How to handle sexual harassments?


What to do about sexual harassment from strangers/men? How to avoid unwanted attention and have peace of mind in areas around my home?


Do the forgiving exercise. You can say “I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME LOVE THANKS DIVINE”.


Interestingly, I only said this a few times and the harassers have decided to move about 100 meters from where they usually gather. One of them even tried to be nice to me. They occasionally come near but mostly the problem has alleviated.

Now there is a remaining fear that I might encounter men again. How can I clear this completely?




Fear attracts what we fear. So the Bach Flower Remedy Mimulus is prescribed to handle our known fears.

The “I am sorry” mantra breaks the unwanted connection from us and the harassers.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir,few months ago i hv asked u for a Sw to create a good relation between Ind and Pak.u said to chant ‘RISHYASHINGA MAHARISHI CHANGE DIVINE’…Honestly nt regular but am chanting it.i hv few ques,plz clear me..a)while chanting am i hv to visualise anything for its better result? b)as because its nt my personal prblm,its for universal sake so is it realy possible for bringing any change by alone chanting?i don’t know why sir but want it from soo many years and i realy want to do something create love between this 2 nations. c)i need a chant on behalf of all female for their physical secuirity.u r already helping in another issue for me,plz reply for this also sir.MADHU

    • Sir is that not hv any solution?r we remain insecure always?if u hv any chant,prayer,number for it plz give..i wl do in behalf of all how far i can.

    • madhu,
      Think about Pakistan and India and do this
      for security of females:MUSTARD MIMULUS

      • Thanks a lot.i wl b happy if i can do anything for this two issues.i request to u to suggest this mantra to all bcoz these issues r getting complecated day by day,and i alone how far can do….

        • Its nice to c every prblm have solution.i do want to chant,sir even we chant RELEASE RESISTANCE INDIA PAKISTAN TOGETHER DIVINE LOVE,as bcoz there is something which resist us to feel good for each other.and is that realy possible by chanting?how sir?its a long lasting problem.

  2. Tamanya,
    everthing starts with one person.

  3. dear sir, whenever i heard any news related to women voilence..,harassment…i m scared.. and i really feel uncomfortable… what can i do to feel protected … even i m so much concerened abt my family protection…t,pls suggest me to cure for my fears…thank u sir…

  4. K,
    take the flower remedy Rockrose daily two pills. when you are affected by any incident, take Rockrose immediately. put the pills in water and sip every 15 minutes

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