She is the God-Send Angel to Help Her Husband


A friend’s husband is interested in another woman. Can you please help with switch words so that she can bring him back?


Ask her to love herself deeply.

Let her have faith in God.

Ask her to thank god for sending this person to her so that she has got a chance to mend him.

Ask her not to regret what is happening.

Ask her not to blame.

Ask her not to think this as karmic.

Ask her to think that this chance is given to her – as god considers her special – to mend him.

Pray and pray – prayer can move mountains.

Daily in the morning, around 5 am, ask her to talk to him mentally, what all she wants to put in his mind. Let she talk mentally with love and kindness, thinking God is besides her directing her.

Let her send lots of love (pink) energy to her husband and that girl.

Close the meditation with the affirmation, “Oh! Divine Order! Re-align him (husband) and (that girl) her to your flow so that both of them understand and come out of their entanglement.”



Mustard, Holly and Chicory are Bach flower remedies, while Find and Divine Order are switch words.

Mustard: to come out of the problem (darkness) and find a solution (light)

Holly: to come out of rage and to re-align with husband

Chicory: for possessiveness and attachment

Find Divine Order: to find a solution and (divine) order in life


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. NARANJI,can i do this process for my lover with whom i brokeup just lastweek.but still i love him a lot and want him come to me with love for me but i also want that this time everything comes with divine grace so that no one get hurted.please kindly explain me how n what process i need to do so that he also feel the same love n affection for i hv that ability to fulfil my desire by prayer??plz send me hope.

  2. Oli,
    be in acceptance mudra and i am sorry please forgive me i love you i thank you

  3. Sir
    6 months before my family has shifted to new place near bhubaneswar. Everyday my husband face the problem of getting auto rickshaw due to poor road conditions.The auto driver charge more than usual fare taking advantage of this condition and my husband have fight with them regarding auto fare.Due to all these happening he reach office lately.Please suggest any remedy for my husband so that he will not face problem of getting auto and reach his destination on time.
    I will be highly oblige to you.

  4. Call the Animal Spirit Guide before getting out of the housed and request the wolf to help your husband get to the office on time….the WOLF will do miracles..

  5. Naranji,i just want to know something that why Sw suggest us to chant’I am sorry please forgive me i love u i thank u’,when there is nt any fault from our side.(nt for ego just asking).and if i chant or anyone chant it then how the d other person feel it if he/she does’nt hear it?in cases where there is no communication.i chanted it As many time but last night after chanting i somehow feel restless,but stil i mind always push me to think that ‘oli what u desire is next to impossible,prayer wl nt bring anything’,though i swear whatever may b my desire i want it only by divine grace thats why m here.i am nt doing any bad deed to get bk my love.plz reply my quaries only when u get time.

    • Oli,
      chant without resistance. Forgiving is the quality of soul. Getting angry is the quality of ego. As long ego rules the mind you will not understand the significance of value of forgiving. Forgiving is an attitude, wherein love is given without holding on to anger and without expectation. The other person’s anger is maintained by your anger. If you shift your mind to forgiving, other person is bound to change. How long does it take to expect a change in the person ? dont think about that. Think whether this forgiving has brought a change in you or in your outlook. Chant till it brings in a change.
      Did you ever ask, your master of the third standard when he taught you that 2 x8 = 16? Had you asked him to prove that
      you would have remained in that class till now.
      Rules of life need not be proved. They should be followed.

  6. Dear Naran,

    Why 5 AM?

    • Yes sir is 5a.m signifies anything.and sir can i send msg to some1 (communication gap)by using tapping then please tel me kindly how.can i take a printout of Eft points and write his name and then tap n say(i saw it in a blog of urs where shobnaji use this technique).plz guide me in right way.

      • smiley donwnload the tapping picture from any site.
        write the name of the person. start tapping

        • Sorry to bother u,actualy i want him to contact me either on net or phone as i don’t hv any way to contact i need to know during tapping what i hv to affirm.

          • Smiley
            one should tap oneself first. tap stating Together i accept myself totally.
            This acceptance releases our resistance. When the desire to change anything or any person operates, the mind is in conflict. The other part of the mind knows that it is futile to change anything. The desiring mind, wants to change everything. The reality is one has to accept what is happening, releasing the desire to change. Then only our wish or intention or command can have any effect on other person.
            Wishing or healing the wish is the only option available to us. manifestation is unpredictable.
            Second step. do on the paper with the tapping points printed. use your wish as a command word. “talk to….(name of the person) use as a command what you want
            Third step:i accept totally what is done by the divine.

