside me.

Thank you!


Mustard is a Bach Flower, the key word of which is “Huge Huge Money”. Mustard only can generate so much of money.

Find Count Divine is the standard switch word combination for finding money.

When you want it? Now

And you want it non-stop without fail: On


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hi, I am also in great trouble of relationship problems and Money problems. Not happy at all and feel lonely and depressed. No interest at all. I am married and cannot have good romance or good life. Please can you suggest.

  2. Dear Naran Sir,

    Recently a new love interest came into my life and we have been talking and getting to know each other harmoniously. But a few days ago, he unexpectedly said he had problems and needed a little space. We haven’t talked since then and it has been making me really sad.

    I was so happy to meet this new person, it has been years since I’ve had someone wanting to get to know me for a love relationship, I am scared to lose him so soon and have to wait years for a new person to come or even never have someone interested in me again.

    What can I chant or write to help this person remember how nice it was to get to know me and come back to talk to me?

    Thank you very much sir.

  3. Naran sir,
    I am a 7 sem engg girl student sitting for placement.Sir could you guide me so that i could get a good pay package.
    Thanks sir.

  4. en,

  5. Dear Naranji

    I need some cash desperatly and urgently for some payment.
    Can i chant as per your divine advise ‘MUSTARD FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW ON”


  6. Dear Naranji,
    I have made some stupid stock investments before and all the stocks I have purchased are down now. This has created very big tension in the relationship between me and my husband. I desparately want to make money in the investments I have made.Please help me with righ switchwords.


  7. vela

    • Thank you very much. I’ll keep repeating it and let you know the results.

      • Dear Naraji,
        I would like to thank you again for the initial advice. I’m really amazed how it works.
        I have been chanting the switchwords, everyday 108 times in one sitting and then continously in my mind for many times the last 6 days.
        Now suddenly out of nowhere, a friend has come up with a job requirement(I’m currently not workig). I’ve no knowledge in this tool. But I would definetly be able to manage the job if I got an offer.
        The job location and timing seems to easy for me. So I want this job.

        I will be having a screenning interview on thursday. So please suggest me the right switch words ,for me to get this job.Also, I have told them my salary expection and and also I need a 3 weeks leave on Aug,as I have to visit India.

        I want this job, with the salary I expect and the the leave approved. Please help me. Though it seems impossible,now I belive it will all work out the way I want, with your help.

        Please help me.


  8. Naran sir,
    I am an engg student sitting for aptitude test for placement.Please guide sir.
    Thanks sir

  9. Dear Guruji,

    I want to purchase a flat with my husband’s share. in law is not opening his mouth.my husband is paying everything to his parents only. we want to purchase it immediately within 2 months because we want to vacate the present one within 2 months.can i use balsam flower or grow some balsam flowers in my home to get his share.


  10. Naran,


  11. Mar,
    you can

  12. Dear Naran Sir,
    I have severe survical neck pain since 8 yrs. and it always increases in rainy and winter season, intensity is more in left side neck and sometimes it is coming up to fingers too, what should I chant or take remedy for it kindly suggest.

    Naresh Singh

    • naresh singh,
      chant PAHANG HIPPIENG over a glass of water and drink it. apply some water on the neck.
      take the flower remedies waterviolet larch beech rockwater walnut – each two pills separately one by one. two times.
      take the bio salt KALI PHOS 6X MAG PHOS6X CALCI.PHOS6X each 3 tablets three times a day.

  13. Hi Sir,
    1) Currently i am in singapore working as a Consultant for I.T company and working in CITI bank. Salary is less and more pressure.
    2) I am unable to focus and bring good results for the project. I want to shine and do good in the project. Need knowledge, courage and motivation to make good and sound decisions and succeed.

    Please can you suggest and i will you to discuss.

  14. Hi Naran, what do I do to bring love back into my life. Thanks

  15. Naran ji
    Me and my wife love this divine site.recently my wife wrote a problem in the blog but we cannot find that though I have serched in so many articles.today I am going to post it again.
    Almost a year ago we gave around RS 60000/- to a known person (though we knew him for three to four month) as he told us he is in some problem.after taking money he never called us back not even thanked.we are not able to contact him.we want that money back as know my Mom is very sick and I need that money.kindly advice so that money is returned to us immidietly.

    • pawan,
      chant ELM GORSE ROCKROSE CHICORY CHESTNUTBUD ROCKWATER over a galss of water and drink that water.
      write this in a piece of paper and keep it with you always.
      chant TOGETHER FORIGIVE LOVE THANK BE DIVINE daily 500 times.

  16. Dear Balkumar Ji
    please tell me powerful mantra to chant for my brothers so that their financial condition may improve in miracle way but with good means.
    I want to chant for them and also tell me can I write both brothers name on paper and keep in left hand and then chant or do I need to chant separately.

  17. Hello Naran Sir,
    Need your help for my career.I have left my job and currently I am searching for a new job but I am not getting any job offers.Please help.

  18. Dear Naran, I need your advice about my situation: I live in my sister apartment with my mother, she doesn’t need it now, but she has two sons, and they have the right to use it sooner or later, I’m really sad about this situation, my biggest wish is to buy a house on my own but it’s really hard with my earnings, no matter I work tirelessly I can’t afford my dream. Please give me your answer to find my way I feel so unfulfilled. Thank you a lot.

  19. laurigato
    Daily in the morning, say, “I need my own house; i get when it is absolutely necessary. I align and release this thought to the quantum field (parasakthi).” Say this daily once and forget about it. Do not think about it or take steps to fulfill it. It will happen by itself.
    when concern about the house comes, or when you find time,chant OPEN ALIGN RESONATE TOGETHER as many times as possible.

    • Dear Naran, I’ve done it for two months, do I have to go on like this or do I have to change anything?

    • I’ve been chanting “I need my own house, I get when it is absolutely necessary, I align and release this thought to the quantum field” for several months already, do I have to continue? Tell me dear Naran I’m waiting for your advice, thanks.

      • laurigato
        will releasing our desires alone do magic for us? it will compliment our efforts. What is your effort in all these months?

