Abundant Support from Family and Flowers

Guru Mangala

My domestic help Anu cried saying that she has been abandoned with her child, by her husband a few years ago.

She is trying to earn and educate the boy. She lives with her poor mother, brother and sister-in-law. The sister-in-law is unhappy that this girl is being sheltered here and supported by the brother. This gives chance for lots of infighting between husband and wife. Anu feels guilty that she is the cause of her dear brother’s suffering. 

She saw me giving Bach flower remedy to my mother and asked me what that is. I told her how it works. She requested me for some flowers for herself. 


Reasons: guilt (Pine), feeling used (Centaury), trauma/ pain (Star of Bethlehem), unable to let go/ clinging to brother (Chicory, Walnut), thoughts which haunt day and night (White chestnut) and regret of the past (Honey Suckle). 

Next morning she came smiling and said she was feeling confident that the troubles will be overcome. But within a day the sister-in-law created a huge fight and walked out of the house with her parents.  Anu was so sad and kept saying “this is all because of me.” I gave her Larch.   I gave her SWEET CHESTNUT to place in the NE corner of the room, and to sprinkle CRAB APPLE and WALNUT around the house. 

For the mother I gave RED CHESTNUT and WILLOW.

For the brother, I gave OAK, CHICORY and WALNUT.

I asked Anu to do forgiveness and told her mother also to keep forgiving the daughter-in-law.

She came running next morning, “Amma, the house is peaceful.  My sister-in-law returned and apologized to my brother. She actually fell at his feet and said she would never again fight over me.  I have also apologized to her.  We are a happy family now”.

Thank the flowers. 

Since that day, nearly 2 months ago, Anu is now happily earning extra money by working in a courier company along with my household, her son is admitted to UKG and sister-in-law helps with the boy’s studies and looks after him. There is respect for Anu and all is well.

 I am ever grateful to Naran and to the Flowers for the joy they bring to so many families. 

Anu is the local advertiser of flower power in Kanchipuram!!!  I have many people seeking   remedies.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir,

    For a Fistula problem, you had given these remedies:
    1) Beech
    2) Willow
    3) Agrimony
    4) Walnut

    Of these remedies, which one shud be taken in day time, and which in the night before going to sleep. Also could you help us by explaining why these remedies.

    • roopa,
      All our unexpressed emotions judgment and blaming tendencies if not healed will find their place for some people in large intestine, which turn out into fistula.
      Fistula should be handled in other ways also. One has to change the diet pattern; one should not have constipation.
      Having fistula means one is sitting on a volcano. Add cherryplum also. QUIET MIND OPEN HEART RELAX will help fistula patients. “Observe without judging, listen, let go unwanted and retain what is needed.” is the message of fistula.

  2. Sir,

    For the plants which had caught disease on the leaves, you had given these remedies:
    1) Rescue Remedy
    2) Crab Apple
    3) Walnut

    Though the disease is not fully cured, they have started flowering in a huge way. i hope, a few dead plants would also get revived.

  3. Naran sir
    I posted a comment but neither it showed awaiting moderation nor it appeared on blog.i am in need of answer very urgently so posting again.
    My cousin name is being involved in some police case though he is totally innocent.Actual culprit has been cought then also he is being inquired may be actual culprit is trying to involve his name also. My cousin is very disturbed.his 20 year of buisness and family name and reputation is at risk.please help to come out of false allegation. He is so disturbed that may be he will not be able to chant but our whole family can chant and use circle technique.Already i am chanting FIND DIVINE ORDER AND AMBIKA MANTRA for him.desperately in need of divine guidance.

    • The wordpress system has treated that comment as Spam that’s why it hasn’t appeared. Sorry, it wasn’t in our control. Your current comment has been forwarded to Naran.

      Website admin

    • JAYA,
      chant AGRIMONY PINE GORSE WILDROSE CHANGE DIVINE ORDER. Draw a circle in a paper. Inside the circle draw an equilateral triangle. within the traingle, write his name. Underneath the base of the triangle, there will be a gap. write CHANGE DIVINE ORDER.

