Flowers for Harmony in Relationships and Family

For harmony in relationships and family, I have formed certain combinations:

  • The standard combination I give is Beech, Willow, Walnut, Cherry plum and Chicory
  • Another one I give is Agrimony, instead of Cherry plum (Agrimony Beech Willow Walnut Chicory)
  • Agrimony, Beech, Walnut and Wild Rose is another one
  • Finally: Beech, Walnut, Holly, Willow and Cherry plum
  • Project the flowers Sweet Chestnut, Holy, Vine, Water violet for violence in the world

How to finalize the combination required?

Based on the symptoms and situations mentioned below, decide which combination suits you:

  • Somebody wants peace give them Agrimony combination. Where there is Agrimony, there is peace. Just to maintain peace, they will not blame or criticise anybody.
  • Beech: for fault-finding and criticizing
  • Willow: blaming others for our problems
  • Walnut: for any two person to adjust with each other
  • Chicory: not to be possessive. The possessive mentality will lead to suspicion.
  • Cherry Plum: in the midst of a conflict, one should not loose control.
  • In the family there will be a lot of hatred and suspicion: Chicory and Holly.
  • Wild rose: when we are not able to come out of the rut. Wild rose will liberate us from the problem. Wild rose will give inner motivation to live the life in full and not to loose interest.

Get out of prison – any prison?

Somebody is in jail.  To bring them out Sweet Chestnut, Wild rose and Chestnut bud.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Great post. Very informative. Keep on writing one. 🙂

  2. Namashkar NAranji!
    Sir What is the best way of using switchwrds ,circle method bachflowers animals,gems,and Multidimentional technique for person who is addictive inspite of telling not to drink and smoke so much ,jobless, married .having a kid. Wife is desperate for her husband….she needs help to help her husband to stop drinking ,smoking and to do some job.Otherwise she would divorce him? it is humle request to you to guide so that she wont divorce him for the sake of Child.Anything i would suggest her to do with your guidence .Any English switchwords remedies .Kindly help sir thanks.any switchwords ,remedies for family harmony and prosperity.

  3. ftrrs,
    while presenting others problem dont be anxious about healing. Healing has to happen. it is neither given nor received.
    “not divorcing for the sake of child”attitude or thinking, will spoil the child only.
    Divorce is the physical action. Already she has divorced(moved away) mentally. She deceives herself when she says that she is helping her child by being in the marriage.
    Find out her mental state and suggest the healing to overcome the present mental state.

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