        • Dear Naran, sorry, I don’t speak english fluently, do you mean I have to make effort so that the chanting could work? And wich kind of effort do I have to make? I work every single day, but no matter that I can’t afford to buy a house, I’m becoming a little depressed and sad because sometimes to behave honestly doesn’t repay. Excuse if I misunderstood and thank again.

  20. Dear Naran,

    I purchased your abundance mp3. I let it play constantly over night as I sleep as well as listening to it in my waking hours. Would this be enough to improve my financial situation? Would you suggest a chant to assist me with my finance. I could use you assistance..
    Thank you

    • YR,
      while listening to the cd you can chant TOGETHER FIND COUNT DIVINE by being the following mudra.
      thumb touching the tips of ring and little fingers- both hands.

  21. Hello Naran Sir,
    Now a day when I chant sw I keep on yawning? Is it indicating anything?
    Also Naranji what is the remedy to change a business into profit making. You have given me sw-TOGETHER FORGIVE LOVE THANK DIVINE CLIENTS COUNT NOW, eventhough I chant with full
    faith I am not able to get desired results(It has been a month I have started chanting) due to this situation I am confused and depressed.
    I pray to god that you will be able to help me overcome my

  22. vojaylalshmi,
    add CITRINE and chant . Write citrine in a piece of paper and keep it on the office table.
    Every day morning say thrice, “I thank the divine for sending me clients everyday”

  23. respected naran,
    i need a valuable suggestion from you “how to make a person stop drinking alcohol and smoking and improve his financial conditions”. Can i pray for him if you suggest me.

  24. lavanya,
    draw a Hexagon. write his name inside. keep the paper in your left hand and chant WALNUT CHERRYPLUM OPEN ALIGN HIM TO THE DIVINE GRACE AND RAYS OF ORDER AND HARMONY.” daily 200 times.

  25. Hi Sir,

    Thank you very much.

    You had asked me to chant the below 2 mantras for 2 problems.


    This mantra really helped me to overcome the problem and changed my situation to the positive side.

    2) ELM WALNUT OAK HORNBEAM: I am currently using chanting to overcome a project hurdle and do my best to perform. I will keep you posted on the result.

    Thank you for helping common people to achieve their goals and remove hurdles.

    God bless you and your family and loved ones.

    I will keep you posted in the progress of my project and how i faired well.

    I am looking for a good job to have a comfortable position. Looking forward for your guidance.


  26. Dear Sir,
    Last month, after a long time, i could put a deposit of a small amount. Now my husband says he needs that money for some adjustment and that he will return in 15-20 days. i am not sure if i give it to him, i’ll get it back again. if i tell him i’ll not give than the relationship will get affected. He is always in some loan or the other. . what should i do?. Pls help. I do not want to break the deposit.

  27. UPK,
    call wolf and say this.

    • Dear Sir,
      Thank you for the suggestion. I had been praying to wolf to ensure that i do not have to part with the money since the day my husband asked for it. 2 days back my husband himself told me to wait till monday before giving him the money. Meanwhile he said he will decide if he really needs this money or no. I am praying to wolf that he does not require it at all. I really thank wolf for making him think like that and really pray that he does not need the money at all.

  28. Dear Naran Sir,
    Thank you very much. As per your suggestion for my another query you had asked me to chant lalitham lambodaram mantra which i had been doing continuosly. I had chanted the bachflowers a few times since the last 2 days and thanks to your blessings, my husband has returned the money which he had taken. Thank you very much for your guidance.

  29. Dear Naran Sir,
    I am presently working in the financial sector and just yesterday got an intimation from my HR that my promotion interview for the next level will be held next week. I am very interested in getting promoted but worried that i might not be able to do the interview well as i am sure the panel would be asking for market level questions which i may not know and would not be able to answer. Further, there are quite a number of other colleagues who are much more senior than me who have a much better chance of getting promoted. I am currently chanting lalitham lambodaram mantram continuously. I want to do well in the interview. Kindly suggest a remedy which will help me in preparing for the interview and succeeding in it. I would be eagerly awaiting for your suggestion.

  30. UPK

    • Dear Naran Sir,
      I had been continuously chanting the above since the last 3-4 days and i have had my interview today. I had prepared and was very confident of giving the interview but ultimately it did not went as expected. I think i had not answered some of the questions properly. I am very disappointed in the way the interview has gone. The results are likely to be announced sometime next week. Please suggest something to make it happen positively in my favour.

  31. IPK
    call wolf to get the appointment order for you

    • Dear Naran,
      I have been continuously chanting the suggested since the interview has happened. The results have not yet been announced. I am eagerly awaiting for the same.

      Apart from this concern, i am now required to get new business and mandates for the company and have been given a target. However, I am finding any lead or direction in achieving the same. Please suggest something with which i can get business for my company.

      • UPK,

        • Dear Naran,
          The promotion results have come and i have not been promoted. Though i was chanting the bachflower remedies, somehow all the time i knew that it might not happen. Anyways, there will be a chance again next year.

          As suggested, i have started chanting the Wildoat remedy since yest. Hope to get good lead and convert it into business for the company. This i can portray as my achievement in the company for my promotion next time.

          Thirdly, in another page, you had asked me to chant lalitham lambodaram matra for my eye problem. Kindly advise on how long should i chant this mantra as well the bachflower remedy for business. The only reason why i am asking this is so that i do not miss out on either of the remedies.

        • Dear Naran,
          I had chanting the wildoat remedy since morning and I have already got one positive lead today. The other party was also receptive and asked us to come and meet them which might happen sometime next week. I want this lead to actually convert into a business with all the support from my management and the company. Kindly suggest on remedies for taking this lead forward and achieving my target. .

          • UPK,
            intend once, i need the proper key to open up this person and then chant continuously REACH

            • Dear Naran, I have been chanting as suggested. We are planning to meet that company’s director tomorrow. He was very positive last week. However, since yesterday i have been trying to confirm our visit to his place but he is not taking the calls / confirming by emails. Kindly suggest a remedy that he confirms our visit, receives us well and gives a good amount of business to our organisation. This will improve my stature also in the office. .

