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ASPEN is for fearing for and seeing ghosts, and come under hallucinations too.

If you spray WHITE CHESTNUT, CLEMATIS, WALNUT and ASPEN the ghost(s) will leave.

A girl committed suicide in an apartment. A watchman was appointed after the old watchman disappeared. He watched a ghost pushing him away. He was told by the ex-watchman that the ghost which has the looks like the young girl goes in a certain path every night around 2 AM. It doesn’t hurt anybody, though pushes things away that are in its path.

The combination was put in a bucket of water and was sprayed in the supposed path of the ghost. After the fourth day it didn’t come. The time has come for the girl to reach the next stage.

7th day it came again. The remedies were sprayed for few more days. After 16 days later, it stopped coming to the apartment.

Project the flowers on the soul and pray that it reaches the next stage.

– Notes from Naran’s workshop on Bach Flower Remedies

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The above mentioned remedies are Bach Flower Remedies. Intake of remedies is better when you are in dire straits. 

“Give me one more chance”

“Give Me One More Chance” – last words of a child, before committing suicide.

Recently, a girl student committed suicide, after she was caught in her lab test. She had a letter with her, where she had apologised along with a last request, ‘please give one more chance’, implying an act of forgiveness was expected from her teachers.

Please read the case history below, how somebody handled a similar situation differently and found an amicable solution with the help of Bach Flower Remedies.

Lost and found in an orphanage

There is an orphanage at Thondiarpet, Chennai, for children aged 0 to 12 years.  There are about 400 children in the orphanage. The Secretary of that orphanage learnt Bach Flower Remedies from Naran.

There was a celebration in the school. A guest was invited. After some time, during the middle of the function, the guest realized that his bag was missing. The Secretary became worried and shameful.

The secretary mixed the Bach Flower Remedy Chestnut Bud in the common drinking water and gave it to all children. One boy came and apologized to her saying that he felt sorry for the secretary after watching her shameful face. He told her that he had taken the bag of the guest and returned it to her.

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