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Abundant Support from Family and Flowers

Guru Mangala

My domestic help Anu cried saying that she has been abandoned with her child, by her husband a few years ago.

She is trying to earn and educate the boy. She lives with her poor mother, brother and sister-in-law. The sister-in-law is unhappy that this girl is being sheltered here and supported by the brother. This gives chance for lots of infighting between husband and wife. Anu feels guilty that she is the cause of her dear brother’s suffering. 

She saw me giving Bach flower remedy to my mother and asked me what that is. I told her how it works. She requested me for some flowers for herself. 


Reasons: guilt (Pine), feeling used (Centaury), trauma/ pain (Star of Bethlehem), unable to let go/ clinging to brother (Chicory, Walnut), thoughts which haunt day and night (White chestnut) and regret of the past (Honey Suckle). 

Next morning she came smiling and said she was feeling confident that the troubles will be overcome. But within a day the sister-in-law created a huge fight and walked out of the house with her parents.  Anu was so sad and kept saying “this is all because of me.” I gave her Larch.   I gave her SWEET CHESTNUT to place in the NE corner of the room, and to sprinkle CRAB APPLE and WALNUT around the house. 

For the mother I gave RED CHESTNUT and WILLOW.

For the brother, I gave OAK, CHICORY and WALNUT.

I asked Anu to do forgiveness and told her mother also to keep forgiving the daughter-in-law.

She came running next morning, “Amma, the house is peaceful.  My sister-in-law returned and apologized to my brother. She actually fell at his feet and said she would never again fight over me.  I have also apologized to her.  We are a happy family now”.

Thank the flowers. 

Since that day, nearly 2 months ago, Anu is now happily earning extra money by working in a courier company along with my household, her son is admitted to UKG and sister-in-law helps with the boy’s studies and looks after him. There is respect for Anu and all is well.

 I am ever grateful to Naran and to the Flowers for the joy they bring to so many families. 

Anu is the local advertiser of flower power in Kanchipuram!!!  I have many people seeking   remedies.


“Give me one more chance”

“Give Me One More Chance” – last words of a child, before committing suicide.

Recently, a girl student committed suicide, after she was caught in her lab test. She had a letter with her, where she had apologised along with a last request, ‘please give one more chance’, implying an act of forgiveness was expected from her teachers.

Please read the case history below, how somebody handled a similar situation differently and found an amicable solution with the help of Bach Flower Remedies.

Lost and found in an orphanage

There is an orphanage at Thondiarpet, Chennai, for children aged 0 to 12 years.  There are about 400 children in the orphanage. The Secretary of that orphanage learnt Bach Flower Remedies from Naran.

There was a celebration in the school. A guest was invited. After some time, during the middle of the function, the guest realized that his bag was missing. The Secretary became worried and shameful.

The secretary mixed the Bach Flower Remedy Chestnut Bud in the common drinking water and gave it to all children. One boy came and apologized to her saying that he felt sorry for the secretary after watching her shameful face. He told her that he had taken the bag of the guest and returned it to her.

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