              • UPK
                continue the same. add his name followed by divine

                • Dear Naran,
                  Whatever leads i had got, nothing is moving forward or fructifying in business. I am worried that there are only 3 -4 more months for the financial year to end and i am way below my target. I need to achieve my income target by march 2013. There are discussions going on for one deal but the finalization of the same is not happening. The income from this deal will come into my account. Further, I want one assignment to fructify where i have got the assignment lead. In October, i had got a lead for which we went and met them. They said they will come back in November with the details but till now there has been no information from them. Please suggest for finalizing of the first deal and secondly how can the business lead be converted into an assignment. Please help.

  32. hi naranji

    my mother took ahouseloan from the bank nearly 10 lakhs .she is a teacher.my father died 4 yrs back and we are struggling for the repayment of the loan.she had a tumour in her utreus and is removed ahn she is ok now but the financial situation is worrying us pls suggest any mantra/switch word to clear all our debts and improvement of our finance

  33. bknair,
    take the flower remedy Elm oak two pills of each three times a day.
    in the night take whitechestnut 5 pills before sleep.
    download a picture of blue sapphire and keep it under the pillow

  34. Naranji,
    As suggested by you i started the mantra and there is 70% improvement in my husband’s drinking habit and also he got some products to do business.(He is a marketing consultant) (The mantra you suggested was ” walnut cherry plum open align him to the divine grace and rays of order of harmony”) We took loan from our relatives and are unable to repay it as my husband is not getting his commission in time is the one reason and the other is it is getting delayed though he put all his efforts in upcoming the business to the companies he is working. We are even unable to pay college and school fees for our daughters, for that also we took loan to pay the first installment for our daughter’s education. Am a post graduate in Law and completed my M.A., worked as Legal Research Associate in one of the university. I left the job due to some reasons. Now, when am searching for my job am unable to get it. So, i started taking tuitions for classes 1 to 10th and also taking shorthand and spoken english classes. For few days, it was very encouraging, but slowly the situation got worsened there are hardly 6 to 7 students. Here also am facing bad luck. I don’t know why these all happenning to us for the past 6 years. Sir, i request your goodself to kindly suggest me and my husband to come out of these financial troubles and how to repay the loan as early as possible. Hope to hear from you at the earliest, Sir.


  35. Lavanya,
    Write Mustard in a paper and keep it under your pillow.

  36. hi naranji
    i have several problem out of which one is my husband find fault in any thing that i have done ,started from morning to till go to the bed.
    one reason is i am not working so he doesnt get any financial support from me and from my home. my mom has also in abad situation as i told u before in the question 98. any how i need to improve my financial situation. plz tell me any switch word for this


  37. bknair,

  38. Naran Ji,
    I need help which can change my worst financial situation. I need a huge, huge sum of money by the end of this month. But I don´t have them. I am desperate to clear my debts. Can you please help me? I need the advice how often and how I should chant? I am so helpless and cannot concentrate on work..I need a job in singapore to contribute to my family.

  39. Dear Narain,
    Having a severe financial probs.Urgent Remedy needed ) and yet to get a promotion which is due for the past two years.

  40. Sambasiva Rao,

  41. I want to purchase a flat that is the next building from where i stay. The land lord is quoting a very high amount. it is out of my husbands reach to purchase it now. i gave him my offer. but now hw says he does not want to sell the flat. iwe want to buy this flat somehow. i need SW/Bach flower/ mantra so that the land lord agrees to give us the flat and we have enough money to but it.

  42. my daughter is 21 and studying IT engineering. some how she has lost interest in everything. she says she hates her self. She also does not like to talk to any one. Keeps crying. she understands that something is wrong. she also knows that what she is doing is not right.she even does not like to study. she has got 1st class in her previous years.pls help me urgently. her viva exams have started and written papers starting from diwali. she seems to be in some srt of depression, but does not know the reason.

    Ms Rashmi

  43. raSHMI
    CHANT waterviolet mustard pine agrimony change divine order

  44. Dear Naran,
    Can you please suggest a chanting for success in client meetings. I am having a client meeting tomorrow and want the meeting to be successful i.e getting business from the client.


  45. UPK
    waterviolet larch gentian wildrose.

  46. I am very soft and loveable person i need a loveable and beautiful girl in my life who can give me lot of love and care .Please give me chant for this to attract love in my life .Please reply to me .

  47. dhiren
    how much love did you give to your parents?

  48. Sir,i hv a court case with my tenant.next week court wl appoint an advocate commision for some quiries in both my part and my tenants part.i need a sw so that they should pass a positive report in my favour and everything go peacefuly.plz help me ASAP.

  49. Sir,i hv a court case with my tenant.next week court wl appoint an advocate commision for some quiries in both my part and my tenants part.i need a sw so that they should pass a positive report in my favour and everything go peacefuly.plz help me ASAP.

  50. Dear Naranji,

    I had worked in a bank for 7 years before my whole team got laid off. In the same year I have seen three deaths in my family. I tried my best to find a job but for the last two years working on contract off and on.. People like my work but It seems like I have lost my self confidence due to the problems I faced. My communication skills are not that effective anymore and losing my focus. What can I do to gain my self confidence back so that I could gain a full time job and be successful at it.

    Thanks much

  51. Deeya,

  52. Naran ji,

    Thanks for the Chant that you gave me. I would also like you to give me a chant to help my husband who was working at the Bank as a Manager. His last ten years were really great career wise and he rose from Sales position to Management position. In this process some people got jealous of him and would try to bring him down. He resigned from his job in Feb 2011 as he was getting undue pressure from his superior. After that he went for so many interviews but nothing has worked out since then.. Two months ago he went for an interview and he is very interested in this position but he is awaiting for the reply… Could you please give him any chant to secure this job in his favor and to sustain it till he retires. Right now he is chanting Walnut, Gentian star of Bethlehem Rock water hornbeam find divine count now done for the last 2 days… Do you have any other chant for him as he does not want to miss this opportunity…

    Thanks much

  53. Hello Naran sir, my husband has a home loan. already he paid a lot. still it is continuing. how to pay the loan soon? and whenever i try to do a job its not continuing for long. . somehow i have to leave it for some or other reason…..first of all i have never been in a permanent job. will i be able to get a good permanent job? And is there any switch word for accent problem, i mean i want to recover from my MTI–Mother tongue influence….what are the switch word?

    please reply .i am sorry for asking more.

