Ridiculously easy target


I am working in an Educational Institute providing Career Course and Job opportunity as a marketing Executive. I want more students to join the Institute.

Please give some switch-words or flower remedies to achieve my target (60 per month).



Write in a notebook SLOW CARE daily 21 times


Agrimony and Heather are Bach Flower Remedies. Be, Ridiculous, Bring, Magic, Take, and Now are switch words.

To get students without advertisement: AGRIMONY

To attract the students: HEATHER

BE easy and RIDICULOUS on yourself; behave as a leader to manifest the desired no of students NOW.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran,
    I am working in a bank and my target is getting huge fee income of two crores as my share. That means that from my projects / assignments, the fee income should be around ten to 15 crores during this financial year. The economy is doing really bad and all the assignments which we are trying are not materialising due to various reasons. Any project / assignment takes about 5-6 months for completion and i should complete my target by March 2014. Is there any magic switch words to make a miracle happen at the earliest so that my target fee is acheived.

    Thanks & Regards

  2. I have never seen you speak about Agrimony like this. You share more and more with us. Thank you!

    • He took one class totally on Agrimony, where he said a lady makeup losses due to shares. The reason is an Agrimony person will makeup – put up a face, before others.After few months of taking it, she found a consultant who gave her a tip to make money and she did.

      Hopefully, one day the points discussed in the class will come out.

  3. sirji,

    My Daughter age 5yrs 9 months get sick very often, she gets cold & fever every week , and and after check blood she is observed with urine infection.

    pls. help us by magic word to get rid of this problem permanently

    best regards

  4. Sir,

    We have Daughter and were trying to conceive for son, but its not happening, my age is 41 yrs. & wife age is 37yrs.
    pls. suggest any magic word to make the dreams true.

    PRASAD shambhu

  5. I have just started on being an insurance agent. Any magic words for increasing enrolments
    Govind Prasad

  6. Dear Naran Sir ,
    Pranam .

    I want to have a desired job in teaching or a company paying 150000 INR per month post tax .Please suggest switch words for the same .

    Thanks & Regards ,

  7. Thank you for the link

  8. Please sir can u solve my problem . My husband and I r going through a divorce because of sister in law telling lies to my mother in law that I spoilt her that my husband sister has a boy friend after marriage and even told my sister in law husband and they going through a break up as well and putting blame on me for there break up .. and now my other sister is happy that my husband beat me throw me out of the house with my one yr old son …… And also she got married to my bro in law by black magic ….. I want that she gets caught for her doing and everyone known her nature that she is nt good and she is playing games …..and bro in.law and mother inlaw should open his eye to her mistake and check her for spoiling our marriages… Please help

  9. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Best of luck.

  10. Hi Naran
    I have gone through all the switch words. But I have a very special request. Need some guidance from u. I want my PR Visa asap which I have already applied, done all the formalities. My file has already reached the embassy in Delhi. Only medical exam and passport request is left. I want these things to get over soon so that I get my visa and I can immigrate soon. Please help with exact chanting words. I will be highly obliged to u. Many thanks. Ankita.

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