Winning Ways

My past failures are holding on to me

I am trying to find a new job and I am meeting some obstacles within myself. Here are the themes:

  • Not feeling I have the skill set to apply to the positions I know in my heart that I desire for.
  • Not feeling smart enough even though I am graduated from a top school.
  • I remember past failures, even though I have an outstanding memory.
  • Feeling like that I cannot get good references.
  • Not feeling valuable or that I can make as much money as I know I deserve for my work.
  • Feeling judged for even wanting to rise to a higher position (glass ceiling).
  • I regret my past failures in school despite outstanding reviews for the past 4 years. It is quite irrational but is having a real affect on my ability.
  • Is there a mantra that can work for me? I am committed to getting out of this rut from the inside out.
  • Additionally, I am always somehow short on funds even though I know with some certainty that I can maintain a balanced checkbook. Little things always happen to take it away.



No promotion in sight for me

I am working in an IT company for past 5 plus years and working very hard but I am not being recognized nor being promoted to the next level. I have my appraisal next month and I need promotion and a very good salary hike, as I do not want to leave my company.

Please help me. Because of this I am very de-motivated after working so hard and doing well and yet there is no career progression


(Within yourself) thank all your colleagues, superiors, the management, and the salary you are getting (currently). Live in the attitude of gratitude.


Elm: will expand your capabilities that are required for your growth and promotions in your endeavors.

Larch: Boosts your self-confidence (for success)

Honeysuckle:  Not to regret in the past, and not to be held by the past. Instead, move forward in life.

Gentian: Not to be down due to setbacks. Instead use them as feedback and lessons to be learned.

Hornbeam: Not to get stuck up and move forward

Rock rose: not to panic about the appraisal


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. radha narayanan

    I have had good success with FIND DIVINE ORDER when travelling ,also to a certain extent in my work.Sometimes i get stuck in my work and cannot find a solution then sometimes it does’nt work.any alternative switch word to not lose hope & carry on the work as usual??
    Kind Regards

    • Please don’t ask the same question twice. Naran will answer your question soon.

      Website Admin

      I mentioned your comment to Naran yesterday (over the phone). He said to find a solution, chant “WHITE CHESTNUT”.
      Until he answers your question personally, do this. Good luck

  2. naran sir,
    My 12 yr old son is suffering from nose guide sir,
    Thanks sir

  3. Naran Sir
    Can you please guide us on Vastu Dosh remedies through Bach flower chanting or switch words especially South West vastu.I hope this will help lots of readers.

    • REVA,
      Hang a picture of star of bethelehem in that corner where, there is deficient enegy flow or defective. It will correct.

  4. Dear Guruji,

    Good Morning and greetings for the day.

    Iam 32 years old and my husband is around 39 years. Got married before seven years. till date no child and happiness in marital life. we want to live together only till life long. undergoing treatment and tried through injection once and failed. again doctor has suggested to try through injection. but i want it naturally. my ancestors were blessed with many children and they lived happily (without money is not a consideration and enjoyed all the basic happiness) but in our case we two are earning to a moderate level and happiness to some percentage only. i am praying to all gods, keep fast on monday, shasti for child birth and happiness in marital life. please suggest remedies to conceive child naturally and also to get the fruits of fast, prayers.please help.


  5. Dear Sir,



  6. paresh bhatt

    I m trying to find out what i like to do in Career. I choose d a career in IT while doing my graduation. I worked for 9 months in IT. After last december i haven’t got a job and since january I m trying to figure out what I exactly like doing. I m chanting wildoat . Kindly guide me how to Listen to my inner voice and understand it. Sir I really require your guidance.

    Thanks and regards
    Paresh Bhatt

  7. paresh bhatt,
    chant cerato wild oat clematis FIND DIVINE ORDER NOW. AND write this in a paper and keep it under pillow while sleeping.

  8. Dear Naran, I have many household things I need to sell for the best price possible within a week. I hope you can advise me. Thank you!!

  9. Grace,

  10. Dear Naran, I want to report that I had buyers for almost all my items These funds helped me greatly during which would have been a more difficult time.I will also say that the things I didn’t sell I felt in my mind did not ave any real value for anyone so I know it was only my own mind which prevented me from selling it. I was surprised that it worked out so well since I had never sold before.Thank you Thank you.

  11. sir my name is sangeetha i have completed by in 2010 search for job i dnt have any work experience pls guid me sir give me some remedies and switch words to settle in job

  12. sir according to my astrology im having chances of getting government job pls help me for my job settlement give switch words and remedies sir pls since 2010 im with out job pls sir

  13. sir my age is 27 so many marriage proposal came but all are saying no pls sir hlep me no job no marriage settlement

  14. sangeetha
    ………….(name of the planet which indicates govt job for you)
    find divine order count now done

  15. sangeetha,
    when anybody comes to your for the proposal, take a glass of water chant SWEETCHESTNUT BEECH WALNUT for 100 times and mix in the common water. you chant this till you get the answer from them

    • sir thank u so much i got a job sir pls telme switch words for stability of my job sir but they r paying very less 5000 only i have completed by but i need a job urgently so im joining sir pls give me switch words for my growth in carrer sir

      • sangeetha,
        chant WALNUT OAK HORNBEAM.
        Thank the person who gave you the job daily. Thank the work daily. Thank the divine for providing this opportunity. Always be in attitude of gratitude every day for what you are getting.
        you will come up in life as per your wish

  16. Dear Naran,
    What should I chant to get a job in the place of my choice (Coimbatore)as I will get lot of help to take care of my child-

  17. akila,
    chant FIND DIVINE ORDER. call wolf and say please help me get a job of my choice in coimbatore

  18. sir to get govt job u ask me 2 chant find divine order count now done sir how many times should i chant sir is there any angle number so dat i can get settle in job pls help me sir

  19. Thank you Sir

  20. I have done my then I joined MBA but I couldn’t complete it at all. Also I have struggled to pass my exams in my 10th, +2, and also my degree.

    Now, I really want to go for a job. For that education is not enough. So I’m going to do a professional course. I really want to do and pass my exams in 2.5 yrs. but I’m really scared about passing the exams.

    Also I have very less concentration. Pls help me to pass the course as early without much delay.

  21. smitha,

    For focus and concentration: take the flower remedies WATER VIOLET, OAK, CHESTNUT BUD and CLEMATIS.
    Write SLOW CARE in a paper and paste it in front of you while studying.
    Write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

  22. sir,
    plz give me sm remedies to get a govt. job offer of good post by nxt yr

  23. Sir,

    I want to live an uncomplicated life. Its stuck between my mom and my husband. I always always endup keeping only one person happy. I love both of them, can you help me with this.

  24. Sir,
    I lost my job, im helpless. All my family members are avoiding me. Lost my happiness. I want to be the succeful again. Please give me a solution for this.

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