  54. sir,

    at this moment , one baby is our priority. and for that you have already given me a solution. and we are doing that.
    normal human nature…again asking you something…
    i undersood my greed….sorry sir.

    now just bless us for a baby.
    god willing,…i will be asking you more and more later.
    want to be a good (no greediness) lady.
    baki sab Raam rakhha (all preserve by sri ram ji)

    thank you

  55. sir,
    with the chant that you have given me for baby, can i chant something for my MTI problem. it would be like my selfgrowth. after i can able to do better in my job.

  56. Namastey sir,i am nt using my name as my ques is too personal.sir we often observe(i saw in my life)that when two people fall in love or even my arranging,the boys very earlier try to get physical.some time it may b by speech only.is that a normal human nature sir?as i too faced it i always carry a belief that my loved one wants me only physicaly….may b after marriage when he get me then love will vanish.is love related with this urge?how do we know that the opposite person need both mental n physical love or only physical attraction.

    • For the readers,i am nt giving any universal judgement so please anyone don’t take it personaly.

    • Rythm,
      do not go by assumption. or expect things in a certain way.
      Life is trust only. Giving love without expectation, changing oneself instead of desiring to change the other person, not to feel dejected over failure are some of the ways by which we can manage our mind.Life is fundamentally management of the mind.
      it is not concerned with others.

      • Thanks.actualy i always think that men want only that kind of love from me,they don’t like me as a person.

        • Rythm
          A woman’s energy flows down from her heart to her genitals, she needs emotional connection, and she needs to feel safe before she is ready for physical connection.
          It is the reverse for a man. His energy flows up so his desire starts in his genitals and finishes in his heart .
          women start from the heart. men start from the hara centre.
          This is to be understood and that is why touching his heart like a mother is to be done.

          • Your last line is simply wonderful.love him like mother……….i am so pleased by ur ans.if every people change his or her own view to accept others then i am sure there will be no misunderstaning.thank u sir i wl try to think like this.

  57. Sir i am in a very funny problem but plz need ur help.one of my cousin and his wife had came to my house for sm purpose and they plan to stay here for many days.sir i know guests should treat like god.but they r very egoistic,ordering me what to cook,choosy about food.interfaring in every issues.my total house seems like a hotel.i don’t know how to express my mental state.no privacy to watch Tv,doing work,going somewhere etc. Plz give a solution so that they shift from here asap without any misunderstanding.i cal wolf bt nothing happen.sir need something very strong to work.

  58. Madhu,
    chant Ruby Centaury Willow over a glass of water and drink that water. Write Ruby in a paper and keep in their room

  59. Dear Respected Sir NAranji
    NAmashkar! =^=
    Sir Can we make Energy Circle with switchwords for our friends and relatives.Unknown to them? because some dont belive in it.Can still our intention works positively when we make good intention without their knowledge.? Please suggest me switchwords for good health,finding job ,wealth coming in and leaving bad habbits,and for to become responsible person for his/her Family.
    This ALL is For One Person.Thanks DIVINE-BE


  61. muralidhar,
    write together count now daily 51 times.
    write whitechestnut gorse larch in a paper and keep it under the pilow

  62. respected sir, please help me ,i want to become a best footballer and i am not able to achieve my dream because of financial problems as my father has lost his job and i am so unhappy nowadays…so please help me
    waiting for your reply

  63. Vijay Saradhi Padi

    SIR, I am facing serious financial problems and set back in career. Looking for abroad job opportunities to come out of financial problems. Please help.

  64. Sir, I have my university semester final exams coming in a month’s time. I haven’t been doing well for the previous semesters. And I need to do well and top the cohort this time round for all the subjects. I study very hard and I am determined to succeed but the other competing students have a natural flair in the subjects and they do better than me. Thus pulling my grades down since it’s a bell curve grading system. Please help me. How should I use the bach flower remedies?

  65. uma,
    take the flower remedies larch gentian 2 pills each three times a day

  66. Dear Naran sir,


    Thank you sir. Kindly suggest me which mudra to use to know which business i can start sitting at home. so that i can take care of my daughter and earn well.
    I have attended your mudra class in Hyderabad.
    kindly suggest a mantra/switchwords to chant so that i can decide what to start with and also to increase my patience level also.
    sir, since 2 days i am trying to think what is the work i can state by which i can earn money . kindly tell me a technique by which i can decide and start my works,
    Please suggest me sir.
    waiitng for your reply sir

  67. sreelu
    chant FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE by being in safe mudra(pran)

    • Namastey sir,i have a buisness of making opset printing plate,recently i loose 3 of my imp parties for which my income level became low.please suggest a chant to get either these parties back or to get new parties so that my buisness run good.i am the only incoming head so plz need ur help.

  68. abcd
    Take the flower remedies gentian larch mimulus each two pills three times a day

  69. Sir
    My employee left my work almost after working for us for more than 14 year who want to do some own work now. I need a honest ,hard worker and reliable and experienced employee on affordable pay .please tell me switch words to chant so that I can find a worker who also bring good luck for my business.please help

  70. Naran sir
    My mom 72 recently got all medical tests.tests were normal. She had these test to make sure about cholesterol levels,BP,sugar level.all is normal with grace of god.
    But for almost ten days she is feeling abdominal pain around umbilical cord area and for almost two month knee pain or leg pain because of old age.
    She remains very tense due to financial instability of her sons aged almost 47 years.

    Please guide me for her worries and her health problem which I mentioned.

  71. girija aneja
    it is only problem of flatulance.

  72. Dear Naran Sir
    One of my friend told me about this site.i also want your guidance.

    My mother is old living with my elder brother and his wife in Calcutta.I live far from her due to my project work.
    My mother is being ignored by my brothers wife.she is getting food but not affectionate talk.at this age she deserves loving care and a feeling that she is also a part of family.
    What should I do?

    • vidyut
      give her flower remedies chicory, gentian and wild rose.
      ask her to put 5 pills of each in 200ml water and sip that water 6 to 7 times in a day.

  73. v.santhakumari

    I am running a franchise of an MLM for the past 2 years currently the company is in problem i have deposited Rs.5 lacs. plz suggest sw combination to get my deposit amount of Rs.5lacs immediately.
    your guidance for this situation is needed without any delay.
    waiting for your guidance sir

  74. v.santhakumar
    take the flower remedies Gorse, Chicory and White chestnut, each three pills, three times a day.

