Mastering Any Subject is Easy

Mastering a Language

Last time, I got (Bach Flower Remedy) Mustard and Oak pills for my son.  It suits him so well and he has improved a lot in Tamil. The pills are over and his annual exams are round the corner. Kindly tell me when I should come to buy.

Thanks and Regards

Mastering Maths

I tried angel number 398 during my daughter math exam.

Concepts are clear to her. She can solve every problem but gets nervous near the exam and makes such mistakes, which her teachers couldn’t expect it from her.

I wrote 398 and kept that paper in her geometry box. In addition, wrote her name in circle and 398 in outer circle.

She entered home, back from her exam. Her comment was, “Wow! It was so easy… I know all the sums”.



OAK and MUSTARD: This is the Bach Flower combination to understand and master any subject.

398: for wisdom


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran Sir

    My daughter going to sit for 7 standard exam on 6 March’12 and she is nervous and complaint to me that she cannot score good gred, I am sad to hear this but meantime i will always chant Ambika mantra and pray for her. Above Article “Mastering Maths” can i do the same method like her for all subject. Example : write her name circle it and and write the wisdom number 398 and draw another circle. Is this correct. (Back flower not available here in Malaysia)

  2. Chadra Jobai
    yes you can do so.

  3. I have a four year old son. Whenever he does something be it playing with toys or studies or anything, he gives up very soon. He will throw the things which he is having in hand like toy or book etc. and shouts ” I will not be able to do it.” He also short-tempered. Though the reason may be I am also short tempered. Any solutions ?

  4. Mr Naran,
    Thank You immensely for the chants you suggested for receiving our delayed passports. Received them today after 4 months of applying. From the very next day when i started chanting, I got atleast some information which was just unavailable till then. Thank you once again and would also like to know if you are conducting any classes in Mumbai which i would love to attend.

  5. Sadhana
    what was given for chanting? please mention here

  6. Sir i have also applied for passport kindly give me mantra or chants to receive my passport as soon as possible. I m also learning a language SQL . Sir please suggest bach flowers for my study purpose.

    thanks and regards
    Paresh bhatt


  8. This is robin from kanchipuram .i heard flower medicine through my friend but i dmt knw how to use & hw to chant .Nowadays am feeling lonely & unlucky could anybody hlp me out form these……

  9. Robinson Moses,
    chanting means repeating the words for a specific times. chant CHICORY GENTIAN daily 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water in the morning. do this one more time in the night.

  10. Hello mr naran,
    to master any subject u suggest to take mustard and oak pills, how much pills must be taken per day?

  11. Sir i have one question, Mr naran asked to me take mustard,oak and hornbeam remedies ( for my studies) since 2 weeks i have been taking it , and i noticed that im improving day by day. I don’t like economics and history much. To master any subjet, Mr Naran suggest to take mustard and oak pills.. Can i take my remedies(mustard,oak,hornbean given by Mr naran) along with oak and mustard pills(mastering subjet) also??? Plz explain sir.
    liquid remedies are sold here but where can i get PILLS? I will buy oak and mustard PILLS to master eco and history.

  12. Just drop in to say thankyou for every blog

  13. hello sir i need to improve my marks in public supply chain nd management practice,project management and business comunication .percentage of 80 nd 90 on june exam this year plz help

  14. sir,
    i am a student of 2nd year in engineering .i have a problem in recollecting subject topics and very slow in understanding and remembring.and i remember any question , i cant be able to write that in that exam .so plz help me and if there is any mantra give it in hindi as for pronounciation

  15. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website Best of luck.

  16. Bhargavisetty Baby

    Can u please help me with my upcoming mci result by passing marks in my exam,, what should I do for that ?? It’s an multiple choice questions nd I should get 150pass marks nd result will come next month January 2018, please help me with my problem , however I should pass this exam pleaseee

  17. Hi Sir, my son is in grade 10. He is very weak in English and always try his best to get good marks but when he start writing it doesn’t come out as good as he thinks and speak. Please sir help him out to get good marks in his exams 🙏thank you so much

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