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Say a Hard NO

Senthil works for an IT company. He is a pragmatic and careful in spending money. Recently his boss Rajiv, who knew Senthil’s financial position, asked him to organize a loan for three lakhs of rupees.

Until then, Rajiv has taken loan from Senthil, up to 20,000 rupees and has repaid them promptly. Therefore, there is no doubt about Rajiv’s integrity here.

The problem is that the current sum required is a huge one. Senthil has to give personal guarantee to the private moneylender. In case Rajiv failed to pay the money, then Senthil will become responsible to pay back the loan amount.

Because, Rajiv is his boss, Senthil cannot say ‘NO’ to him. Therefore, Senthil approached Naran S. Balakumar. Balakumar asked him to carry Chicory in his pocket. In addition, he took Centaury for a month to develop the habit of saying ‘no’.


Chicory will live on other people’s money (OPM), even if he has to pay hefty interest. He will never spend from his pocket for he will find it difficult to part money from it.

Interestingly, Rajiv has many assets. He could have easily sold one of them and could have cleared all his loans. However, he does not do so. He rather takes loans to manage his finance.

In the game of life, whenever a person cannot say “NO”, then they will attract persons of demanding nature. The demanding types are Chicory and Vine, and the weak willed and gullible are Centaury. Therefore, the prescription here is Chicory and Centaury.


For the last one month, Rajiv has not asked money from Senthil.

Please note that Chicory, Vine and Centaury are Bach Flower Remedies.

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