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Bach Flowers helps to get college admission


Neha was a very good student and had obtained very good marks in her 12th standard examination and in the engineering entrance examination. When the first round of results was announced, Neha was waitlisted at No.10 for the electronics and communications engineering course in a top-notch engineering college.

Neha lost her hopes of getting admission. “No chance” was her expression. Occasionally she was also torn by two thoughts: “I may get; I will not get”.  Balakumar asked Neha to take Scleranthus (to overcome oscillation between two thoughts – whether I will get the seat or not) and Gorse (“No chance”).

Neha took the pills for 1 week. With the help of divinity, Bach flowers and Balakumar’s timely guidance, Neha got admission into Electronics & Communication Engineering course.

Since the admission process in engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu is a lengthy and unpredictable process, Neha’s father had admitted her in an engineering college outside Tamil Nadu before the admission results were announced in Tamil Nadu. He had paid the first year tuition fees there.

Neha’s parents again turned to Balakumar to get the fees back since that college was reluctant to refund the money. Balakumar suggested Chicory and Centaury and they got the money back.

Neha Did Not Seek Flowers for Her MBA

Neha has successfully completed her engineering course now. She recently attempted to get into IIM. This time too, she was waitlisted. But she did not make it to IIMs. However this time, she or her parents did not take the help of Balakumar for IIM admissions in spite of encountering a similar situation nor did Neha take the Bach flower remedies she took 4 years back (please note here that the situation is very similar).

Why she or her parents did not consult Balakumar this time? Why Neha did not take Scleranthus and Gorse this time, in spite of success in a similar situation in the past?

Astrologically, Neha is going through 7.5 year Saturn since last 2 years. Could it be Saturn or could it be her destiny that prevented her from turning to Bach flowers?

Let us not be ruled by Astrology. Let us rule Astrology.

Naran S Balakumar

Your observation is to seek a possible answer from outside. The same event can be assessed from different angles by different people. Some may put the blame on Saturn. Others may put the onus on Destiny.

But what is the truth? We are always duped by our mind. If you are aware of what is happening in the mind – observing the thoughts and emotions – we can seek the help of flowers. If we miss the observation even by 1%, mind will dupe us. After the event is over, we put the blame on destiny, planets etc.

Every event is a lesson – Divinity is so compassionate – in awareness. Even now if awareness is there, something can be done, by the flowers.

Life is not about what we get and what we don’t get. Life is how we live.

Let us not be ruled by Astrology. Let us rule Astrology.

One can try the following. If one has a problem because of a planet as per his sign, let him find out which is the most favorable sign for a particular period. Keep the picture of that Zodiac sign in your energy field. When your energy field projects that zodiac sign, the unfavorable planet turns favorable.

Try and Dare 2 Do IT!

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