Every aspect of my life is shining


I feel confused in daily life. I feel indecisive for big as well as small decisions. What can I do to get a firm decisive mind?


Take the Bach Flower Remedies SCLERANTHUS, PINE and IMPATIENS, 3 pills of each, four times a day. These remedies are available in any homeopathy shop


I have been taking SCLERANTHUS, PINE and IMPATIENS as recommended by you since the last few days. One change I can see is that since starting the pills I started exercising everyday willingly. Previously though, I knew I have to exercise, but I could not get myself to exercise J

Sandy (Next day)

Since taking SCLERANTHUS, PINE and IMPATIENS, I have become more active, exercise every day, and have more control on eating. Today I cleaned my house for 4 hours. Every corner of the house is shining

Sandy (After 10 days)

Naran, Good Morning! I started taking SCLERANTHUS, PINE and IMPATIENS as suggested by you around 10 days ago, and in these 10 days I have lost 3 KGS OF WEIGHT as I feel active, and can control my eating and exercising. DIVINE THANKS!!!


For postponing tendency, for 11th hour persons: SCLERANTHUS

Getting impatient at the last-minute: IMPATIENS

Will feel guilty for postponing and not getting the things done: PINE

These three remedies will act in synergy with one another.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I came across this site when looking for switchwords. It’s been almost 4 months since my husband and myself are awaiting our passports. The police verification done and the forms are now lying at the commissioner;s office. On enquiring we were told it will be sent this week to the passport office and should reach us by next week. The passport status keeps showing police report not recd. Does switchwords help in situations like these? My husband needs to travel in a fortnight’s time and we feel helpless.


  2. Sadhana V

  3. Ah! just what i need at this time. SCELRANTHUS PINE IMPATIENS!! thank you blog for guiding me to this divine message. thanks divine order.

  4. Dear respected Naranji
    Sir Namashkar to YOU !
    Sir which direction should we face while learning new things,subjects,like if we want to learn in Art subject ,painting,sewing,beadwork so that the work which we start we can finish fast without leaving it undone.?any remedy for such queries ?Kindly reply

  5. suma srinivas

    Respected Sir,
    I’m a follower of your website.
    My son is 16 years and plays cricket representing the State Karnataka.
    He has played for Karnataka for two years for Under-14 team and one year for Under-16 team. This year he has to compete with Under-19 team.
    He is very hardworking and has dreams to play higher level cricket.

    Please send some mantras or Switchwords that I can chant for his success in Cricket.


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