Beware! Resentment Eats You!!!

Her father wasn’t doing well. He was admitted in a hospital nearby. However, she wanted to admit him in his friend’s hospital, expecting a better treatment there. Unfortunately, he developed an infection after he was admitted. He passed away soon after.

After her father’s death, whenever she passes that hospital she felt very angry towards his father’s friend and at the same time felt guilty for she admitted him there. This went to the extent that she wasn’t eating properly, even though it had been several months since her father’s death.

She was asked to take Pine (guilt) and Willow (resentment and blaming the doctor for her father’s infection).

Her feedback after taking the Bach Flower Remedies:

Naran, I just took one dose of Willow and Pine. I had a good appetite. After a long time, I loved the food I ate!!!

Ms. H

If you give the right remedies, even one dose will do the trick.



About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Amazing cure, thanks again Naran for helping us.

  2. Dear Mr. Naran,

    I am a Real Estate agent and want to sell my hired residential Real Estate project within a targeted time period..

    Pls advice which switch words, bach flower remedy (to keep with me or to eat or to chant) & animal spirit to use.

    I have gone thru most of your website contents and very much impressed with it.

    Kindly advice

    Sunil Ahuja

    Download a picture of citrine and emerald(gem stones) and keep it in your pocket.
    take the flower remedies scleranthus impatiens- 3pills 3 times a day.

  4. Thanks a lot Mr. Naran,

    Just to ask you that Scleranthus I am getting plant , can i get pills on any Ayurvedic Store, if not then pls let me know how to make pills with Scleranthus plants.

    Does any animal spirit need to be called at the time of final dealing with customers???

    Sunil Ahuja

  5. Scleranthus impatiens are fower remedies. you can buy from any Homeopathy shop.
    call wolf

  6. Dear Sir,

    Kept color pics of citrine and emerald in pocket.

    pic of wolf too kept in pocket and chanting given switch words , taking pills timely , after that there is customer movement but still waiting for them to sit for negotiation.

    statretd doing all above things from 20 jun 2011, let see in a week how it turns.
    Will update same .
    pls suggest if any amendment to do in above routine.

    One more thing i like to know that i keep encouter with any funeral procession in every week 10 days ..

    what does it mean?



  7. Sunil Ahuja
    chant Rockwater when the customer is with you.

  8. sanjay kumar sharma

    Dear Sir Good Day
    Now a day facing lots of finance and debt problem also my wife knee pain problem
    I am from Del
    kindly suggest some excellent remedies
    last year when I saw your website Iwas very impressed and used the animal sprit by chanting “wolf” most of the time its help full to me
    but scaring to use it in every problem like if sometime will not +ve then it will loose my faith pls suggest the remedy for finance anf for my wife health
    Sanjay kr sharma


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