Like Mother Like Daughter

Interestingly, our kith and kin would reflect our feelings. Here, the daughter and mother are in similar life situations. To put it simple, we will be sailing in the same boat as those who are close to us.

Mrs ID

I am from Mumbai and I recently found your site. It is really amazing to know about it.

Now I wish to ask your support and I am sure you will help me:

  1. I have applied for my passport and its 6 months over, still not got it.
  2. I want my daughter get a confirmation letter from her company where she is working since June 2011.




Water Violet Rock Water Gentian Wild Rose: This is a good Bach Flower Remedy combination to deal with all situations dealing with government offices.  So before applying and while waiting for getting things done, chant this combination. You will get better treatment from the officers.

Water Violet: The opposition person is in a superior state – our mind feels so, as we are dependent on their decisions

Rock Water: For the officer not to go strictly by book rules

Gentian: If anything is denied, we tend to feel depressed. Chanting Gentian may help you not attain the depressive state.  

Wild Rose: one will just accept the result.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. That is so nice – what if I am the governmernt officers that has people applying everyday – what can i take? (I have taken Back resuce remedy before – very good).

  2. H K
    A very good question. An officer should not comply unnecessarily. you chant CENTAURY, VINE (not to be taken for granted by others)CHESTNUTBUD(so that opposite person will speak truth). You can genuinely assess the leave application.

  3. sir,
    My cousin remains upset as her husband does not have nice relations with her parental family though they are very helpful to him.tell some mantra for her or any angel number.

  4. param
    Ask her to chant LALITHAM SADHASIVAM

  5. By chance came to know about this site but i hope, this is going to be very nice experience for me.One by One read so many knowledgeable things especially Angel Numbers.

    I was wondering if there is any thing which can be done through Angel numbers to get Particular officer”s favour.


  6. Naran Sir
    I had tried one remedy from your site without asking you but it worked for me.I want. Solution from you and that is for my husband.At his work place three to four people lways try to let him down because he is intelligent,hard working and always number one .they are jealous and I am worried about this.Can he write any angel number and keep with him.


  7. Sir
    I tried angel number 398 during my daughter math exam.Concepts are clear to her,can solve every problem but becomes nervous near the exam and made such mistake which her teachers cannot expect from her.i wrote 398 and kept that paper in geometry box and also wrote her name in circle and 398 in outer circle.
    She entered home back from exam.Her comment was, Wow it was so easy I know all the sums.

  8. Wonderful information!

  9. Naran Sir
    I was reading your divine site and came to know that one should chant CENTUARY HEATHER for getting particular officer favour.Suppose officer name is ABC then how should we chant.kindly explain what exactly we have to chant.and how many times?

  10. James
    Chanting means repeating the names of these flower remedies CENTAURY HEATHER as many times as possible daily, before approaching the boss.

  11. sir
    my uncle had applied immigration for my mother to USA. my mother lives in india. but some reason her immigartion is getting delayed, either it is some paper works or any other reason. is there any mantra she can chant or anything else she can do which does not delay her process and she can get visa soon.

  12. jes.k

    • sir
      plz clarify i did not understand, CALL WOLF do i need to call some one or my mother chant this word or it means something else
      please explain
      thank you

  13. jes.k
    call wolf (animal spirit guide) and say, “wolf please help my mother gets her immigration.Do the necessary work in the office. Thank you wolf.”

  14. Dear Sir,

    Good Morning.

    I have applied for ration card five years back. Till date not received. Officer came for enquiry once and after that no communication. Informing that will come for enquiry. Till date no response. I need ration card. Not able to follow regulary with the officers. Please suggest some remedies to get the ration card immediately. Already five years over and facing many problems because of it. Please help.

  15. saraswathi

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