    Visit this posting and do what is given: http://abundancein.wordpress.com/2013/05/12/the-flower-for-prosperity/

  75. I am a housewife. I can’t work this year because I don’t have visa.
    I’m bored. I feel I’m just sitting simply wasting time.
    Is there a remedy to enjoy, do something happy.
    Since I don’t know driving, would have to be dependent for that too.
    Make use of time or learn something.
    If I think of doing a course, since I’m not working I don’t have the money.
    Not so comfortable asking my husband.
    So many small things adding up.
    Pls help.

  76. Respected Sir

    My son is in his final year of engineering. He has lots of arrears to be cleared as he is not showing any interest to study. Pls help me so that he will get interest in studies and clear all his arrears this year so that he can complete his B.E. Thanks a lot sir.


  77. Hello Naran,

    I am a day trader trying to build huge profits with no success. I am very focused, determined, and I take action daily. But I can’t seem to profit the way I want. I really wish to make lot’s of money daily with my trading. The potential for me to do that is there. I’m using a great strategy but again, I just can’t seem to profit the way I want. What switchwords would you recommend for me and how often should I chant.

    Thank you

  78. We want to buy a house , we need a huge sum of money in 1 week, what should I do?
    We are renting a lovely house, the owner is increasing rent, so we need to move out, I feel if I have money I will buy the house we are renting.I just love that house, don’t ever want to move out of this house.
    Please advise.
    Thanks heaps

  79. Dear Naran sir,
    My husband is constatly having physical relationships with women and everytime I question him, he totally denies it, inspite of the fact that his sister saw him with a prostitute. I am very saddened by his behaviour and want him to change but I don’t know what to do. I went for several counselling sessions thinking it was my fault, but now realise that it is not me. I am able to overcome my frustration but sincerely wish he would change for our family. Please help.

  80. Thank you so much sir. I will update how things go.

  81. R mohan whats the meaning of CHESTNUTBUD

  82. i mean is there any other meaning also

  83. i need a chant for financial breakthrough please

  84. Naran Please this TOGETHER FIND DIVINE COUNT can it be chant in africa or is it for everybody then what can i chant to receive favour anywhere in the world

  85. i am expecting your response to my 2 mail

  86. dear narain ji
    last year by chanting find count divine helped me a lot but this year not helping.If I see funds are coming but some how that does not work. please help me .

  87. Dear Narain ji
    My son got love marriage. girl is working & she has no interest in household work thats why my husband does not like her & is dipressed all the time. becasuse of this his health is going down. please let me know what to do.

  88. Dear naranji
    i got married on 30th june 2013.my husband gone to abu dhabi after one month. actually he is working there.i cant live with out him.he told me that he is searching a good job there 4 me.but didnt get nothing till now.i am Btech graduate and 5 year experience in substation electrical .plse help me to get a good there and more love from him. also i have a problem in communication skill plse help me for ths too…

  89. Naran Sir

    please bless me with switch words so that i can stop thinking about my lost job and make a new start in my career.
    i lost my confidence that i cannot made a new start at 42.even i do not make any effort to apply because i feel they are not going to hire me.before applying i consider myself fail and looser but i need job urgently.

  90. naran sir
    want to add i have started listening welcome change and Together Divine Cd twodays back.

  91. Dear Naran
    Please bless me with a switch word so i can to get money to pay of my credit card and i desperately want to find a job. feel like i have a dark cloud blocking from getting a job.help

    thanking you

  92. Naran sir
    Waiting for your blessings.

  93. Naran Sir
    Still waiting for your blessings

  94. pinklao nararak

    Hi Naran
    Im Thai. I read all your suggestions to others that so interesting. And i want to help me have a lot of money …also can help people happy with bf n my family

  95. Dear Naran,
    I have a huge amount of student loan debt, and I have had several setbacks which have left me feeling hopeless at times. I also want to have success in love and marry someone with whom I can connect with who truly loves me. Please tell me what I should do to completely get out of debt, marry the love of my life, and also get the large amount of money I need to open my franchise business.

    Thanks so much.

  96. Dear Naran Sir,

    I have a 7 mnths old baby and now severely sick with cold and cough. Having sleepless nights and she lost her weight and became very weak.Please could you assist help? Shown to all doctors.

  97. Dear sir
    I am having many problems but my main problem is financial problem please help me l need very huge amount of money immediately so please please help me

  98. hello naran ji am also in need of money.. I have got lots of probs at home.. and even am taking bachflower remedies foe decesive mind that s sceranthus,pine & impatiens & for mastering subject oak and mustard.. after taking these remedies am getting positive results from day by day.. thank u so much for ur help sir.. sir now am facing financial prob I want financial freedom and money immediately to help my parents please do sugest me some switvh words.. and also am doing acceptance mudra which u have shared in mudra healing blog and chanting find count,find count divine,tried most of the switch words for money but dint work for me.. I have been studying your blog from past 2 months.. u have been doing a wonderful job sir…. please do guide me..god bless u sir..

  99. Dear Sir ,

    A friend is feeling melancholic for many days now because his son has found a job in some other state. My friend is going through an empty nest syndrome ‘.He is extremely feeling depressed and has not been talking to any friends for weeks now. Can you suggest SW to help my friend over come his melancholy and be joyful again.

  100. The Milton Financial Management Limited company has become one of the largest independent loan companies in the UK. We have an excellent reputation for the provision of first class financial loan products with exceptional customer service. Whatever you need your loan for ? extra cash, a new car, a luxury holiday, a wedding,for business, both secured and unsecured loans ? as a specialist loan company, for application, please email us at: (milton_norris@hotmail.co.uk or milton.norris2005@gmail.com)

  101. Dear Sir, I just happened to be told to chant Find Count Divine mantra by a learned friend yesterday and he also said I can Google it for more details that’s how I landed on your site.
    I see a lot of queries and people talking about solving the problems. I’m sharing mine and hope you can suggest something to me as well.
    For almost 14 years my husband and I have been in and out of financial problems, mostly in. He has tried a number of jobs and businesses but nothing lasts. As a result we are under a very heavy debt. I have been working with an MNC for 5yrs but on contract basis so lack the stability. Can you please suggest if it is possible to turn the situation around?

