Have Genuine Friends

I have no genuine friends. Is there is any remedy to get good friends? I had a couple of best friends in school and college, and many long distance good friends, but not any girlfriends whom I can call as best friends after my marriage.


1.       Yes! By taking Bach flower remedy WATER VIOLET you can get good friends. You can take 3 pills 3 times a day.

2.       You can keep the picture of Water violet in your pocket (download them or the picture is available in the Bach Flower centre).

3.       Chant Water violet.

4.       You can also write the name Water violet daily in a notebook – 20 to 30 times.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hellow Naran sir, one of my friends left smoking almost 2years ago … and nw because of depression and tension , he started smoking again .. what swithc words i can chant on his behalf so that he automatically leaves smoking on his own …

    He had pnemonia before due to which he left it.. please guide me I want to help him stay away from it … as it is harmful..

  2. Shine

  3. Dear Sir,


    My husband is watching TV in night times. This is affecting my personal life very badly. He is not listening to my words. Obeying his parents words only. Please suggest me some remedy to get rid of this tv habit and obey my words and to bring him under my control.


  4. prema
    you cannot control anybody. chant AGRIMONY GENTIAN WALNUT. This will make both of you compatible.

  5. Dear Sir,


    Control in the sense not dominating him. Married before 7 years. Child birth is getting postponed. Obeying his parents words only. I am working in a small concern for my basic needs. He is sharing financially but little bit of amount only. Only fight and very hard relationship for the past 7 years. No enjoyment in life. Not co-operating fully for treatment also and not mingling fully with me and my family members. Money minded. To be frank i need his love and affection. But he is not understanding it and showing his affection to his family members only. Please help. Iam from a normal middle class family only and not interested to take any legal actions. Working is not a matter of issue for me. But I need his love and affection fully towards me. Even for wedding day he is not interested to come to my house. After marraige I lost my mother also due to his less co-operating activities.

    Already I have faced many problems from my childhood to come up in life and today also facing a lot. Better half is also not compatible.

    Please help.

  6. PREMA,
    since you say you want his love and affection,
    take the flower remedies MUSTARD GENTIAN WALNUT – 3pills each 3 times a day with a gap of 5 minutes between each remedy. Buy these from homeopathy shop or get from our centre.

  7. Namastae Naranji,

    Our 11-year old son faces bullying issues in school and students excluding him from activities. He wants atleast one good friend to make his school life bearable. Will chanting Water Violet help him?
    Thank you for your time and guidance.

  8. iSWARNA,
    yes waterviolet will definetely help. Add heather for not to be turned down by friends. He wants school life to be bearable, that means the situation is unbearble for him. Add cherry plum. And add mimulus since he will have fear of going to school. Mimulus will create friendly atmosphere. For being bullied add vine.

  9. manichandran

    i dont know how can chanting or keeping a picture of flower can really help u instead of actually taking it in?

  10. i want a solution for my son he is not interested in studies he is graduation in maths PLEASE HELP

  11. Hello sir,
    I want to become a doctor. I have passed my 12th std . To get admission into medical college I have to score well in neet examination. This is my third attempt and I am not feeling that strong energy within me as it was earlier.I have a habit of studying during last times of exam I want myself to start working hard from now but whenever I start studying i use to get negative past memories and mistake or negative thoughts about my future

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