Get a Clear Eye Sight

James had an eye pressure somewhere between 22 and 25 for the last 3 years. He was not able to see properly. He came to see me in February 2006. He was in for an operation and the doctor had said that he cannot guarantee the eye sight even after the operation.

James asked me to do something so that there will be no operation. At that time he was able to see very little. Because the doctor could not give a guarantee for eye sight even after the operation there was a fear in James.

Hence, I prescribed Bach flower MIMULUS and along with that I also gave him THAZHAMPU (Fragrant Screw Pine) aroma to be kept near the bed and I advised him to inhale it whenever he passes the room.

A fortnight afterwards he telephoned me and told me that the eye pressure has become normal, no surgery is required and he has got a very clear eye sight now.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. sir
    i have myopia can i use the same remedy

  2. Dear Respected Sir NAranji
    Sir regarding sw bach flower,animal wisdom and everything you suggest to every one CAn be used for anybody who read the replies you give them? Like Here For Eye sight you have suggested the remedy Bach flower MIMULUS ,THAZHAMPU (Fragrant Screw Pine) Aroma Can we also follow same instruction for our good eye sight Or the person who questioned you only has to do? Is it Universal cure for anybody?Kindly direct me with your reply sir.THANKS-DIVINE-ORDER

    • fitrrs,
      yes you can follow the suggestions. Thazhampu should be kept under the cot and one has to inhale the aroma gently.
      Mimulus can be taken orally.

      • Thanks A lot for your guidence Sir.
        God Bless you

      • Dear sir Naranji one more question regarding Usage of Thazhampu .If this is not available in fresh flower form can dry Thazhampu be used for healing eyes.?
        Is it also used for clearing eye sight beneficial for removing glasses????
        If we donot get in fresh or dry form can we chant the name and drink charged water with this Name over a glass of water?
        and sir while charging any remedies in water do we have to look at the water or just to put our right palm over the container to make it charge and minimum and maximum chanting for any bachflowers switchwords ?? useage.Kindly reply.

  3. Dear Naran Sir,
    I have severe survical neck pain since 8 yrs. and it always increases in rainy and winter season, intensity is more in left side neck and sometimes it is coming up to fingers too, what should I chant or take remedy for it kindly suggest.

    Naresh Singh

  4. naresh singh,
    i answered you in another blog of the same site, where you put the question

  5. sir
    my power on the right eye is -8,left eye is -0.5
    please give your valuable advice

    • van1800,
      learn eye exercise and do.
      DAILY prostrate to your parents.

  6. Naaran Sir, someone has lost eyesight after being attacked by a virus.. he was immobilised for sometime. Now with God;s Grace, he can move inside the house, but his eyesight is completely affected.. please suggest something for healing.

  7. sbasu,
    give him flower remedy GORSE CRAB APPLE 2 pills each three times a day.

  8. ftrs,

    No. Its aroma is to be inhaled not directly

    while charging any remedies in water just put our right palm over the container to make it charged.
    There is no minimum or maximum. chanting is done to quieten the mind open the heart while keeping you relaxed. It is altering the state of mind. The number of times depends on that.

  9. sir

  10. Dear Naram Sir,

    I am getting older but there’s never a love relationship for me, my life is passing by in blank, I am scared it’s not going to happen anymore. What can I chant to find a relationship as soon as possible?

    Thank you very much in advance, sir.

  11. Nataly,

  12. Naran sir,pls advice a switch word for a dear friend who suffers from uveitis in both eyes…he is 36 yrs old…many thanks and best regards…..

  13. Rashmi,

  14. Dear naran sir,
    My sister and her family hv been living in the states for past 11 yrs.Her elder child was born outside and her twins were born there.Their green card has not been cleared and a case has been going on for some time. It will come up for hearing next month.Please guide sir.
    Thanking you,

  15. Tilotuma
    seek the help of Wolf to get the green card.
    ask her to chant waterviolet agrimony rockwater

  16. sir,
    How to handle ur sweet talking colleague who will try to control ur hard worked project and project it as his own.,especially when u are afraid that arguing with the person can be bad for ur image and u may be seen as not being part of the team.

  17. en,
    chant AGRIMONY HEATHER HOLLY as many times as possible.
    write this in a paper and keep it in your pocket also.

  18. my daughters have specs …wat can i do to get rid of their specs .one is 8 yrs n the other is 12 yrs

  19. MONICA,
    Ask them to do eye exercise daily.

  20. sir,, i had lasik done in 2001 to correct my eyesight (-6.5). five years later i developed keratoconus, where the cornea thins and becomes into a cone shape. I had been using lenses since then and recently the doctor suggested that the time has come for a corneal grafting / transplant as the disease has progressed. As of now, with the lenses i am able to see reasonably well but some infection or irritation keeps recurring in my eyes which is not comfortable. The doctor has said that the surgery will take time as there has to be a good donor of cornea. They have put me on the list. I am afraid whether the surgery, whenever it happens, will suit me as there are chances for a rejection of the donor cornea. However sometimes, i am hopeful that if it works, i can have a clear eyesight for my life. I am 37 now. Please help. I thank you in advance for your suggestion.


