Handling Post-operative Treatments


Please suggest some mantra for my mother, as she has undergone minor surgery during August 2010.

On her right foot, due to inflammation – post-operation, is worsening the situation. Like if she walks for 10 minutes she is getting swelling and pain.

She is taking antibiotics but of no use.


Ask her to take Star of Bethlehem, the Bach Flower Remedy. It will help her. After any surgery, this flower is helpful to heal the surgical wound(s).

Post-accident Treatment

R Mohan

Few years back I met with an accident. My colleague Smitha called Naran and sought his help, on my behalf. He suggested me to take Rescue Remedy (it is a combination of the Bach Flower Remedies Rock rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum).

I was in ICU. I got discharged after three days. Naran asked me to take the Rescue Remedy for at least two months.

After two weeks, I went to the hospital once again for a check-up. The doctor over there asked me whether I had any other treatment as my wounds seems to have healed faster and I look better too. I smiled and said no.


Rescue Remedy if taken before surgery, the patient will be stable. Bleeding during surgery will be less. Then it can be continued post operatively to speed up the healing or surgical wound(s).


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran Sir,I went through the post surgery and post accident treatment..Can rescue remedy be used for other treatments?Has any side effects if this rescue remedy is taken along with allopathic medicines.Plz.clarify. B.Dash.

  2. before surgery what can be taken other than rescue remedy……….(for surgery success,no issues after surgery and speedy recovery)

  3. gm naran sir, my husband lost his job because he is suffering with reumatic arthritis,spongilitis and left hip cartilage regenerate problem. because of this he is unable to sit , stand or drive any vehicle.
    now to his end he need to look after his paralasis father. where he is unable to handle.
    what should i do? pls suggest me sw ,to improve his health. and balances his state of mind
    to get a new job. as he is the only souce for us.

  4. Naran Sir,
    I am facing a lot of problems due to my in-laws ( my mother-in-law, brothers-in-law & my co-sisters). They influence my husband a lot and only try to create false stories about me an see to it that my husband fights with me. They have been doing black-magic ( my mother in law & elder co-sister. According to them a lady who is educated can never be a good daughter-in-law, wife, mother. I was working earlier they feel working ladies have no character. I have lost my wonderful job, because my mother-in-law & co-sister have done black magic so that I don’t prosper, and get bed-ridden. I lost my job, lost my health, lost my peace of mind. I am not getting a job anywhere. I am jobless for the past 1yr. Sir pls suggest me what should I chant to remove -ve energies from my body, my home. I hear weird voices and when i look around nobody is around. And i get only ghost dreams where the ghost is holding my hand very tightly or strangling me. Pls help me sir because I am losing my self confidence because of all this. And pls suggest me what to chant to get a job asap. Because i m in deep financial problems.

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