How do we find a good house for rent?

Please advice me for getting a house for rent, within our budget.

In addition, it should be of our choice.


Chant, “Cerato Mimulus Find Divine House”



Cerato and Mimulus are Bach Flower Remedies, while Find and Divine are Switch Words.

Cerato: when you are searching for something

Mimulus: when you want your expenditure to be within the budget, for example you want the wedding expenses to be within your budget.

Find: to find the object of your choice

Divine: by miracle, by luck

House: for rent. This is not a switch word, but the goal or objective.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. A.S. Venkattakanna

    I have constructed a House at Vepampattu during Feb. 2011 as per complete Vasthu. I am unable to let out my Individual House. Kindly advice me what I have to do

    • A.S. Venkattakanna,

      Ask for Animal Spirit guide Wolf to help you find a lessee.
      Pray to North west direction to get you a lessee.

  2. Dear Sir NAranji Chanting Of “Cerato Mimulus Find Divine House” Has help us find a Divine house.Our House number is 53 it is the birth year of my Husband which i liked.Thanking to GOD and you for your DIVINE SWITCHWORDS and DIVINE FLOWERS.God bless you Sir.

  3. We have been trying since May to sell our flat which is a really good flat but somehow or other people kept making offers then backing out , so we are really frustrated. Now there is a sale we are hoping will go through , please advise something I can chant or do to make the sale go through as soon as possible. I cannot take any medicines now as I am out of India for some time.

    Also my son is trying to get a good flat on rent within his budget and so far he has not had any luck. He has to get the flat in the next two-three days so please tell me what to do .

    Please help me as I am desperate due to nothing going right in our lives for the past several years.

    My eldest daughter is divorced and living abroad, we are desperate to see her married and settled happily, I need something for that to happen , something I can do as her mother.

    My second daughter is giving up her job in India to go abroad with her husband who is going to be posted there. She has to get a good job there because his income will not be enough for them and she doesn’t know when she can even think about starting a family .

    My son who is also abroad is facing delays in getting his visa extended and we have to get him married too.

    All in all, my husband and I are very unhappy in our old age because there are all these problems in our children’s lives and we don’t know if we can ever live and die in peace after years of hard work .

    We have consulted several astrologers, gone to dozens of temples and performed all sorts of remedies without any success. I will be most grateful to you if you can suggest something to relieve our misery.


  4. Geetha,
    chant REDCHESTNUT WHITECHESTNUT PINE to come out of your worries. if you keep on worrying, nothing will materialise. In the night CHANT QUIET MIND OPEN HEART RELAX while lying on the bed before sleep.
    chant GENTIAN CHANGE DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE for finalising your house.
    All the problems of your children are solved in one year.

  5. Dear Sir, i want to buy a flat. Suggest me some good mantra to get capacity to buy a good flat. thank you.

  6. Naran Sir,

    We have managed to complete the sale ,also my son has got a good flat on rent though it is a little more expensive than planned, also his visa renewal has come through. I thank you for your advice and encouraging words.
    Is there anything I can chant for my daughter ‘s and son’s marriage and for my second daughter to get a job abroad soon?
    I shall be grateful to you for your advice.

    Thank you,

  7. Naran Sir,

    I have been living in Blr..we got married few months back.Me and and my husband has some misunderstandings.My husband shares each and everything to his parents.His parents shout at our parents.

    Could you share some switch word to make him to trust ,listen and understands me well.


  8. Dp
    chant TOGETHER DIVINE as many times as possible.
    write this in a paper and keep it under the pillow of your husband and yourself

  9. sir Im trying to get government job and waiting for SBI clerk result and i want to get selected in this exam and get the job ..please help me sir what to do to get the job… thanks in advance

  10. HI I m Gauri ,
    We are trying to let out our house.. 2BHK 7/A house number.since 3 months but unable to find a suitable tenant we have shifted from there to another locality and paying rent here ..we thought we could pool that rent in here and things would be smooth and easy but now it is to be paid out of pocket completely please help us in renting out out house
    house no 7/A
    rent expected 8K
    deposite expecting 90K
    not negotiable

  11. Seasoncool Aircons

    my brother wants a rent house with his budjet, he had no job also right now he was worrying very much. he want new rent house near the present house. please tell me the best switch word to chant for him. i will chant for him. I love my brother (Vijaya kumar) so much.

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