Communication Issues with Mom

Believe me! It is true! Hope you remember that last week I told that my mom was not speaking with me well. You had suggested me to draw a concentric circle and write my mother’s name with Agrimony and Willow written in the circles. I wrote that around 11.30 pm Saturday night. Every weekend I call and speak with her whether she speaks well or not. The same way the next day being Sunday, I called her around 10.00 pm. I could not believe my ears. She enquired my wellness and spoke with me for 30 mins!!! I was so excited and really wanted to thank you for that.
– Rama

Agrimony: Mother was not revealing what she was unhappy about.
Willow: Sudden aversion to interact/communicate with daughter


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. love you all!!

    My friend’s (bala) daughter had wanted to change the school and written the entrance examination.

    It was announced that she had not passed the exam. The parents did not inform this to the child.

    The same day both of them had their yoga class with me in the evening
    and they shared the information and expressed how upset they were.

    They are never given flower remedy before. At the end of the class, I wrote in a paper,
    “thank you gorse, gentian, willow” and gave it to bala. I asked her to chant and then meet the school authorities the next day.

    The next day, in the afternoon, while I was driving, she called me with lots of joy saying, that her daughter has got the seat in the same school. The school authorities had lost the paper of her daughter and the correspondent asked them to pay the fees, while over 80 people were shouting and arguing for their kids; seat at the office of the school.

    She was with lots of joy. She kept saying, it was a miraculous event, in front of her eyes.

    Thanking the therapy.

    And thanking God for choosing me as His instrument, to help enough people.

  2. Congrats for the child.
    but i want to add that flower remedies should be prescribed on the basis of predominanat and persistent emotion or a situation which truyly pictures the person.
    Gorse and Gentian should not be combined. A state of hopelessness will not be there when there is a state of sadness.
    a hopeless state is beyond sadness.
    Gorse is for hoplessness. (As per the situation)
    Gentian is for feeling sad- a state of regression or depression.

    all of us will be in WILLOW state -blaming – and willow can go with any remedy.
    I want to make this note, because we should understand the subtle difference between one and the other. If we understand that, we can avoild unnecessary combinations. More than that, Flowers will be happer.
    Each and every prescription is a learning.
    It is always better to reflect why select trhe remedies.

  3. draw a concentric circle and write my mother’s name with Agrimony and Willow written in the circles pls clarify should we draw two concentric circle write flower name different each circle or both name in one circle

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