  4. Naran Sir,
    Thanks a lot for prompt response. God bless you.

  5. sir
    Namaste…today i experienced one miracle..i want to share with you and other members..i was writing Together divine..during lunch hour and i saw the scrolling in a TV that a 3year old was kidnapped and and parents lodged a complaint. Looking at the scrolling i started chanting Sweetchestnut and Rock rose..praying to protect the kid.nothing else struck to my mind…after 2and half hours..i saw the scrolling that the kidnappers left the boy in one place…thanks to the divine flowers…Thanks to naran sir Thanks to the divine

    Very nice. You have chanted absolutely right. Guided well by the flowers.
    Best of Divine grace of all the flowers to you, your family and your friends

  7. sir,
    thank you very much sir…as you said i am not the doer..i have been guided by you and the divine..sir
    i remembered this combination ..in such situation only divine grace can protect the child(sweetchestnut) and rockrose for the quick help(sir has told this for quick help for rains)…Pranamam

  8. sir,
    my daughter has problems being part of a group.She feels others will gang up and leave her out.Please help sir so that she learns to be part of group and also learn to lead.

  9. sai ram naran sir thanks for your help whenever any problem occured,sir i have some complicated situation me and my husband shifted from uk to finish three things
    1 to build our house for our house it is going out of our budget and not able to find the suitable contractor and architect as their prices are too high……so please suggest something to process this in less time and reasonable amount as we have already spent some of our savings in 6 months and feeling short of…….my husband wants to do job as soon as construction work starts to earn some money to put in this house

    2 to settle down my brother in law in some kind of business my husband opened the pet shop for his brother but after few days he says he is not interested in this business he just wants to do something in computers but we have already spend a good amount of money in this shop.now dont know what to do

    3 to sell this ancestral house because their is no will because of sudden death of his father first then his uncle’s ,as we planned to finish all this in a year and a half 6 months are gone but nothing is working out. please sir help us out
    thanks a lot sir you have always helped me in my problems
    regards mons

  10. mons,
    1. chant SWEETCHESTNUT BLUE SAPPHIRE MIMULUS as many times as possible.
    2. whatever is done to him he will waste your money.
    3. chant NAMASHIVAYAM. Write in a notebook, together find divine buyer give count now done daily 51 times.

  11. thanks a lot naran sir i will follow this

  12. Sir,

    I need a clarification:

    In a given situtation, I may not be sure to suggest the appropriate flower remedies to a patient/receiver. Then, which of these options should I choose:
    1) to chant SWEETCHESTNUT, and will I be guided to prescribe the coreect remedy for the patient
    2) should I prescribe SWEETCHESTNUT BLINDLY to the patient alongwith other remedies.

  13. Roopa
    if you are in confusion, before suggesting , take wildoat 2 pills. Close your eyes and touch any remedy, take it out and give it

    • Thank you sir.
      That’a a very good guidance from you.

      Normally, only on the weekends, I get to meet my neighbours. So at that time, they want me to prescribe remedies for their kids, husbands and themselves. I will have atleast one family visiting me for the remedies.

      On the week end, especially on a Sunday afternoon, I don’t feel like calling you and disturbing you.

      Atlast, I became A NATURAPATHY DOCTOR….the Universe has made me a naturapathy doctor(better and the best), instead of an MBBS doctor, which was my ambition 30years before during my college days.

      I never thought that I would such a wonderful chance to serve the society and the most needy people around me.

      I have been prescribing remedies for kids with low memory, concentration, fear.

      And for housewives to have harmony/peaceful life. Now, a days the mothers(not educated) are able to guide their kinds by taking ELM much more smartly. I am awaiting some results.

      I have been thanking the flowers everyday.

      Atlast, I am able to do charity work for the most needed people.

      Thank you once again Sir.

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