One remedy a day keeps the problems away

Notes from Naran’s workshops on Bach Flower Remedies

One needs to experiment with Bach flowers to know the effects of each of the remedies.

Raju – a student of Naran would try out different things with Bach Flower Remedies. He would carry and intake one flower at a time and study the results of using that remedy.

Raju found out whenever he takes WALNUT, people come and talk to him on friendly terms (Walnut develops rapport and makes you to understand the other person. It has lot more properties too). And when he took GORSE, people showed lots of respect for his opinions.

Others will understand you

If you tend to be critical with your associates, take BEECH and WALNUT.  It will help you to communicate with them wonderfully. They will understand where you are coming from.

Rapport with the new CEO

Krishna had an interview with his new CEO. As one could expect, he was nervous. Based on the consultation with Naran, he threw few WALNUT pills under his seat.

He had a great start with the CEO. And, after 10 years of meeting him, still Krishna has a good rapport with him.

To know more about such interesting facts about Bach Flower Remedies, please attend the workshop by Naran S Balakumar, at Bangalore, on 14th and 15thDec, 2013. 


About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. sir,would you suggest a remedy from bach flower by which one can be stable to do official duties patiently without feeling restlessness. b.dash

  2. Plz suggest flower remedy to gain confidence and also think positive ly.I hv too much negative thoughts n somehow it comes true smtime

  3. Hi Sir I am Nishi…i am having problems clearing my arrears both subjects are maths and i am trying to clear it for more than 5 years please help me….also because of this stress i have gained a lot of weight and at time i

  4. hi sir plz help me past 6 months im suffering from verticos vein plz give solution

  5. radhamma
    she will direct you to a herbal product

  6. Hi sir, my husband doesn’t talk to me at all. Kindly suggest any remedy. Thanks.

  7. Sir.
    I love a boy he was a banker ,.. Than he left the job and started some business which was not worked … Now he looking for a job … He got the call … But end result is failure only…. Due to this my parents are also not agreed for our marriage … Kindly suggest some chant … I can do on his behalf.

  8. realy, I want new good job in best company with the good slayer & I need job joining confirmation with in this month have don’t my interview but still awaited feed back for there

  9. pls suggest me how I will chant for urgent effect in my life because we have chant for my job but have not a get back any feed back & I am very warred about my job pls pls suggest me what I do, pls advise your prompt replay,

  10. Pranaam Guruji.
    I work in a school and also work at an agency which does PR abroad for which they charge handsome amount. They may start some client’s business in Hungary (EU) and have told me that they will try and put me on a work permit there with lesser cost.
    I want to go there to improve my financial condition.
    Kindly give your blessings and some switch words to help me get a well paying job.
    thank you.


  11. Sir,

    What is the combination of remedy to be taken for obesity ?As in to kick start loosing weight….

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