Clear the Darkness of Shade Shani

I was told that at present my nephew and I are under the influence of the planet Sani (Saturn). I am also going to the temple every Sat and burning the black sesame bundle with oil for both of us. What else can I do in terms of gem remedies and Bach flowers? Also is it ok for me to do for my nephew as he is only 6 yrs old.


Don’t worry about your nephew. He is only 6 years old. Nothing will affect him.

Take the Bach flower remedy MUSTARD daily two doses of three pills each. This will help you. Mustard will give you light, wherever there is darkness. Shade Shani is based on your birth star. The moon represents mind and when it is under the influence of Saturn, a dark cloud is formed over the Moon (mind). Mustard will lift off this cover.


Mustard – “For those who are liable to times of gloom (darkness) …” Dr. Edward Bach, who discovered the flower remedies.

The yellow Mustard plant spreads on the land well reminding the rays of the sun. The light will dispel the darkness of the mind and uplift it to joy.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,My friend’s son,24 years old,is facing a problem.Because of his height and structure,few people commented that he looks like a 10th std student.This has made him feel v.sad.Please suggest some bach flower remedies, and mantras which his mother can chant.
    Also her husbands expectations of the boy is too much,although hes doing well.He gets v.angry.Please suggest something for her also.Thanks and regards

  2. girija

  3. Thank you sir.Are the same 3 flowers to be chanted together for the boy and for my friend’s husband’s problem also?
    Another help sir.A property dispute was about to be solved but suddenly it has stopped.How can it be hastened so that its solved quickly?
    Thank you sir.

  4. girija

  5. naran sir,
    My 12 yr old son though peaceful and loving is very sensitive.Watching terrorist on tv ,he has developed fear and is also having sleep problems.he has been suffering from viral rash on his hands and legs .he refuses to sip bach remedy in water .Sir please guide which remedy and how many drops to add of a remedy in 1 dram pills.
    Thanking in advance sir,

  6. Dear Sir,

    I am having cracks in my feet. It is paining. Stiches has been made in my left leg due to a crash in cycle wheel during my childhood. Now it is ok and walking well. but afraid to apply pedicure stone due to this. cracks are sometimes paining more. applying cream. but completely it is not going. in my family all are having more cracks in their feets. please suggest remedies to get beautiful legs without cracks.


  7. Vijayalakshmi
    Take the flower remedies
    ELM (for deficiency of vitamins and minerals)
    Rockwater to wash away the cracks
    Walnut to overcome family influences(gene disorder)
    crab apple to look beautiful
    Take these flower remedies lone by one. each 2 pills. three times A day.

  8. Dear Sir,Thank you for your reply.
    I need your help with regard to my sister.2 years back she was refused visa to the US.She was very sad.She wanted to meet her daughter.She has applied again.After having read your blogs,i have asked her to chant rock water,water violet,gentian,wild rose.I have also told her to request the wolf for help.Is this ok?Is there anything else she can do?
    Thank you sir.

  9. girij,
    ok. very good.
    best of luck to your sister

  10. Dear Sir,

    Nowadays we are facing problems due to power cut. order by government. please suggest some remedies for the same. i am a working woman. getting much disturbed because of this.

    Expecting your reply.


  11. Dear sir,I want to share the good news with you.My sister was granted the US visa!Thanks to you.Many people in front of her were rejected and she was v.nervous.She had carried with her the names of the flowers with her and had been chanting as well.She was grilled by the officer but was given the visa.Thank you v.much sir.My sister also conveys her thanks to you.
    Another help sir.We are planning to reconstruct our house.So we have to move.Can you suggest a remedy so that we get a good house nearby quickly, which is not expensive as we are in a financially tight position.Thanks a lot sir.

