Denying Pleasures

Don’t Take Words Literally

Mummy commented: “I thought Naran was a very humble man but looks like he is a hypocrite after all!! Typical Indian mentality”:

Naran S Balakumar

Go beyond the meaning of the word

You don’t know what you know! Know what you don’t know!!

Every word in every language is sacred.

Go beyond any word “uttered”.

Every word will reveal its hidden message given by the divine at that time, if you mediate on that word.

Outwardly the word’s meaning is different. Inwardly, it has a different objective meaning.

Every word used in life has two purposes:

  1. Communication
  2. Inner Divine Message to the listener

After reading the comment by Mummy…

I was chanting “Hypocrite” for over 10 minutes.

I opened a dictionary for understanding the meaning beyond this word.

The meaning reminded me of Gita – He, who restrains his organs of action but continues to indulge in mind brooding over the objects of sense, is considered a man of false conduct(chapter 3 Sloka 6).

Another facet of Rock Water and Chestnut Bud

After reading this, I have found another facet of Bach flower remedy ROCK WATER and CHESTNUT BUD.

This reveals a new aspect of flower Rock Water.

It is immaterial whether one carries out his desires through (senses) action or not.

Rock water is needed for person who is brooding or indulging in thoughts of vice – sexual thoughts even though outwardly they are not doing the action.

Mental indulgence in sex happens mainly in two phases – old age and adolescence.

For restraining masturbation and looking at pornography pictures take the remedies ROCK WATER and CHESTNUT BUD.

Rock Water can be considered for people who deny themselves any pleasure in actions.

My salutations to Rock water and Chestnut bud!!!

Thank you Mummy for using the “word” Hypocrite on Indians.

Thank you Divine Mother for your grace.

The reason why Chestnut bud is also considered here will be discussed in next communication. 


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. “Rock water is needed for person who is brooding or indulging in thoughts of vice – sexual thoughts even though outwardly they are not doing the action.”
    “Rock Water can be considered for people who deny themselves any pleasure in actions.”

    need clarity in the above?
    does this mean after taking rockwater the person will stop brooding about sexual thoughts and start doing it in action?

    • InfoNeeded
      “purity outside; impurity inside”. This is the mental state referred.
      If the inside is pure, the outside should become pure. is it not?

      • It is, but wasn’t clear (at least to me) hence required clarification.

        Does that mean Rockwater will make a person pure inside out?

        Do let me know as I am one of the person who wants to take this. I have no bad intentions outside but these dirty sexual thoughts keep coming in the mind.

        • infoneed,
          this is a specific problem.
          you take Rock water cherry plum (tempted in spite of knowing that it is wrong.)
          The sexual thoughts are inside but not manifested as action. This is Rock water.
          you take both as suggested.

  2. Naran ji, is it ok if I choose to chant TOGETHER DIVINE or other switch words or mantra, or is it required I chant any word that crosses my path thrown at me.

    • Thank u sir,u hv suggested a chant for my sis’s son for an booster to relief from actualy works and he is fine now.we need now a chant for him to reduce his fear of swimming.he is taking training of it but very scared and lacking sis want Sw so that d child do it well and with interest.

    • R
      chant any word that crosses my path thrown at me.

      • Thank you sir. I have been doing this on 2/3 words last week and finding a lot of clarity emerging!! It is amazing!! and more funnily it reminded me of something similar I used to do when I was a student/teen that I had completely forgotten. I wondered when and why I stopped it and am now thinking about how to revive it. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom.

  3. Mr. Naran,

    Why don’t you post the Universal Switchwords List on this website which contains the 125 switchwords by the founder of switchwords (Mr. James T. Mangan). It also contains the details of the master switchword “TOGETHER”.
    I have a PDF of this universal switchword list ALONG WITH THEIR MEANINGS. Do tell me if you want it to be forwarded to be posted on this blog so that people like R and every other single person can make use of it. They can also combine the words to make Switchphrases of their own. Ultimately the goal is for people to become independent and take care of their own problems by themselves.

    i. If agreeable do let me know where to forward OR
    ii. if you already have it please post it OR
    iii. else please ignore this comment.

    I know that there can be any other switchword outside of this list that can resonate with a person’s subconscious mind, but why not start by giving the list along with their meanings to handle day to day issues.

    Lets see if you open up yourself to the grace of the Divine coming through this suggestion OR if you block this energy by saying something else……that way you wont be called as a hypocrite too! 🙂

    (this is my master switchphrase and I have made it myself because that resonates with me.)

    • UserOne
      call me by any name. A word is a word is a word.
      This is not a site for switch words. people already visit so many sites and they come here only finally.Even now no body is neither restricted nor instructed not to use anything else.
      The question is asked and i reply. The reply may contain switch word, mudra or mantra or bach flower remedies.

      Some one will come and say why not you give a link to the bach flowers and t be read used.
      Some one will ask me to link the mudra site. Some will ask me to give link to some other mantra or number site and ask me to publish a list. Is this necessary?

      People want interaction with a person. I am giving that only. I am happy at what i do and how i do.
      Thank you

  4. Good morning all ur team.i just came to know about this site,its wonder.but i need to know that if calling animal spirit hv any side effect as they r spirits??and if not then please tell me which animal spirit can i call to patchup a love relationship with a dearone.

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