  102. Hi Naran ji.

    Please suggest me a remedy to chant for getting a good job with good salary.

    Please help that can change my families condition.

  103. Guru ji,
    Im financially tight. My father govt job also not came. No peace pls suggest.

    • Thirumugam…please chant “NAM MYO HO RENGE KYO”…This mantra should be chanted 15 min in the morning after bath and 15 min before sleep.

  104. Namaste Sir Naran i would like to ask and beg you to give me mantras that i must chant to help my business regain and reboost its energy to attract more clients everyday ..to increase my daily sales..and be free from debt..i use to try in playing lotto hoping that i could hit the jackpot draw so that i could pay up all my debts..pls help me Sir..and truly be so grateful waiting for your answer..pls teach me what to do thank you

  105. Sunjey Sharma

    Hi I m sunjey Sharma,44yrs old,Mumbai and still struggling. First give me a mantra for huge amount of money to enjoy financial abundance. Then for my health and relationships.
    Me n my family were victims of black magic done by my aunt n uncle when I was a kid. I survived brain hemorrhage in 1994, had 2 divorces, on anti anxiety/deep medications for last 13 years. Rt now no money,no job,no house,no spouse,etc. Please help. Thanx

  106. I am at present and in past have always suffered heavy financial problems. In my family all have health problems. please guide me what to do and if possible can I expect your reply on my mail I’d dipanshu1975@yahoo.co.in. if u can help me I shall be thankful forever.

  107. I M having a non veg restrurant at bangalore the business is dam dull pl help me how get profit n improve business it was going grt but now it’s not upto de mark wat mantra should I say thank u

  108. Sir, I need your help. I’m having financial problem. I really need a car to go to temple or travel independtly. My husband refuse to buy one for me although he can afford. Please give me a mantra so that I can purchase a car with my own money. Thank you.

  109. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Best of luck.

  110. I am latha
    I am a housewife and I started seeing recently all of your blogs and remedies and I do follow these.
    I have done many things to earn from home but nothing could give me success. I am always been a useless. I have two children .Both are not getting good marks in their exams and also does not study daily lessons.
    Now I have started a small business selling dresses. But everything is on vain. I am not able to sell anything . Please tell me some mantra or circle method to get success and earn through this and my children interest to increase in their studies.

  111. Sir my employer has not paid my salary for two months now I want to recover my salary

  112. I’m in need if reoccurring funds so that I can get ahead and pay off debt. Any help for me?

  113. Dear Naran ji,
    I need huge huge money by tomorrow and i want to go Abroad(Singapore) to earn more by end of this month(salary should be 1.5 lakh per month).i need more more by tomorrow to settled down.please suggest me mantra and bach flower remedy.

  114. I am coming across this site for the first time ,do the questions,get answered

  115. Hello Sir,
    Can you please help with the switchword for money

  116. I am also in trouble of Money
    problems. Not happy at all and depressed. Please can
    you suggest.

  117. namaste sir
    I am facing financial problems and delay in getting marriage no good proposals are coming. pls suggest me

  118. Respected sir, I am durgabhavani from Vijayawada…I am in a very critical situation financially and mentally….. Due to we have done IVF for my child..our baby is pretermbaby..we spend lit of money…before I usedcto work but present my Baby very small and need morecare…… So I can’t work. We need money for loan payments and all. My husband is working in educational institutions.. They r very commercial..please say remedy to do business at my home.. And to get govt job for my husband….thanks in advance..

  119. Hi, I need Ur help sir.
    Plz plz help me ..my miseries r not ending my husband works very hard but doesn’t comes in hand.. Our loans are increasing day by day. Plz help we r not able to manage even our rent n groceries…plz tell me we r Sikh n do nitnem daily..plz help us in ending our miseries n increase the flow of money n outrage the blocakge in the path of money inflow….plz help I m waiting fr Ur mail…thanks!!!

  120. Sir,I want huge money and a govt.job nearby my home.so please suggest me any mantra to achieve my goal. I am in urgent need of money as well as stability in my carrier.I am very much depressed.

  121. I am in need of lots of money n i have no source n i cant ask any one i have a very huge loan… i need money in 10 days… wht words shd i chant… to get money in 10 days

  122. Jackson Montewa

    Dear Naran

    My name is Montewa Majaja,I’ve been on this site for 2 weeks now.Im writing this desperately seeking your help on the right switchwords to use for my financial problems.I need lots and lots of money as urgently as now.Im presently unemployed and I always try my luck on national lottery,having children to take care of,still leaving on my mother’s pension is not pleasant.
    Kind regards.
    MP Majaja.

  123. m.subramanian

    I am in an urgent need of funds, so which mantra to be chanted

  124. Sir,

    I want huge money, will you help me out in this matter


  125. Dr. Robert Jack


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  126. m.subramanian

    Respected sir.
    sir i need huge funds for my daughters education. After my father passed away last year.. I have taken the responsibility, so i need funds for household expenses, electricity bills, landline bills. Fathers first death anniversary is round the corner. So please suggest me any mantra to b chanted, so that i will start from today itself, today being friday, i thought of chanting. How many times n how many days i have to chant
    awaiting your early reply
    all the best


    My brother is 44 years old and not yet married. Because he waited for Two younger sisters’ marriage. Kindly help him to chant any mantra for marriage which is very effective to get spiritual and obeys the LOGIC of “Matha, Pitha, Guru & Deivam. We will be very grateful to you.

    WE don’t have matha pitha.

    With great respect,


  128. I want to increase my money as I am not do I am not earning anything in my business recently started

  129. Pls guide me ,i am praying for fantastic work opportunities and unlimitd abundance as its a testing phase .Pls gve me a mantra to help .Would be in gratitude to you Naran sir .Would be eagerly awaitng .

  130. Respctd Naran sir ,maninee here ,i am praying for amazng and consistent work and unlimitd abundance ,but bfre that i require a large amount of cash to pay important bills very urgently .Pls guide me .