  12. Dear Sir,

    I chanted Willow for rat to leave my house and also thanked it. But still it is not leaving. giving troubles in many ways. please help me. i don’t want to kill it. i want it to leave my house. please help. iam becoming totally upset due to rat. also spoiling all my clothes, food items, electronic items etc., and making the place dirty. iam in a rented house only. the rent is nominal. hence not thinking to move to new house. also earning normal salary only. moving to well designed house will be a difficult one for me. i.e. paying more rent is difficult. please help me. my husband is not co-operating to apply for housing loan. but iam interested to purchase a flat on loan basis. since i can get relief from rat and also house owner. please suggest some remedies for the following:
    1. rat leaving my current rent house
    2. to get husband’s support to purchase a flat of my own.

    expecting your reply.


  13. Dear Sir,

    The price of basic essential items like rice, oil, vegetables, bus fare, milk, curd etc., are gone high. the government is putting more pressure on middle class people. but the salary for private employees has not been increased. please suggest some remedies to get everything at nominal price and to get government’s support for pvt.employees and normal middle class people to be benefited.


  14. mahalakshmi

  15. Thank you sir for this very marvelous blog. How can someone with complete paralysis be helped?

  16. kizzita
    ROCK ROSE, STAR OF BETHLEHEM, ROCK WATER and MUSTARD each 2 pills three times a day one after the other.
    He has to be given pills of YELLOW AND GREEN Colours available in the center.

    • Dear Sir, My greatest gratitude for your response. dear sir, I live in the United states, and this person is in a convalesence home hours away from me, I visit once a week;. I was wondering, can writing these remedies work for him also?. While waiting for your reply I have written on a piece of paper in the concentric form as I read from the blog. I am forever grateful to you for sharing this wonderful knowledge. kizzita.

  17. Dear sir, howmany drops make up a pill, if taking bach flowers in liquid form? Do you make your bach flower essences like the others, i was just wondering if using what i get from natural food stores, liquid forms, is ok.
    Thanks again.

  18. kizzitaa
    They are available in foreign countries in liquid form only. you can put two drops in 200 ml water. and this water can be sipped over for three or four times.

    • Thank you very much sir for your responses.I made a card with the circles and left one on his wall in his room, I left one under his pillow, but I know when the sheets are changed it would be gone. I also left a picture of wolf on his wall.
      I am humbly waiting for the day when your products will become readily available to us outside India to purchase easily online and pay directly online. I have sent emails inquiring about all your products, books cds and cards, as i would like to have them and study them. I am not sure howmuch to transfer to obtain the above. Thanks again dear sir. Sending you love, light and Divine. Kizzita

  19. Dear Sir,Thank you for the help with flower remedies and mantras.They are great and so helpful.Sir for finding good house quickly i have seen 3 remedies:
    1.Cerato Mimulus Find Divine House
    2.Reach House Divine
    3.I am Sorry Please Forgive Me Love Thanks Divine(the issue).The 3rd one i saw in your book,Mantra steps to prosperity zone.
    My question is:Can we say all 3,one at a time,108 times each?Please explain sir.

  20. girija
    very good, you searched and got the above. have you noticed the context. Each one puts a different question. the answer is slightly modified.
    1. to know where and what Cerato will guide. Cerato will locate like Google map. Mimulus to find a house favourable to us. Additionally mimulus will help us get the house within our budget, if money is a constraint. of course FIND DIVINE are switch words.
    I am sorry plese forgive me love thanks divine can be combine with anything easily.
    REACH if there is hectic trying.
    You can say all the three one at a time, 108 times.

  21. My husband has a commercial photo studio in the basement of a building. We somehow fail to attract clients at the studio for photo shoot. If there is booking in advance it gets cancelled due to some problem. Outdoor photo shoot work is better. but no work inside the studio. Can u pls guide me what to chant to attract
    clients in the studio for photo shoot

  22. RASHMI

  23. Dear Sir,
    I am working in a big reputed construction company. my compnay has gone drown with ful of debts it was running nice ly before from since 2 years we are facing so many problems,we are not geting projects also & our boss is not able to pay the salary to the employees. he is pledge all is property.Please give me sum remedy or mantra or switch words for my company to grow up in and get good projects.
    Please help me to do sum ting good to my company

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