  21. UMAP
    CHANT lalitham lambodharam, lalitham baskaram lalitham balachandram continuously when you find time.
    write in a paper MIMULUS ROCKROSE and keep it under the pillow.
    write in another paper WATERVIOLET GORSE when you are visting the doctor and go on chanting those names till you complete the check-up

  22. uma,
    chant bach flower remedies

  23. Dear Sir Naranji
    Sir is there any way of knowing wether person is telling truth or not.?


  24. FTRRS,
    CHANT agrimony chestnutbud

  25. i am diabatic for 17 years. unable to control or reduce my medication. love chocloate ice cream and sweet stuff. pls advise

  26. Sir My mother is 69 yrs, she had a cataract surgery 4 months back. Since then she has been suffering from eye dryness. Doctors prescribed artificial tear drops for eyes but still she is having pain,sand particle like sensation in her eyes and is suffering daily. The doctors who treated her have no effective solution. I’am searching for alternative safe solutions to relieve her suffering. i believe in flower medicines..Can you pls suggest some remedies for her condition.

  27. sriram
    get eye tone pills from the center.
    Ask her to listen to the vision improvement cd

  28. Sir..thanks. but i want to know the name of the flower medicine that she has to take..she is very depressed also. she feels like there is no remedy or rescue for her eye dryness..she is having blood pressure and sugar also. i’m deeply worried about my mother. pls help and advise.

  29. I’m facing a peculiar problem and i’m in a deeply depressed state of mind. Pblm is there is a person exactly above my flat is a handicap and unable to walk. Intially i had a sympathy for this person but they made my life miserable. They make harsh noise by draging the furniture here and there throughout the day and it continues till midnight also. Many days i lost my sleep. Humans can’t tolerate harsh noises daily. So i requested them many times to take some solution for this pblm and also requested to shift him to someother room as they had a ten room flat. But they didn’t even bother to listen. I lost my peace and calmful life bcos of them. It was like a hell to live here for the past 4yrs. It affected my health also.. getting anxiety and developed a fear for noise. I can’t tolerate anymore and i feel my mind reached the saturation point so my husband is trying to get a new job in south. I’ve a great talent in art, painting and got many creative skills but unfortunately i can’t concentrate bcos this pblm always haunting me. Praying to god daily for a good solution. Finding alternatives but nothing is working out properly. Pls advise bach remedies for my pblms and also for my husband to get a good job soon. Pls help. Expecting ur reply sir.

    • gomathy,
      take rescue remedy and willow. Put 6 pills in a glass of water and sip that water every two hours. do this for a month.
      Listen to Rule your mind – release resistance cd.

  30. Sir thanks for ur reply… . Pls suggest me remedies to come out from my fear for noise, bcos this fear is haunting me and not letting me go further in my life. Multiple reasons that is affecting my life is fear and anxiety, worried about my hubby as he is trying really hard to get a good job in south as we want to move from bombay to bangalore so I want him to get a excellent job in top cadre. Pls also advise what to chant.

  31. As the secretary to an apt building, I had filed a police complaint against one of the owners’ son who is a schizophrenic and refuses treatment. He has been in and out of hospital for treatment and evertime he runs away. Now I have shifted my residence and took back the case as I am not able to go to the court every month and nobody else in the apartment is willing to take over. The behaviour of the boy has become worse now after taking back the case. But as a respect towards his father I would like to help him as he has become violent and unmanagemable. Please help.

  32. sir,
    my father suffered hand pulzy with anxiety feeling difficulty move can you pls suggest me a batch flower remedy for the illness

  33. Sir,
    My cousin brother who is nearly 55 years now had tongue cancer about 4 years ago and during surgery though his tongue cancer was successfully operated upon his eyesight in both eyes was lost due to high diabetes. He is otherwsie healthy and walking at home. Pls suggest some remedy.

    • samegha bapat
      get the eye vision cd, which contains the mantra LALITHAM LAMBODARAM LALITHAM BASKARAM LALITHAM BALACHANDRAM.

      • thankyou for immediate response. I will collect the CD from your center along with some other posters and books.

      • Naran Guruji Pranam,
        Is there any remedy in form of mantra Switch word or Bach flower remedy for Glaucoma as it destroyed my grandparents(optic nerve) vision who can see bare minimum that too from close only.

        Divine Thanks,

        • Naran guruji,
          PLEASE Guide for my problems as mentioned above ASAP

          Find Divine Answers From Naranji.

          Thanks Divine,

  34. Sir,
    My mothers brother (Mama) has a poultry farm, due to which my grandmother aged 70 yrs is suffering from weak lungs and asthma attacks. My Mama refuses to look after my grandmother and drops him to our house during those attacks. We have given her allopathic treatment atleast 3-4 times in last 6 months. Its helpless situation for us also and Mama doesnt want to shift his poultry. Please suggest remedy for my grandmothers health and for my Mama to take care of grandmother.

  35. I have sevre dryness in my eyes and high myopia with -12 vision. Dr had advised me bach flower remedy rock water 3 drops 3 times along with cinereria eye drops. Is it safe for me. Can i use allopathic eye drops alongwith. Thanks.

  36. Dear Naran Sir,
    My husband has been diagnosed with keratoconus but doctors say that we should get another test after 6 months to see if it is progressing or has become stable now. Could you please suggest what to do now in these 6 months that it is normalised by the time we take next test after 6 months? Looking forward to your response. Regards

  37. My son is 12 years old and has been suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy for last 4 years. For the last one month he cannot even walk and stand. Please suggest remedy for his condition. Thank you

  38. Naran Sir,
    Ur replies on different problems are really inspiring. Thank u so much!
    I wish to become a motivational speaker with excellent verbal communication skills. Please advise!

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