Power to Achieve


“The power needed in yoga is the power to go through effort, difficulty or trouble without getting fatigued, depressed, discouraged or impatient and without breaking off the effort or giving up one’s aim or resolution.”

– The Mother

When can you use this flower?

  • For any obstacle or hindrance
  • If there is a delay, obstruction, opposition or restriction, for example, if there is a delay in getting the offer.  What can you do then? You can take the picture and meditate upon it. 
  • Just look at it for a while, if the project or something else is delayed. Let us say, marriage is delayed.
  • If there is a stumbling block in your way, say a person is hindering, sabotaging or preventing you from doing anything…
  • You are stopped from getting a promotion…“Let this girl need not get a job, a colleague might work towards it”

These can be categorized as obstruction, prevention and sabotage. In all these areas of problems, the Hibiscus flower can be used as a beautiful remedy.

The Hibiscus with this color only (Hawaii Hibiscus flower) has got that healing power. In fact, Mother has discussed about 15 varieties of Hibiscus flowers. Only the Hawaii Hibiscus flower has the qualities I have mentioned.

Have a look at the picture of the Hibiscus flower. You are blessed if you just get an opportunity to see it. Both the picture and pills of the flowers are available in the centre. The original flower is from Hawaii. Outside of the flower will be in yellowish orange, while its inside is red in color.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear sir,
    Just read through ur blog . it’s very inspiring . I have a son who is 6yrs old . Knows no manners , disobedient , not at all interested in studies although he is very intelligent , does not give me a bit of respect , always interested in tv .when i put off the tv he becomes wild and violent .i have tried everything but just dont know how to handle him . It is very very frustrating for me as a mother . Kindly advise me some mantras or Some switch word remedy or bach flower remedy ora combination od all so that i can have a sober obedient loving child who listens to his mother and does his studies in time with interest and dedication .

    Thank you so much for your help.

  2. Diya,
    chant PASUPATHIM MAHADEVAM. daily around 100 times over a glass of water and give it to him.
    Give him HOLLY VINE SCLERANTHUS, walnut – flower remedies –
    each 2 pills to be given separately one after the other for two times.
    you take daily REDCHESTNUT AND VINE 2 pills each one after the other for three times daily.

  3. Dear Naran Sir

    I have problem such as whenever i have thought to get something or wanted to purchase anything for household i will face delay,
    obstruction and block. Our CD player is spoilt and wanted to get new one but till now i couldn’t get to puchase one. I have few things
    to purchase to replace my old household items but it simply get stuck and block me from getting new one. This things always happening to me. Pls advise what should i do and get smooth flow
    whenever i wanted to get/purchase for the needs. Thank you for your Divine help.

  4. Dear Naran Sir,
    I emailed to u on 21 Mar for my problems which u advised to take flower remedies larch, hornbeam, chestnutbud, rock rose, mimulus, star of bethlehem, rescue remedy, aspen and white chestnut. I mailed again to enquire abot the remedies cost and speed post charges. I have yet to receive any mail on the cost. Thank you Sir.

  5. Dear Naran Sir
    Sir my 20 yr old has been part of a project and is getting targeted by a temperamental teacher.This teacher overlooks the other students mistake but will lambast her for no reason inspite of her being very hardworking and a top ranker. Please guide as my child carries a problem of fear which developed when as a 3 yr old she was admitted to a hospital.

    • tilotuma
      ask her to chant WATERVIOLET HOLLY MIMULUS HORNBEAM. while going to the college, write these names in a piece of paper and ask her to keep this in her pocket.
      you chant OM HREEM TAHA.

  6. Dear Sir,

    I am a mother of a female child. I wish to conceive again to give birth to a male child. Please suggest some remedies for the same.

  7. Dear Sir,

    I am undergoing treatment for progeny. Doctor has suggested to go for IUI by next month. Already tried once and failed. That time i was not able to tolerate the pain during injection. please suggest remedies to get success this time and also to tolerate the pain during injection.


    • kalapriya
      CHANT gentian wildrose to overcome disappointment and feel happy.
      During injection: chant MIMULUS CHERRYPLUM

  8. Dear Naran Sir,

    I am about to apply for job oportunities that require going through some written exams. A lot of people in my country try for these exams, but the number of jobs available is small compared to the number of people who try.

    I have been studying with all my being and will continue to do so, but I was wondering if there was any flower remedies I can chant to help me be one of those who pass those exams.

    Should I chant Oak Mustard like advised in the “Mastering Any Subject is Easy” article or is there a more appropriate flower combination for this situation? Should I also use the circle technique with the angel number 398?

    Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom with the world. Your blogs give me hope.

    Best regards,

  9. Dear Sir,
    I need your help to migrate to Uk and also to get a good job. What should i chant. Pls help me as its urgent. Thanks. God Bless!

  10. Sir,

    Could you please suggest remedy for Cervical Spondylities. My friend has severe pain on the back neck. She also has guiddiness all through out the day. Suddenly, she feels her head going round n round. Two sisters are sufferring the same problem.

    I would like to have some bach flower remedies.

  11. rdm
    go to a yoga master and learn yoga.

  12. Dear Sir,

    I still haven’t receive any reply. Thks.

  13. Dear Guruji,

    Good Morning and greetings for the day.

    Iam 32 years old and my husband is around 39 years. Got married before seven years. till date no child and happiness in marital life. we want to live together only till life long. undergoing treatment and tried through injection once and failed. again doctor has suggested to try through injection. but i want it naturally. my ancestors were blessed with many children and they lived happily (without money is not a consideration and enjoyed all the basic happiness) but in our case we two are earning to a moderate level and happiness to some percentage only. i am praying to all gods, keep fast on monday, shasti for child birth and happiness in marital life. please suggest remedies to conceive child naturally and also to get the fruits of fast, prayers.please help.


      wRITE sweetchestnut walnut hornbeam in a paper and keep it under the pilow. (both)
      Hang a picture of rabbit in the bed room.
      Hang a picture of Pigeon in the dining hall.

  14. Dear Sir,

    Awaiting your reply.


  15. Dear Sir,

    My father is chewing pan parag/tobacco and addict to it. it is hereditary. Grandparents has the habbit. from them he got addicted to it. But we children are not addicted. please suggest remedies so that i will chant on behalf on him. i want him to leave that habbit. because he is already diabetic, blood pressure, knee pain, teeth is spoiled. please help.


  17. hi,
    i have low self esteem and low confidence, i cant do presentations can u suggest something to write on paper which can help also i have a delay in marriage anything for that as well.
    thank you

  18. write ELM LARCH HORNBEAM in a piece of paper and keep it with you, while doing the presentation. you can keep this under pillow while sleeping also

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