    • Smiley/Grace
      5 am is a good time for communication since all the elements are present in the atmosphere.

      • I am thankful for your reply.
        I am asking because I keep waking up at around 3AM or 5AM.

        I will use this time for prayer and breathing.

  7. Sir,
    I am a sri Lankan. I have several problems in my life which I want to solve urgently.I feel my life is block from all areas. Please help me to solve these issues by your magical phrases or manthras. I have list them below please give me the remedies.

    1. I am weak in english I want to be fluent in spoken and written english this is a great barrier for my life I always go backward because of this.

    2. I am looking for a job but no one is calling me for interviews. Only one company called me but I got failed in the placement test. so far no any other called me for a job interview . I have a degree, but since I am weak in english i have a doubt even if some one call me for the interview whether i will pass it. Please help me in this.

    3.I am over weight and this is realy a bother for me in all areas of my life, I am tring to reduce my weight but its not working the way I want is there a manthra to boost the speed of my weight reduction?

    4. My partner is very distance from me now he doesn’t even call or msg me now, when i call only he talks . Can plaese tel a remedy to bring him close to me like old days? his life is like a very close book to me now. he dosen’t share his things with me. I feel so upset because of this.

    Can you plase tell the manthras for these 4 issues. I want to solve them urgently.

    Please help.

  8. indi,
    chant impatiens divine order now as many times as possible

  9. Sir as you said I’m still chanting “Impatiens divine order now” and happy to inform you today is my 3rd day and in the evening I got a call for a Job interview out of a blue. Thank you very much sir, because of you I got this .They informed to come for the interview on Monday that is on 11th Feb, in my country today is 8th Feb, only two more days for the interview, it’s a competitive one can you please help me to face the interview successfully without facing any inconvenience in front of the interviewers due to my poor English knowledge. I desperately need this job. Can you please recommend a workable manthra or switch words to get this job under a good salary?
    Since I have this interview on 11th appreciates if I can get the reply as soon as possible. Thank you very much once again Sir. I’m so greatful to you, because of you I got this interview.

  10. indi,
    chant waterviolet larch gentian wildrose. write this in a paper and keep it with you

    • Sir,
      Yesterday I went for the interview and I passed the first Interview. Thank you very much. I felt easy to face the interview yesterday with a cheerful outlook . As you said I chanted the “Waterviolet larch gentian wildrose” and kept a piece of paper with me too. I faced it well and they were impressed about me. But on the same day they sent me to do an online exam and said if I passed the test they will call me for the final interview. But at the exam I couldn’t answer lot of questions due to the limited time assigned for each section. So now I’m not sure whether I will pass this exam and able to get select for the final interview. Sir is there a miracle solution to somehow Pass this exam and get selected to the final interview? Should I continue chanting “Waterviolet larch gentian wildrose” for this as well or are there some other words since if I couldn’t pass the exam I don’t have a way of going for the final interview and get the job.
      Other thing is at the interview i didn’t tell a expected salary since I don’t want get disqualify by telling a amount without knowing their range, so I said I will be satisfy with the package they will offer, I don’t know how much is there salary scale for this post. I have over qualification in education for this job than they are asking, my expected salary is at least Rs. 40,000 that is 13000 in Indian rupees. If in any cause if I got selected for the final interview and got the job will I able to get my expected salary , by using a miracle words or a switch words or by some other solution?
      Sir, according to my current situation these are my requirements,
      *I want to pass the exam and get selected to the final interview.
      *By miracle if I got selected to the final interview: At the final interview I Want to face it with self confidence without getting inconvenience in front of the interview board due to my language weakness and get the job by facing it successfully.
      * If I got the job I will be very much satisfy if I can get the targeted salary according to my qualifications without mentioning the amount to them by myself, that is they will decide it by themselves.
      Actually I don’t know whether these are possible to make true by the miracle words like passing exam where I couldn’t answer lot of questions. But expect your help and please guide me by telling what to do and what’s possible and what’s impossible from my requirements.
      Thank you very much for the great help you’re offering to me till today. May all your wishes come true.