  131. Respected Sir, Pls help me.. pls let me know which bach flower remedies to chant for conceiving a healthy child. And also to recover all my money that has been wasted in so called infertility treatments.. Thanks in advance

  132. Sir i want to speak fluent english and i dont remember vocabulary plz sir give any switch word fr dis

  133. Hello Sir,

    I’m in deep problems need to come out of them I weigh more than 100 kilos I need to shed done my weight, and also need to start my family life wherein I’m away from my husband since 2 years and also I need much of Money please suggest what do I chant

    • Nandini on January 21, 2016 at 5:34 pm
      Hello Sir,

      I’m in deep problems need to come out of them I weigh more than 100 kilos I need to shed done my weight, and also need to start my family life wherein I’m away from my husband since years and also I need much of Money please suggest what do I chant, this is the 3rd time I m writing but, yet to get reply from ur end, also I want to get a well job in abroad n settle, these 30 years I never spent or enjoyed a day for myself..

  134. Hi sir,
    I am a fresher and was searching jobs since 6 months i got one they filterd after training. Now i have got a job at an mnc via a third party as in il b working in that mnc bt on the payroll of my vendor.there is no bond.i got another job but it had 18 months bond thougb direct payroll still i have doubt.ao i am joining the present one tell me any switchwords which help me to get permanent on the payroll of the company im gng to join tomorrow and i get a good hike in my salary as well as position plus if some other opportunity which is actually good for my future then i get to join that without hindrance. In short i want to be successful

  135. Inderdeep Chawla

    Dear sir I want a mantra which can clear my all debts as soon as possible..Is it possible a huge money comes to me and I can live a happy life.I am not able to run my business in profit since 15 years.and now it is difficult for me day to day expenses.Difficult to give rent buy groceriesand also my kids scools fees .So please help me to become a sucessful man

  136. Hi i am avery confused person these days im not able to concentrate even on chanting.I am fresher i joined a company recently as a contractor .im not hapy there its been a month.i want to apply incase permanrnt job opening come.PROVIDE ME A SWITCHWORD WHICH WILL HELP ME IN THE CASE WHERE IF I FIND A GOOD JOB BETTER THAN THIS LIKE ON A PERMANENT ROLE. THEN MY PRESENT ONE DOES NOT CREATE HINDRANCE AS IN RELEASING ME ETC.because even if i get another the present doesnt create an issue.im super confused

  137. Hi, i need switchwords for my finances, to pay my rent for one (1) immediately, and to clear a few outstanding dept.

    Thank you and please respond quickly.

  138. Sir
    we have a huge loss in export and due to that we have debts and bank due also
    pending .immediately we need a huge money to solve these finance problems and business too.we want to save our only property & business. pls advise chant to get money immediately to solve these problem pls advise

  139. Sir,
    Please advice me to improve financial position. we are having huge debts and are unable to repay them. I want to help my husband in some way to clear all debts. Humbly request you to advice a mantra or switch word to clear all our debts and retain flow of money. My daughter is very young and I am worried to face our money lenders. Please help us

  140. Hi sir, I was conducting tutorial for children from 1st to 7th, up to end of the exam they have came for the tuition but didn’t give any tution fees as m also getting hesitate to ask their parents. They also forgotten to give tution fees. Is der any mantra for this? Plz suggest me sir really fed up of this conducting tution for the next year

  141. Hi Brother,
    Please advise I facing two problem. I have 4 child I already married my husband 12 yrs now suddenly I find my husband attitude change their fall love in other wife. S o I know ready when we discuss to leave theire never leave me and child no he never go meet the women. But the women daily call and sent sms to disturb. 2nd problem becouse this problem my husband drop their business then I facing lot debt in bank and out side . 7Reason my husband use the business under my name. Please help me. thanks.

  142. Dear Sir,
    Our taxes are due this week, its a large amount and the IRS will not allow an extension due to a past agreement. Ive tried for years to heal my body with herbs and Bach flowers so I can go back to work but I am still housebound.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Naran Sir good day ..

      I’m N from Bangalore. I earlier send a mesg but never got a reply from ur end, I’m totally weak I have mentioned 3 problems of ours, my problem is that I’m completely in a fix I m married for 3 years but stayed with my Husband for 3 months due to some misunderstanding I left him until 2 years I was not in touch but after some days I began to talk to him now v r ready to live together but because of some commitments from my end I’m not able to live with him, kindly suggest, next my other requirement is that my younger bro is 26 years old jobless we tried getting jobs but people took over our money everything went in vain all of them taking money promised a job but was cheated, he is being at home daily quarrels with my mom pulls all in wanted fights n breaks things at home, we are really frustrated with him we want him to b out of such mind, but other way he is so kind n gentle he helps us in crisis but too arrogant, n my final thing is that since a lot of financial problems we pledged all our jewels ( me n my Sister) n highly in a bad position to face each day.. We right from the tender age worked continuously for 18 Long years n still working to meet our ends, my Father is useless never bothers us, if u can please provide me ur number I shall talk to u over the phone n let u know what’s happening to me in daily life.. Kindly get us rid from all of the problems..!! Thank you

  143. Hello
    I have been reading the positive testimonies I am a south African and I am restarting my tourism business I have already spent money on advertising and confirmed booking in hotels.
    Please help me I need a mantra to attract clients for the tours I advertised this is very important to me as I want to grow this business I am also not in good financial stand.

  144. Good Evening Naranji.

    I have been following your blogs for the past 4 yrs and got benefited. Once for my sale of land and other was for my 8 yr old son’s eye sight for which I bought the lalitham CD from the centre

    For the past two months since i changed my laptop, did not have the favourites there with this website, i was feeling a bit uncomfortable.
    I am wanted to have huge,huge sums of money to pay of my needs and be at peace with my family. Suddenly, I remembered you and got into this blog and was a feeling of homecoming. It was like I was homesick and was back home.

    What was most inspiring was this article on “Financial needs” that was promptly popped up in front of me”
    Wanted to ask you only couple of questions.

