Choose the Right Option


My husband’s promotion is due this year. Since last 2 years this is getting delayed. So, he is feeling very depressed and frustrated. Also, he has an opportunity to go to Indonesia from the same company.

But, once he goes there and does not like it, then he cannot come back and re-join. Also, considering his age factor and qualification, it will be difficult for him to get another job. He is in a dilemma whether to take Indonesia option or to remain here.


Ask him to take SCLERANTHUS, the Bach flower remedy, three doses of 5 pills.

Chant SHIVOHUM continuously for 20 minutes in the morning and night before sleep.


Let Shiva’s intelligence guide me: SHIVOHUM

When you have to choose one of two options available to you: SCLERANTHUS


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. hello sir,

    This was the 1st time i had come across your blog and find it v useful. i am 35 yrs old married female.
    Last year went terrible to me due to health ground, after going thru lots of doctors finally came to know that I am suffering from fibromyalgia. During this period I had sever pain in left side ear, jaw,head ,left shoulder and left side chest pain but in reports it came normal.Also there seems to be cought/cold all this time . I become v depressed, full of anxiety worrisome and panicked person. My husband (had love marriage) do take care of me and my 6 yrs son but I feel he is least bothered about me and always listen to his mother beside he has drinking and smoking problem, I feel he is v insensitive toward me. Our married life is practically zero and also effecting me professionally as I am working . Please help me to get back in my good health asap

  2. Naran sir
    My husbands boss harasses him.his per motion is delayed.
    Even we fear that by spoiling his COnfidential report boss may give my husband a huge loss of yearly bonus.
    Looking for solution from Naran sir

  3. Hi my name is chandni and i got married on 20th jan 2010 my husband is totaly a mama boy and he is so egoistic that if you said anything to him he will take your words and my mother in law is a widow she has created so many misunderstandings that my husband only hates me he didnt even respect my parents he sleeps with his mom and eat food from her i am staying here as a paying guest no baby even my age is 33years, astrologers told me he will never love you he is having very high ego, please help me i also wanted to live peaceful life with my husband but he dont even talk to me nobody talk to me. Please sir help me out please

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