No solution in sight

Sai R

Our land supplementary agreement is in registrar’s office who is objecting to certain parts of the matter which will give strong legal right to us. It looks like the land problem is going towards a case.

The builder is colluding with the registrar. They don’t want it to be registered, because the builder does not want to implement it, because of the various deviations he did to the space.

The other flat owners are pressurizing us to sell for a lower price, warding away new buyers. They are extracting money towards maintenance for empty flats, and not accounting for bills.

The municipal authorities do not want to change the name from the builder’s name to my father’s name, because they want dues which need to be settled by the builder. They are refusing to assess taxes for the new flats.

There is pressure from all sides, and no solution in sight. My father is getting stressful by the minute, unable to think of a solution as to how to solve these problems. I am his son, and unable to help because we are far away from them.



About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir I want to know when will I get job

  2. My name: duvvarapu.venkata Arjun Dob:10-10-1985 Time:8:30 am Place of birth:Vijayawada ( andhra Pradesh)

  3. Hi Naran,

    Can you plz explain divine wind transform victory?

    Heartfelt thanks

  4. You always provide the solution I need at the right time. I am so thankful for you and divine timing!

  5. HI naran sir,

    I want a remedy for frequent urination pblm,i also have 3 mm kidney stone.i have been to urologist he said,my bladder is overactive and gave me medicine,but even then i get the urge of urination every now and then,its effecting my social life,i cant travel long distance and more than 1 hour,it makes me conscious,please help me.
    i want to be free of this pblm.

    love and thanks

  6. Hi Naran, I have never been able to take care of myself financially. I have never lived on my own or been able to take care of my own basic necessities. Now i have a son and would desperately like to be financially support myself and my son with ease. What switchwords can I use?

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