  11. Dear Sir,
    My Parents take care of my kids when i am in office and when i leave i take them to my house. Now my mother is leaving for US to take care of my brothers kid. My father has agreed to stay back to take care of my kids with a help of maid. But i am really worried as my father is not in good health and how this will work. Can you please suggest some remedy so that thigs work out fine and my kids and father are able to manage this as not even a day my mother has left them and gone any place

  12. Thank you Sir
    Another thing sir, we have a family friend who had agreed to take care of my childran when my mother leaves for US but now she is saying she is will not be able to come. is there any mantra or any swtichword i can chant so that she changes her mind?

  13. Sir,
    This post is related with the above post number 42. As I mentioned on there under the requirment number 2, ” .My other target is to work well and get a good high salay increment since my salary is very low. I realy want to increase my salary somehow to my expected amount”
    I would like to know is there a posibilty of changing my salary to a higher amount from the first day itself through a desicion of the management before I start my work there. I have to join the company from 1st of march onwards and at the final interview they said my basic salary is INR6000. I know for sure other people get paid more than that for the same job at that company and its a very low scale for my education qualifications as well. As I said in the post 33 I want to work hard and increase my salary and I asked a switch word or a other solution for that in post 33, apart from that I want to know a extra solution, that is, are there any switch words or other solutions to change their decision of INR 6000 to a higher amount from now itself through a desicion of the management before I join on 1st of march 2013.

    Please guide me

    • inhdi
      chant gorse wildrose till you join the company.
      take the flower remedies Gentian larch centaury vervain. Put 5 pills of each in a bottle of water and sip that water every one hour for one month.

  14. indi,
    prioritise your needs and handle anything on “first come frist” basis. list two problems which are the most important.

    • Ok sir as you said I would like to first get the solution for the below areas in my life which is already in a crtical situation.

      1. For my career advancement
      2. To get back the money I lended for my partner and fix and improve mine and family financial situation.

      Till beginning of this year I helped him to overcome that relation’s family conspiracy but now since our affair reached to a point where no good communication except misunderstandings and fights I am unable to give the moral support he needs and he is drinking too now.

      • indi
        if he does not have money, dont try to get the money from him. look for some other source.
        first ask for youself
        chant FIND DIVINE ORDER daily 1000 times. write find divine order count now daily 100 times.

  15. Sir,
    I need your help . My problem is newly I joined for a company and this is my first week and I am in my training period and the system there i have to learn is so hard we have lot to understan and many systems to memorise this is a telecominication industry company. I want to concentrate well on the things im getting the training about because some stuff I don’t understand and I want to perform well at evaluation exam which we will have in two weeks time. and we have to do a presentation also and i am always a backward person when its come for presentation because I feel nervous and tense to present things in front of others and my english speaking and writting ability also poor. Can you please tell a solution to perform well at my evalution exam and in my presentaion in english and office duties well and I need more self confidence too. My english knowledge is poor thats my biggest barrier. Can you please tell a solution to solve these.

    Thank you very much for the support you have been giving sir.

  16. indi
    for learning: waterviolet oak chestnutbud mustard. chant these names over a glass of water and dirnk it before going to the office.
    write Elm oak hornbeam mimulus in a paper and keep it with you while presenting

  17. Sir Thank you very much for the “Elm oak hornbeam mimulus in a paper and keep it with you while presenting” solution. I did my presentation without a fear a it was a successful presentation.

  18. Sir,
    Can you please provide solution for these issues as well.
    # I have noticed when I’m in office some times my pronunciation don’t come out in proper way, like when I’m talking some words don’t come out with proper pronunciations. can you please tell a solution for this?

    # in my job I’m still in my training period but since I have education qualification my boss has assigned me a very big managerial tasks which is beyond my post and my lady boss is a very strict person who always shout at people and she needs 200% work out of every one and according to my job roll I have to work with her closely and have to report to her about the divisional issues and I have to manage the staff as well . This is a very huge task for me and I don’t know whether I will able to do this successfully , I must start this 1st of May onwards. Can u please tell a remedy to perform all of my job duties well and be self confidence and maintain a good relation with staff , because some people are already wondering why I have this much of authority from the boss and some are not ok with that and I need their support to maintain my duties and especially I must maintain a good relationship with my lady boss because she should be impressed about my work and I must be very efficient and I must be in the safe zone to not to get blame from her otherwise hard to work with her. and I do expect a salary increment too.can you please provide a solution to achieve these?

    Till today you have been a great support to me thanks a lot for that because of you I got this job also. Thank you very much sir.

    • indi
      Take the flower remedies ELM LARCH HOLLY HORNBEAM. Put 5 pills of each in a bottle of water and sip that water in small quantities, every 1 hour during the office hours

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