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Got a job within first week of placement


Placements are happening in my college. But it seems that I am not able to crack neither the written exam nor interview. I try to study everything. But I don’t know. I am not able to do well. I can’t even solve the questions.

I feel very dishearten when people see me as if I am very poor mind and pity on me. However, I can constantly overcome these feelings.

But I want a job this year. Crack all the tests of companies and interviews and also do very good in academics also. I try to study but nothing I understand correctly once and it takes lot of time to complete a topic.



398: write it in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

Shuchi (after a week)

Thank you I got a very good job. Amazingly that too in first week of placement. I could have never thought of that……. Thank you…….It was really a miracle for me…


WATER VIOLET, LARCH, GENTIAN, WILD ROSE: Bach flower remedies for interview

398: for the exam

Have a Lucky Day!!!


I am in the IT industry. I want to buy a house. What if I get fired after I take up the mortgage? So I postpone my decision to buy a house.


You can lose a job even if you don’t buy a house. Take ASPEN – fear of unknown.

Everybody has this fear, ‘How will be my life when I become retired and get old? There mayn’t be any support, the pension might not be sufficient and so on’. There is no basis for these fears.

In our days, when somebody receives a telegram, they will get afraid to open it as there might be some bad news in it. However, a telegram can bring in good news too.

In the modern days, if we get a call from somebody, who hasn’t called us for a long time, or if we get a call during late night, the first thought that crosses our mind is what if the call to share some bad news. Fearing about bad news, we may even fail to pick a phone. Such fears need us to take Aspen.

Every day in the morning, just look at the picture of Aspen and chant its name two to three times.

The whole day will be a lucky day for you. Only good things will happen that day.

It works like the angel number 520, which is the number for miracle.

No More Nightmares, a case history

Anita from the age of eighteen, used to get the same dream. She will be in a Kali temple, where the priest of the temple will lift a sword to chop her head. Before he could cut her head in the dream, she will wake up from the nightmare. It was quite disturbing affecting her sleep in a big way.

This continued even after marriage, when she was 25 years old.

Naran suggested her to take ASPEN. The nightmares stopped after one month of taking the remedy. She stopped taking the remedy after that.

Now, she gets the same dream once in six months. She is not worried about it anymore. Ideally, she should at least take the remedy for a day or two, whenever she gets a nightmare, for a complete cure.

Mastering Any Subject is Easy

Mastering a Language

Last time, I got (Bach Flower Remedy) Mustard and Oak pills for my son.  It suits him so well and he has improved a lot in Tamil. The pills are over and his annual exams are round the corner. Kindly tell me when I should come to buy.

Thanks and Regards

Mastering Maths

I tried angel number 398 during my daughter math exam.

Concepts are clear to her. She can solve every problem but gets nervous near the exam and makes such mistakes, which her teachers couldn’t expect it from her.

I wrote 398 and kept that paper in her geometry box. In addition, wrote her name in circle and 398 in outer circle.

She entered home, back from her exam. Her comment was, “Wow! It was so easy… I know all the sums”.



OAK and MUSTARD: This is the Bach Flower combination to understand and master any subject.

398: for wisdom

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