Job Mantras

I have never been in the same job for more than 10 months. Either, I change project within the same company, so going to a different location or completely shifting to another company. Due to this, I always feel unsettled and unstable.


Take the following remedies:

  • SCLERANTHUS: The unsteady mind will always have an unsettled life. One day you have the desire to go for the job. The very next day you have resistance to go to the job (changeable mood or mood swings). Scleranthus will give you a steady and stable mind, and helps you settle down.
  • HORNBEAM: Of course steadiness in the job for 10-15 years doesn’t indicate growth. You need to move forward in life.
  • ROCK ROSE: To have determination and commitment and a “never-say-die spirit”
  • WALNUT: You would have taken this pattern from one of your parents or ancestors. To break the pattern, Walnut is needed.
  • The fifth could be any one of the following three, based on your mental states:
    • Gentian: To be upbeat and optimistic in all circumstances
    • Willow: if you have resentment and feel that your counter-parts or juniors are doing better, even though you are better qualified.
    • Larch: if you think others are smart and more capable than in utilizing their opportunities, while you are not (lack of confidence)

All remedies have to be taken separately; two pills each, with a gap of five minutes, and twice a day.

Chant the switch words:


Move on: now you are not in a job, so you need to move on,

Find Count Divine: to get a good salary

Job: Goal.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. sir,generally i put all the pills together in drinkin water. But takin them separately is for this problem alone or for al problems we hav to do so in the abv procedure.

  2. sathya,
    mixing everything together may or may not work. When you know that you are predominantly in a particular state of mind, take the remedy separately.
    If you want to try a number of remedies, take one remedy a day for the first five days and find out what is happening on taking each remedy.
    whichever remedy improves your state continue that for some more time. Eliminate which is not altering any of the said state.
    Soemtimes, when it is not feasible to take as stated above i will ask to mix all the remedies

  3. My name is Mohit and i have been trying to find work since a very long time but not successful in any work. Whatever i try to do i always make losses or negative for new opportunities. Please help me ad send me the remedies on this post. Thank you so much Sir.

  4. My name is Karan, i have been making losses in all business what i have tried to do. people use me and cheat me all the time. I help lots of people in their work. I have cases on me which i have not done anything on it. Please help me. Thank you so much Sir

    send this query to

  6. Lois Helan Naveena

    Sir, I and my Husband doesn’t have job my husband is not getting job anywhere now due to that we both are unable to lead our life together even if I get job somewhere I was forced to leave job somehow don’t know whats wrong with me too.So, I kindly repuest you to give some remedies
    Thank You
    Lois Helan Naveena

  7. Lois Helan Naveena

    • Lois Helan Naveena

      Sir, thanks for your reply can you please elaborate how many times & when to chant this mantras sir
      Thanking You

  8. Lois Helan Naveena

    Sir, thanks for your reply can you please elaborate how many times & when to chant this mantras sir
    Thanking You

  9. Respected Sir,

    Please suggest a switchword for harmony and peace with my family members .My kids,m-in-law and husband doesnt like me and I always fight for my place here but in vain. The reason for the differences is iam jobless and didnt bring big money to fulfill their desires.
    Thanks in advance

  10. CHANT HOLLY MIMULUS WALNUT MUSTARD as many times as possible over a glass of water and drink it.

  11. dear sir i dont have a job , i want to work from home many jobs i tried but it is not working. i want to be independent. i get angry very soon especially with my elder son as he doesnot listen to me daily because of him there will be a fight in our house .he will be loosing the things in school and he is very care less.and doesnot study. he is 12 yrs old

  12. ANNI,
    You chant CHERRYPLUM IMPATIENS daily

  13. Namaste Naran ji

    Thank you very much for all your suggestiins,mantras ,websites and blogs.

    I have been reading on internet and started chanting mantras. I have got great results from chanting them. And especially mudras have been of immense help.

    Please let me know mantra chanting for getting selected for an interview and getting job. I am doing part time job and would like to work full time and in the field of nutrition.
    I just saw advertisement about job.I will apply for the same in this week. Would you please kindly suggest mantras?

    With best regards
    Thank you for your advise..

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