A Chance to Receive the BLESSING of My LIFE


Basically the circumstances don’t change but our perception of it changes. We realize it is 99% of the problem. Once the changes happen (inside us), then things outside also changes. My story convinces of this fact. Thanks.

About a month back I went on a trip. During this time something unexpected and miraculous happened.

I have always been timid and reticent throughout my life. Never speak much to people, never been in a romantic relationship. Always been a solitary person.

On this particular day I met a girl from another country and we started talking. We felt so comfortable with each other that we stayed together for the whole day and then the next, parting only to sleep or other essentials. It was unbelievable. It felt like we knew each other from a long time.

Things moved forward and a person who had been alone, timid and anonymous all through his life fell in love. It snowballed into a physical relationship the next day and an unprotected one at that. It was unexpected, unplanned and felt pure and right at the time.

We parted on the fourth day, very sad and confused at what the future would bring. After coming back the feeling of togetherness gave way to darker feelings,

I was savaged by pangs of guilt and then fear that because of the unprotected nature of things, I may have caught something and I deserve it for what I had done. It is a sin, something wrong. It became a demon on my mind. I could neither sleep nor work.

Finally when I could bear it no longer I called Naran. He was kind and non-judgmental (my deep gratitude to him), and asked me to take the Bach Flower Remedies MIMULUS, PINE and HONEY SUCKLE.

I began taking the pills as instructed and after a few days my whole mood changed. It was amazing.

I realized that I was operating from a position of fear, guilt and anxiety – all of which were tarnishing such a beautiful gift that I had received.

In a few days she got in touch with me, against all my notions and came down and spent the rest of her trip at my city.

We got to know each other much better and we realized that we are probably are soul mates and although we are from different religions, language, nationality etc we are at peace with each other. 

I am so glad I was able to rise above the narrow and diminishing feelings of fear, guilt and anxiety and stay present to the wonderful person, experience and gift that I had got. If I had continued like that I may have lost a chance to accept a great blessing in my life!

Thank you, thank you dear Naran. God bless you and the Bach flower remedies!!!

Now we continue to stay in touch over Skype and I plan to visit her in her country. Naran has asked me to take the Bach Flower Remedies SCLERANTHUS and SWEET CHESTNUT to help guide me if she is the right life partner for me. So I feel much at peace knowing I have divine guidance to prevent me from making a wrong decision.

I am so grateful for everything!!

Deep Gratitude and Warm regards


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thats so nice of u Thomas to share ur story.Naran sir what is the meaning of soul mate???

  2. Naran we the people thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment to our peace of mind.

  3. Sir, please is there a solution to get back my brother who is not married and has eloped with a married women with two children ages 12 and 17.

  4. akshayaarinath
    write his name in a paper and holding the paper on the left hand with right hands fingers touching on his name, chant coral ruby

  5. Dear Naran ji,
    Please tell me the remedies for the following,i will be really grateful for your help sir.
    1)Due to being in a lot of troubles for last two years, i have lost all self confidence n belief n i have a lot of inferiority complex. Kindly let me know what can i chant to unveil the divine power within me

  6. Sir, am chanting coral ruby cherryplum walnut but no improvement in the relationship for comment nos 12 to 23. Please help . We want him to come home.

    • akshayaarinath
      continue the chanting. Before starting to chant say,3 or 4 times, “I release my desire to change either the situation or the person. I acept what is happening totally.”

  7. akshayaarinath

    Am chanting regularly, but every time i think of him or chant for him i feel sleepy or keep on yarning. Pl can u tell why is this happening. Waiting for reply

  8. akshayaarinath
    The very purpose of asking you to accept what is happening totally” is not expect the result. Unless you chant without any expectation, nothing will happen

  9. Sir,
    My son has applied for cdt phd to UCL LONDON
    He has gone through all the steps successfully and was very confidant of his admission, but suddenly things took a u turn and his supervisor replied that his admission won’t be possible as there are better candidates. Don’t know what happened all of a sudden. Official results have not been declared as yet, so we still hope things may change in his favor Now we are worried.Sir please help as the results will be out soon and my son is very desperate to get admission.

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