Prayer to Forgive


My elder sister bothers me a lot. She is a kind of person “my way or highway” and very difficult to deal with. For 4 years, she is sapping my energy.


Chant “WILLOW! Help me to forgive …. (name of your sister) and extend my love to her”.


The Bach Flower Remedy Willow helps us to release our resentment.

So, we are doing a prayer to Willow to help us to forgive and love somebody.

A Prayer to Willow, from the ‘Meditation on Bach Flowers’ CD:

Hey the golden-yellow Willow, I just prostrate to you. When I have any difficulty or suffering, if I think, “Why should it happen to me” come to my help Willow.

Instill faith in me. If I say, my prayers are unanswered Willow teach me to have more faith in God!

Willow when I sulk with resentment or bitterness, help me regain my sense of humor and faith in God!

To know more about Willow, please check out the link:


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Any flower remedy/ switch words/ mantra, for getting proper output, in terms of money, for the effort I put in. So far my efforts for things I pursue, are way too much than it is required , along with the logistics that goes behind to pursue the work— people not co-operating, things not going as planned and so on.. these things makes me drift from what I set out to achieve and then objective and goal has its own set of challenges and after achieving the feeling is ‘is that all I get for all that I went through and that it was not worth it’. The sense of achievement and accomplishment does not bring the happiness that I would have set out with.

      Everyday going and doing the work with resentment and unhappiness carried from the previous day, is bound to give you the same feeling.
      Yesterday is not today.
      Today(everyday ) go with thanks forgiving what all happened on the previous day and do the work.
      Belive strongly that our attitude only has to be changed.

      • Sir, taking flower remedy gentian has helped me a lot in this, i.e. forget failure of yesterday and face new day in new mindset. I also chant Thanks Divine a lot after listening to Harmony CD give thanks for things before they happen.

  2. since morning i was thinking how will i let out my anger and was requesting divine to help me . and when i opened this blog today the first thing i saw is article on willow . i thank naran guruji for his blessings on us . when i start thinking of solution i bow to naran sir in my heart and request him to guide me . Willow helps us to love those whom we dont want o forgive.

    Thank you willow for reaching me and thankyou naran sir

  3. dear naran,
    My 22 yr old daughter becomes a target very easily even if she ‘s the one who really has not caused the problem,others perceive her and target her. Its strange bec the real culprit gets forgotten and even overlooked.shes staying in a rental for studies in a group of 4. so the girls paired ,one of the girls left and the remaining girl has been continously targetting her and recently tried to harm her.Why does this happen when she is going out of the way to be friendly to that girl.My daughter comes off as strong and opinionated.But inside she’s a child.
    Thanks sir,

  4. Naran sir
    What to chant to get very good letter of recomendations from our professors when applying for higher studies abroad.

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