Sore Throat with Fever


I had severe cold, cough, sore throat and high fever. Instead of taking any pill, I started chanting WALNUT, CRAB APPLE, WHITE CHESTNUT and YELLOW SAPPHIRE.

Within 24 hours I became fine.

All thanks to your guidance. May God always bless you!


The combination of Bach Flower Remedies Walnut, Crab Apple, and White Chestnut is a good physical cleanser, which can remove all types of infections.

Sore throat: the Gem Remedy Yellow Sapphire is good for throat. Thus, it is a great remedy for singers and speakers.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I had high fever and I took the remedies and not only is the fever down, I also slept for a stretch giving my body the rest it needed. Buying the complete set of flower remedies and gem remedies from the center is the best investment in my own health I have done and any can do. Thank you very much naran sir and shobana mam and team.

    • The combination WWC is very good for sleep. If you can’t sleep even after taking that, then replace white chestnut with sweet chestnut.

      I agree with you 200% on buying remedies.

      Please don’t forget to keep them in the fridge, as the liquid will evaporate over a period of time.

  2. My mother suffers from many physical problems(mainly with dust allergy which makes her suffer with severe cold,sneezes n much more) and mental trauma coz of my dad. He doesn’t respect her feelings nor listens to her patiently, infact he makes everyone of us(mom,me, my elder sister n younger brother) feel very low about ourselves, by comparing us with outsiders like childrens of his friends and everybody else.
    Even though we try so much to prove ourselves, he feels we are useless kids .Infact he gives much importance to the outsiders, anybody who actually praises him…he is ready to give away everything to somebody who just praises him(His weak point) for their evil speaks ill about him on his back,they think he is a fool.We all worry for him, he has already lost lot of money this way(all his friends turn out to be cheaters).The worst part is he still repeats the same mistake even after so many bad experiences.

    Please give me some remedy for my mothers good health issues and our family’s mentality has to change..he must understand the importance of his family, stop acting so mean with my mom…

    Please sir we very badly need your help in this matter.I’ll do anything, i’ll follow whatever you say..

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