    1) Are you connected with us while you heal? Or this healing suggestion was purely coincidental.
    2) Shall i chant the same switch words that you had suggested for Loona.
    ” Mustard Find Count Divine now on”


  145. any thing to improve finances permanently

  146. Dear Sir, I am using a borrowed facebook profile here. I am a 39 year old unmarried woman. I started working when I was in class 9 to fund my education and have been self reliant and career oriented since then. Despite several challenges, I never gave up on my career goals and kept progressing steadily. I faced several bullying bosses, co-workers, friends and close family relatives but I never gave in. I was strong and would also dare to protest against bullying bosses and friends and fight to protect myself if required. I however never protested against my bully aunty or shared her unacceptable behaviour with. anyone or even my mother because she would not believe me and because my father was jobless and we didnot have a support system so my mother would never break relationship with my aunty. Her husband would also use obsence words and threats with me. One of her family friends had also tried to sexually absue me when I was only 10 years old but till today I have never shared this with my mother. Now when I tell my mother about my aunty she just ignores me. I am very hurt by my mothers attitude and I don’t want to live with her. She doesnot care about what I have experienced and am experiencing and keeps making life difficult for me. She only thinks about herself. I have even brought her a very expensive flat but I dont think she cares about me. I feel like I am cursed to have been born to her and in this dirty family. My aunty only keeps saying mean and negativ things to me. I hate her and wish her and her husband hell even in their after life!
    I lived abroad away from my mother from 2006 to end 2013 and those were the best years of my life.
    I did my dream MBA from the best business school in europe in 2013 at the age of 35 years and wanted to change my career field and move into marketing of fast moving consumer goods company. .Since end 2013 my shani mahadasha started and my illustrous international career crashed. I didnot get the desired job after MBA. Everytime I was 99% close to getting the job in Europe and all of a sudden it would be put on hold or a slightly better candidate would get the job. I returned to India very dejected to live with my mother and after persevering very hard after remaining jobless for 8 months, I got a great job in Singapore but within one month differences and misunderstandng came up with the boss who had hired me and helped me to get the job. She started blaming me for a job which had gone wrong due to my predecessor and became very hostile and started blaming me for other things also which i was not responsible. I discussed this with her politely and she was offended and extended my probabtion. I resigned and complained about her but she got away scott free. I came back to India and joined another company which was a wrong choice. They would make employees work till 2pm in the night. I had not been made aware of this while joining so I was not happy with this. The culture was very aggressive with people shouting at each other and ill treating each other. .Within 4 months, I again got into trouble due to this and had to leave. After waiting for 4 months, I got a job in a good company but the boss who had hired me turned out to have a wild temper. She would fly into a fit of rage, shout and scream, threaten many people including me. She was a bad manager, forgetfull and a tyrant. She would give wrong brief to people, keep changing orders again and again, talk to everyone like servant and demean and insult everyone. I really wanted to stabilise my career, so I resolvd to put up with this and would start crying when I could not cope with her bad behaviours. Many people complained about her and there was also investigation against her. I was also interrogated and I shared what I experienced. After one month of that interrogation, she told me that her superior didnot like that I asked question on a strategic company plan which was actually a very basic question as a part of my project. She told me that I should not ask such questions. After one month, while working on a project I asked another question which was just information regarding my project and she and her boss reprimanded me on the same. She also started accusing me of mismanaging a budget which she was managing and for some delays which never happened. I told her that it was not my fault at which she threatened to fire me. She also indicated to me that she has learnt that I had complained about her. I told her that if this is how I am being treated after working so hard and sincerely then lets agree how to part. She and her boss told me that i can leave when I get a job and they will allow me the time. Parallely, I learnt from someone trustworthy that this was all a conspiracy to fire me because I had participated in the investigation. He was right, all of a sudden one evening i was called and told that they dont need me any more. I was shocked because just one week ago they had promised me that nothing of this sort will happen. I pleaded for mercy and begged them to allow me some notice period. Finally they agreed but took a letter from me with the end date. The next few months were absolutely nightmare. I would be summoned by my boss every morning and she would mock me, humiliate me and tear my soul apart. I wished I would better be dead. I was emotionally and mentally shattered. I worked with her for 1 year but she only abused me emotionally and mentally.
    My job ended one month ago and I want to move out of India. I dont want to work in India.
    I have interviewed with almost 10-15 companies and everytime I am 99% close, someone else gets the job. Some astrologers tell me that I will never be able to get a job abroad or have a successful career for the next 20 years due to Shani Mahadasha and aweak guru and also a sade sati which will end in 2017.
    I am totally devasted and need your kind help. I really want to leave India. I cannot live in India. I want to have my dream career marketing in FMCG abroad and settle there forever.
    I will die. I cannot cope with this anymore. I am practising Reiki and meditation but am very dejected with the job search and the astrologer prediction.
    Please help me.

  147. I also want to add that i used to get beaten ip black and blue by father because i used to suck my thumb and i hated him. I left home when i was 15 years old to live with my granny and after one year he passed away. He never loved me. I am not able to deal with agressive behaviour of others or mocking or taunting or controlling of others and I dont take it well in my stride and get angry or disturbed.

  148. Lokesh nanjundia

    I am in a major financial crisis, 80% of what I earn goes out for Loan repayments, Every month i am getting into loan, not able to come out of it
    I tried my hand in business, but was some how cheated by my friend
    tried agriculture but in major loss. don’t know what to do
    Please help me Sir.

  149. Respected Sir

    Please help us, we are married for 9 years no kid still, I need a job as well. Please guide me some chants and remedy for my problems. My Husband is not getting any promotion or appraisal from his office. Meanwhile, I need a job to support my parents and my family. Please help.

  150. dear sir,

    i am in deep financial trouble so much so that i may have to sell off my house in worst case. my loan application is stuck with bank and money owed is also stuck with people. I need to manifest money on immediate basis urgently. I have been using FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW. Can u please correct and suggest some switchboards to manifest money urgently and clear financial blocks .


  151. hii! GM Yashpal here , need huge sum of money for buying house, can u suggest some thing , from delhi,

  152. sir, i worked in delhi, at 2005, and one more company after that in 2007, after 2009 i started my bussness, ran for 4 years after that i faced a huge loss, and seachin gfor job for a long , not got any job or projects, and i thought of closing epf account due to my financial emergency, but company is closed and other is refusing to give sign in my application for for their busy, pls advice me to get my epf money asap iam ina emergency need and either a job or good projects for me

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